Barbie in the US of A

First, off this post is something different for me. It’s probably because I usually don’t plan what I am going to post about before hand; but this time I planned it! Exciting huh?. Anyway, its a topic I don’t like to touch upon because it is a social issue. I think. lol. I really do not want to go into it. Really I don’t. Its some what of a controversial topic. It is called obesity. Everyone knows what it is, how it happens, etc…

So what does it have to do with barbie? Well, barbie is supposed to be some iconic, perfect, ideal, lady, that everyone wants (or supposedly ‘should’ want to be). Come on now, no one I know is like barbie…physically.

Personality wise, I know/knew a few people who are ‘barbie’ criteria. She (or ‘he’ – this decade) is the perky chick who owns a loft near the beach (I wish I knew someone with that kind of money), happy-go-lucky, and all-over-ken kind-of gal. I find these people annoying. This was just a side note; ignore it please.

Getting back to the social issue, not only which America is facing but which is also faced by most parts of the world, obesity. And… now I will stop talking about the issue at hand and connect it with ‘oh-so perfect-barbie’.

HA, not so perfect any more; are ya barbie?

No, I don’t have this barbie in my collection…yet. [Image via google]


78 responses to “Barbie in the US of A

  1. I have so much to post about real and plastic barbies. None of them are good things I assure you. Great picture!

    *Cyber High Five* You’re getting a Hi-5 for finding Barbie just annoying as I do.
    Seriously, I hate barbie.

    • LOL…my sister and I used to make clothing for them, cut and style their hair, create all sorts of ridiculous events (most of these were non-barbie standards haha) they had to go through. fun times.

  2. Yeah, but aint it the truth!!! LoL!!!

    Thanks for the visit and comment hun! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes I am from the UK and I am on a diet so I eat foods that burn slowly in an effort to reduce my porcine frame, but it has been damned hard! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    God Bless hun and happy blogging!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I like this new Barbie. She is real. Just like the media that promotes ultrathin people as pretty, so do doll companies. Its okay if it inspires kids to stay fit and being healthy but if it makes them feel bad about themselves because it can’t be skinny like Barbie then it will just affect their confidence. I think its about time we teach our kids whats real and fantasy…. And it starts with parents like me. Love the post! Stay blessed.

  4. Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!!! I LOVE this! Great post! I agree, Barbie is very annoying. Luckily, my daughter was never into barbie, she is into the monster high dolls… and who doesn’t love a zombie plastic doll?! At Least with the monster high dolls, girls understand that it is not reality! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. My daughter has only one barbie doll and after a while she lost interest, since then i haven’t bothered to get her any more for the reason that it send a bad image. It’s like saying that if you don’t look like a Barbie doll you aren’t good enough! hope this makes sense ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I know this is totally off topic, but not really. I have a friend who’s parents names are, (honest to god) Barbie and Ken. Lol. How’s that for iconic living?
    Btw, love the post and the picture.

  7. I wonder what ken looks like. Do you think he has a beer belly? I agree that this is what society is heading for. What we need is a Barbie that isn’t too heavy, but just slightly over-weight, and frazzled looking as she drops her kid off at daycare on the way to work.

      • barbies I have 2 collectibles in the pakcage never opened but I had an airplane a three story house and a lot of barbies plus like 3 ken dolls (I didn’t like ken as much because it was mixed in with ewwww boys have cooties) like 20 Kelly dolls 2 Skyler dolls 2 baby barbies 2 cats 2 dogs a horse a convertible 2 punch buggies and some other sort a car but I have a big sister so that’s why we have 2 of a lot of stuff. btw i still love the way Skyler dolls look lol (I think that’s what they are but all i know is they look like 12 and were always sold in gymnastics clothes)

      • thats a lot of barbies!!!! i have some but i packed them up since there isnt any more room…but i will try to take them out this year hopefully.

  8. I had one Barbie while growing up and it was a gift from a godmother. My dad didn’t want me playing with “useless stuff” as he called it. My toys were building blocks and strategy games.

    So I never really got Barbie’s appeal. I couldn’t do much with her (unlike with my blocks) so I would usually rip apart my lone Barbie and put her back together again. My Barbie, needless to say, was badly deformed!

    • lol poor barbie… my sister and I kept good care of ours…all 13 or 14 of them are in tact…except for one whose leg we had to put in a permanent cast lol

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  11. I actually have a couple of cousins that have a barbie body. I on the other hand am very curvy. But praise God I am not even close to obese. LOL

    BTW thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Much Love

  12. Hahaha omg I have seen this picture of Barbie before and it really scarred me! It’s so easy to get in a rut, not exercise, and eat what you want. Imagine if they sold barbies that looked like that?

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