Pet peeves

Where should I start… i hate  dislike many things. I am talking about the little things that would bother a normal? person like me. Ok fine, I am just going to list them since its past midnight.

Annoyances of my life:

– wet socks. By them self, or worse with sneakers.

-wet bathroom slippers. Esp when you have to use the bathroom really badly and step into a pair of wet slippers, you cringe and try another pair, which happen to be even wetter. smh.

-sweating after you take a shower; I never knew it was possible (I know people with this condition)

– coffee (the taste)

– after taste of sugary foods (blah)

– people turning on the lights in broad day light. not necessary when the blinds are up and light is coming in for free.

– snorers; in my house we have multiple snorers.

– t.v commercials; ones about health insurance for the elderly (I love the elderly, but not the commercials)

– spoiled food that no one wants to throw out

– you name the rest.

Yea, now I am off to bed.

SWEET dreams. get it. 'sweet' dreams; nevermind


41 responses to “Pet peeves

  1. Oh there’s a snorer in my house and it isn’t me. Actually, one of our dogs snores and that’s just funny, but only because we’re awake. If he did it while we were trying to sleep that wouldn’t be funny. My pet peeve is people who leave one square of TP on the roll so I have to change it. They know who they are.

  2. Wet socks and a wet bum (when you play on the swings after its been raining… Or someone gets bullseye at paintballing.)

    Hate coffee and love sweets but I know what you mean about aftertaste…

    Also my biggest hate is people who don’t indicate on roundabouts. Really annoys me.

  3. Got the “sweet dreams” quote with the sweet desert. I have a weakness for sweets. As for your list of annoyances, they made me smile particularly the snoring part. A fun and enjoyable post. thanks. Have a great day!

  4. GrraaahhH! reading your list reminded me of mine!! And you have some that I never thought of but just now realized that they’re pet peeves of mine too! (Esp the wet bathroom slippers thing!!!)
    I shall add a few more to your list:
    OMG with brothers it’s maddening. And this is a sound I absolutely detest. Like the sound of someone walking though a a deep bog of squelchy mud. I want to karate kick their mouth closed when they do it. HIYAaAAA

  5. Eva, thank you very much for stopping in over at my blog and leaving a comment. I think I did a post on pet peeves once. The TV commercials I hate are the ones for ED (especially with children around or while eating dinner) and the commercials for any kind of drug including OTC. It’s the last 10-15 seconds of the commercial with all the side effects that are much worse than the current symptoms are. Lastly it is the lawyer commercials for all those diseases like mesothelioma that irk me to no end.

    I can understand your dislike for coffee but I hope you like the smell of bacon. If you are so inclined Eva, please consider taking part in our community meme like thingy. i would love to have you join in.

    • I also do not like the smell of “bacon anything”…my brothers have turkey bacon almost every morning! and the smell kills me! Ill have a look at Meme thing. thanks for the invite Tom!

  6. “-wet bathroom slippers. Esp when you have to use the bathroom really badly and step into a pair of wet slippers, you cringe and try another pair, which happen to be even wetter. smh.”

    UGH one of my biggest pet peeves, too!!!

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