Where’s my genius twin.

Life would have been so much easier if I had a smart clone  twin. She’d be like me physically, but way smarter and cooperative. Intelligent, motivated, and dedicated, because I have had it with these lousy classes I have been taking for more then 15 years of my life. Yes, elementary/grade school classes also count. Cooperative, because unlike other siblings most people have, this one would be willing to live a duel life. Just for me. The duel life, which would mainly consist of getting through school until the point of becoming successful; with a lot of extra cash. Then, without anyone knowing (besides the two of us), success would be mine, MUWHAHA… haha one can only dream. That is how I would have planned my life at age 4 if I had an identical twin.

Anyway, lets not get too caught up in my fantasy. I was actually meaning to post the unique similarities (oxymoron) that people have, physical similarities that is. When ever I watch a show/movie/people out side my house, I always seem to compare them to someone else I have seen. Its not intentional. Its just that I feel like I have seen someone who looks like that person some where else. Creepy much?. Here are some of the people I have seen similarities in. There are probably more, but these are the one that I either remember and/or could find images of.

Mind you, I mostly watch ‘brown’ people…so good luck to my non brown friends.

Bradley Cooper   

Hrithik Roshan










Katey Perry

Zooey Deschanel










David Tutera

Shahrukh Khan









Sherman Joshi

Jake Short








Paris Hilton

Kareena Kapoor









Crystal from Barbie's Fairy Secret The movie

Selena Gomez










Ok so these are just the images that I am allowed to post up here. I can pinpoint similarities of people I know to others, but I don’t want to ‘invade their privacy’ so I’ll leave it at that.

Only if I could make use of this talent in the real world; dang it.


44 responses to “Where’s my genius twin.

  1. OMG!!! i was talking to my sister abt this the other day, I was like my clone can go to school for me n work haha i get an education n get paid, and i can just go to pak n hve fun haha 🙂 P.S everyone has similarity, but i can’t see similarity between sharukh n david, idk maybe its just me lol

  2. haha, does’t everyone have those fantasies? Ditto on the comparing people to those you know thing. And yeah, some of the similarities are eerie, esp the ones in the beginning. LOL at the selena gomez one, tho. har har.

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  5. a few of my friends also says SRK copies acting style of Anteno Banderas… I know its not related to the above post… but it just came into mind when i saw SRK and a hollywood actor in pics above…

    • its ok lol. i am glad you are liking my blog btw! and ‘elegantly cluttered’ (Rinth’s blog) is also a great read! I am not sure who Anteno Banderas is, but I think SRk has always been a great actor..and coincidentally the songs he was in for his movies somehow can tie into his successful career.

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