The weekend came and I’m afraid it’s going to end very quickly. Snow is hurling outside. It’s cold; I think I am about to get sick.

Anyway the fun thing was that we went food shopping yesterday. That is always fun! We bought a lot of food. The thing that surprised me a little was that my sister bought candy for the trick or treat-ers that might come to our door. Wait, the thing that surprised me the most was that my sister bought ‘Nips’ the candy, to give to those kids! I don’t know about her, but I think thats too much of a good candy to give these kids (no offense if you or a loved one is one of these kids lol).

The candy that I would give, would be no candy. I mean what’s the point? I don’t like when people come asking for candy, even if it is some annual American tradition. Yes, I have participated in such activity when I was younger… I was accompanied by others; also I had no clue what I was doing. I, just like other young and innocent kids, was in it for the candy. With a better understanding, I don’t like the idea of Halloween at all now. I also don’t like opening the door to some idiotic looking vulgar kitty cat with a plastic pumpkin in her hand [Disgusting much]. I am not anti-Halloween. I just don’t like it. It is just strange to me to go around celebrating such commercial events. Save your money for better things people!

I absolutely hate it when people in other countries, cough cough pakiland, celebrate things like Halloween, valentines day, etc… They get caught into the most useless events and trends just because the US ‘does it’. Oh come on, most of the people here (ones around me) don’t even care anymore. Ok, I shall say no more.


This stuff calms me down



33 responses to “Hallo-annoying-ween

  1. er…the UK celebrate it too.. and Pakistan is known to copy us too 😛

    But i see your point about Halloween… when you’re young you don’t know and you just go along with it because the kids in your neighbour do it too… ive had some wicked costumes… i dressed up as a hooker once.. ( so grateful my dad never found out!) but they boys in my neighbourhood still remember and wont let me forget lol

    It’s celebrating evil… that’s the jist of it.. i still let my nieces go out because they are still kids and want to do what everyone else is doing.. they bring the candy back and we give it back out when kids come to our door.. so i don’t spend a penny .. mingy and greedy i know .. but what the hell … who knows but you and me !! 😛

  2. I agree, giving out candy to strangers is weird. I don’t see the point or maybe it’s a cultural thing. We don’t celebrate it here and I would be freak out if some kid knocked on my there to ask me for candy.

  3. Is it weird that I’m extremely jealous you have snow?? I used to live in Ohio and miss it so much! Anyways, that food looks delicious and I’m sure would calm me down as well.

  4. I agree with you on the trick or treat aspect of Halloween and how ridiculous the whole thing is! Parents who drag their kids and *gasp, infants around to beg for candy….I mean really, like the candy is for the infant??? Right! I suggest revamping the holiday by doing away with the begging and those who want to dress up and carry on can have their own private Halloween masquerade balls/parties.
    Love this post and yummy looking fish plate.
    Simply charming!

  5. Awe.. 😦 I feel like I am the only one that LOVES Halloween over here! With the exception of Amie. Lol! I do hate to point this out, but Halloween was an English tradition to help feed the poor. I know, I know, that’s not what us Americans have made it out to be now days.. but I am still a Halloween Lover! Its one of the only times of the year my son feels comfortable going out in large crowds of people. (he is mentally handicap, down syndrome and hearing impaired. He has social anxiety because people stare, but not normally to be mean). I LOVE your blog! And if I were on the other side of Halloween, I could totally understand not liking the holiday! We normally get back what we give out!

    • oh sorry to hear that about your son… hope everything is going well. and i LOVE it when people LOVE my blog. btw I LOVE it when you comment here.
      see I can spread the love too!!! LOL.
      your nice whimsical, you really are!

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