Warning post

I am one of the unfortunate people who receives many, many, many phone calls and text messages. However, the people who call or text via my cell phone are not expecting ME to pick up or reply back. How rude! I get excited when I get a call and I am there to receive it (since my phone is always on vibrate).  The most comical part is that they either dial the wrong number or they are looking for someone named Bob. Who is Bob? I always thought that nobody would be named Bob.  Ok, I am done with my rant. lol

Today was Thanksgiving as everyone should know. We had a turkey laying on its side, potato and pineapple and egg salad, baked yams, and more. Being brown as we are, our thanksgiving dinner was very late at night, of course. But overall it went well. Oh yea, please stay at home during the Black Friday sale tomorrow morning. This is a warning to those in my territory. I don’t care if you get hurt in the rush; I just want you not to be my competition. MUWHAHA.

Before my family members dug in:

Excuse the faulty picture I took...


Tag post#1

Feel free to tag yourself. It can be fun! I tagged myself after reading his.

If I were a month, I would be any of the vacation months (of course)

if I were a day of the week, I would be friday…its the start of the weekend. TGIF

If I were a time of day,I would be 9:30 am; when only I am awake. It’s peaceful and happy.

If I were a season, I would be spring (minus the rainy days and insects).

If I were a planet, EARTH? lol it has everything I love and hate.

If I were an animal, I would stay a human. duh.

If I were a direction, what?… I like to spin in circles.

If I were a piece of furniture, I would be my bed.

If I were a liquid, I would be melted chocolate, with eva626 swimming in it!

If I were a tree,… I wouldn’t want to be a tree.

If I were a tool, I would be a pencil.

If I were an element, I would be lead…to put in myself if I was a pencil LOL.

If I were a gemstone,… I am not good at this!

If I were a musical instrument, I would be a recorder…its simple and a fourth grader can learn it (yes, I played the recorder in the fourth grade for three months, I think).

If I were a color, I would be purple.

If I were an emotion, I would be happy.

If I were a fruit, my siblings would say that I would be a pear.

If I were a sound, I would be a continuous hum.

If I were a car, I would want a chauffeur driving me LOL.

If I were food, I would eat myself.

If I were a taste, I would be chalky to most.

If I were a scent, I would be my brother’s spray on deodorant.

If I were a pair of shoes, I would be DRY bathroom slippers.

If I were a bird, I would be a pigeon that doesn’t drop dropping EVER.

If I were a Fast bowler,…I don’t watch sports, so I don’t know of any.

If I were a Batsman, Same answer as above.

Recap time

So, the parents are back from Hajj. It is so good to have them back! We picked them up from the airport. Once they saw us, they thought each of us lost weight (I think we all got fat because of the baking streak my sister is on…I wonder when it will end). They started hugging and smushing my youngest brother of course. He is the spoiled one baby after all. They got us all sorts of things like prayer mats, various and unlimited supply of dates, scarfs, chocolates, etc… I am just happy they are home safe and sound, and glad their pilgrimage went well.

Now it is time to recall the things that happened while they were away:

– Too much junk food in the house.

– People missing classes. A Lot.

– Lazy-ness hit me bad.

– Youngest brother got locked in the bathroom LOL.

– We went to the flee market once, but that turned out to be a fail.

– It snowed three days after they left and that lasted for a day.

– Relatives called us at random times to see if we were ok.

– Sis and I got locked out of the house in the cold, and after an hour we realized that we had keys to the car.

– Us missing our parents like crazies.

Happy Hajj you guys!

Lets gossip

Gossiping is not right by any means. I am not going to point fingers or reveal names. I just really want to uncover the different types of college students/people I have encountered in the past few years. These are the very uniquely programmed beings that stand out from the crowd of my overly populated school. They are not all appealing to the next college student around the corner; but there are a few chummy ones!

1- The ultra perfectionist. I can not tell you how much this type of person gets on everyone’s nerves. Its not because he or she is annoying. It is not because of appearance or suck up-ness. It is because of their oh-so-perfect GPA and all-rounded-ness that every professional school/employer looks for. This stirs up envy all around. Even if other students don’t admit it, deep inside they are jellin. This person is the ‘cool’, relaxed, and everything going towards success kind of college student. [Yes, like the rest of the college population, I wish I was in this category]

2- The worrisome perfectionist. Far from being as relaxed as the ultra perfectionist, this person is the student who has the 4.0 and everything, but stresses out every moment of his/her life! Yes, if you are a worrisome perfectionist, no one really likes you. Mean, but true. This student will do everything legal to meet the success rate. He/she will study 24/7 and burn their eyes out to get an A. Please keep your mouth shut, because your classmates don’t want to hear it.

3- Do anything to get an A. This person will actually fall to all and any level to get a perfect grade. They’ll pull on a  fake face to be the perfectionists’ best friend (preferable the ‘ultra’, but since ‘ultra’ usually hangs out with other ‘ultras’, this person has no other option but to use the ‘worrisome’ instead). These people are mostly the ones who tag along the A students to get past/old exams, extra class notes, other types of advantages that may rub off on them. One word: Beware.

4-Wanna be smarts. These students are almost normal. They don’t show their worrisome selves, and are average in terms of grades. This type of person is not so bad to be around. The exception is when they hold up conversations about college, future career goals, etc… In their eyes, they will succeed without any problem. The bad side is that during these conversations, they seem a bit snobby. I envy them, because I also want to be as optimistic as they are.

5- Not a college student. This person stood out to me the most. Maybe it was because I caught her free loading at a couple of college events. The first event, I thought she was a student who was just passing by with a huge appetite. The next event, which was a few months after, showed me her true colors. Aside from carrying the same appearance from the first time, she also carried with her a larger appetite for free college food; and it was a graduation event! I couldn’t help but to keep my eyes on her. For real, she wouldn’t stop hoarding food into her plate and jacket pockets. Oh who knows, maybe she was a bum.

The last category consists of the ‘crowd’. The crowd is full of the student who fill up the space; they are just there to make the people above ‘stand out’. If you are wondering, I consider myself as the observer in this crowd ( the chummy chumm chumm type LOL).

Very warm and chummy

Barbie in the US of A

First, off this post is something different for me. It’s probably because I usually don’t plan what I am going to post about before hand; but this time I planned it! Exciting huh?. Anyway, its a topic I don’t like to touch upon because it is a social issue. I think. lol. I really do not want to go into it. Really I don’t. Its some what of a controversial topic. It is called obesity. Everyone knows what it is, how it happens, etc…

So what does it have to do with barbie? Well, barbie is supposed to be some iconic, perfect, ideal, lady, that everyone wants (or supposedly ‘should’ want to be). Come on now, no one I know is like barbie…physically.

Personality wise, I know/knew a few people who are ‘barbie’ criteria. She (or ‘he’ – this decade) is the perky chick who owns a loft near the beach (I wish I knew someone with that kind of money), happy-go-lucky, and all-over-ken kind-of gal. I find these people annoying. This was just a side note; ignore it please.

Getting back to the social issue, not only which America is facing but which is also faced by most parts of the world, obesity. And… now I will stop talking about the issue at hand and connect it with ‘oh-so perfect-barbie’.

HA, not so perfect any more; are ya barbie?

No, I don’t have this barbie in my collection…yet. [Image via google]

Pet peeves

Where should I start… i hate  dislike many things. I am talking about the little things that would bother a normal? person like me. Ok fine, I am just going to list them since its past midnight.

Annoyances of my life:

– wet socks. By them self, or worse with sneakers.

-wet bathroom slippers. Esp when you have to use the bathroom really badly and step into a pair of wet slippers, you cringe and try another pair, which happen to be even wetter. smh.

-sweating after you take a shower; I never knew it was possible (I know people with this condition)

– coffee (the taste)

– after taste of sugary foods (blah)

– people turning on the lights in broad day light. not necessary when the blinds are up and light is coming in for free.

– snorers; in my house we have multiple snorers.

– t.v commercials; ones about health insurance for the elderly (I love the elderly, but not the commercials)

– spoiled food that no one wants to throw out

– you name the rest.

Yea, now I am off to bed.

SWEET dreams. get it. 'sweet' dreams; nevermind