what ever happen to eva626?

Hello, I just made a new blog…

First things first, never completely delete a blog that was running so well. I had done so, because of a mere moment, which later that day, effected my presence on wordpress. Control your emotions and keep the blog!. This will save you a lot of your time. Now I have to ‘get comfortable’ with the whole widgets, side panel editings, updating, pictures, etc… I am not saying that its tough to handle a blog, the thing is that once you start over you have to start from the beginning (if you didn’t save any thing from before, like me lol). Ok then, those were the cons of deleting a blog and then making one AGAIN!

Me saying Hi

That gets me thinking now…what are the pros?

I hope to write some more meaningful posts, this time.



62 responses to “what ever happen to eva626?

  1. Welcome back girl!! You know if you would’ve told me you were going to delete your blog.. I would have told you not to do so. But l’m sure once you get back into things.. it’ll be easy πŸ™‚

  2. WTH! That’s not right. You shouldn’t have deleted it!! I am not gonna sympathize or give those inspirational come-on-lets-do-it-again’s! @
    Opar se you still have the same url ‘herenownotforeva’ – please eliminate the dhamki at least.
    And yes, welcome back! πŸ˜›

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    • Yea im glad too. I went to someones blog just yesterday and it was a goodbye post. They werent going to continue blogging…sadness grew upon me. I felt like doing the same.

      But resisted lol

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    • lol omg ive been looking for your blog! idk i am following it but it doesn’t ever appear on my wordpress feed. I always have to google it! and btw clever of you to comment on this post lolol

      • Haha, I changed the url a while back. I started the blog such a long time ago without thinking about the name. When I changed it I went cold, none of my links worked anymore. Eh. Luckily it’s all sorted out now. Glad that you didn’t abandon the blogasphere πŸ™‚

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