Day #30.

I guess you noticed the punctuation mark at the end of the title. Yes, its intentional, not a complete sentence, but lets not get into that.

I’ve just been thinking about life as usual. This is bad. Thinking isn’t supposed to be bad. I think I over do it, dang it, I did it again (Cue Britney’s hit album. Not really). I thought everything was ok. I mean it is in reality, just not in my head. Ahhh. I have an exam worth 40% of my grade. What am I doing.

Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. Astagfirulallah. God, forgive me.

That is all. Rabbi Zidni Ilma ( Oh Allah, increase in my knowledge ).


The end.

Wait, not ‘the end’ of these blog posts. Relieved huh. Lol. I meant, ‘the end’, of the 30-days-of-Ramadan-2014-marathon that took way too long, with way too many gaps to complete. Anyway, I did it! I’m not a quitter. Alhumdulilah.

Salam. Peace!

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Day #29

Love for the sake of Allah. It ends the argument and self loathing in your head all the time. Alhumdulilah. I’d explain more but, I am saving that for another post, Insha Allah. Dua for me!

“On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Allah will say on the Day of Resurrection: ‘Where are those who love one another through My glory? Today I shall give them shade in My shade, it being a day when there is no shade but My shade.'” [Bukhari (also by Malik).]“

That was the point. And aren’t you excited that its almost the 30th post!!! Better late than never, right? I don’t like quitting.

Salam. Peace!

Day #28

I am feeling out of place and not where I should be. This stinks.
Alhumdulilah, it will be a new day Insha Allah and an other opportunity for redemption [too serious?].

The point is, “Be positive, Allah paves the way for those who seek it. Get up and fix your self. Lazy bum. Wait thats not being positive. I mean, You can do it, you trooper, you. K. I’m done”.

Salam. Peace!

Day #27

Ok, so I’ve run into Eid Ul-Adha during my thirty days of Ramadan posting-conquest. So, Eid Mubarak!!! I wish I was with my family…or someone..anyone ( quo sad dialogue from The Lion King ). Alhumdulilah none the less. Dua for me!!
Read this…its only a paragraph, the rest is food. Hehe. (hopefully this isn’t considered a bribe)

Salam. Peace!

Day #26

Cherish life. Allah gave it to you as a test. If you love, go on with it. Don’t hurt anyone. Once something is said it can’t be taken back, us Ladies know…dang it.

The point is, ‘choose your words wisely, pst we never forget. and apologize. JUST KNOW IT WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. I wish it wasn’t so.’

Salam. Peace!

Day #24

Don’t make decisions in haste. Tell everyone who is putting their input in the matter, the whole truth. Be patient. Otherwise you’d be regretting everything and have to make everything else work. In that case, make a lot of Dua. Hopefully, you are just being a brat. Forgiveness doesn’t mean what you did was right, except I can’t help it, but always see the good.

The point is keep yourself busy the rest of your life now
The point is who cares about what other people think
The point is you shuda been patient.
The point is start wishing for a miracle.
The point is Person.
The point is I’m a brat.

The point is, ‘Make Dua to Allah, be patient, and focus on the miserable four weeks of studying for exams and practicals, fool.

Salam. Peace!