Lets gossip

Gossiping is not right by any means. I am not going to point fingers or reveal names. I just really want to uncover the different types of college students/people I have encountered in the past few years. These are the very uniquely programmed beings that stand out from the crowd of my overly populated school. They are not all appealing to the next college student around the corner; but there are a few chummy ones!

1- The ultra perfectionist. I can not tell you how much this type of person gets on everyone’s nerves. Its not because he or she is annoying. It is not because of appearance or suck up-ness. It is because of their oh-so-perfect GPA and all-rounded-ness that every professional school/employer looks for. This stirs up envy all around. Even if other students don’t admit it, deep inside they are jellin. This person is the ‘cool’, relaxed, and everything going towards success kind of college student. [Yes, like the rest of the college population, I wish I was in this category]

2- The worrisome perfectionist. Far from being as relaxed as the ultra perfectionist, this person is the student who has the 4.0 and everything, but stresses out every moment of his/her life! Yes, if you are a worrisome perfectionist, no one really likes you. Mean, but true. This student will do everything legal to meet the success rate. He/she will study 24/7 and burn their eyes out to get an A. Please keep your mouth shut, because your classmates don’t want to hear it.

3- Do anything to get an A. This person will actually fall to all and any level to get a perfect grade. They’ll pull on a  fake face to be the perfectionists’ best friend (preferable the ‘ultra’, but since ‘ultra’ usually hangs out with other ‘ultras’, this person has no other option but to use the ‘worrisome’ instead). These people are mostly the ones who tag along the A students to get past/old exams, extra class notes, other types of advantages that may rub off on them. One word: Beware.

4-Wanna be smarts. These students are almost normal. They don’t show their worrisome selves, and are average in terms of grades. This type of person is not so bad to be around. The exception is when they hold up conversations about college, future career goals, etc… In their eyes, they will succeed without any problem. The bad side is that during these conversations, they seem a bit snobby. I envy them, because I also want to be as optimistic as they are.

5- Not a college student. This person stood out to me the most. Maybe it was because I caught her free loading at a couple of college events. The first event, I thought she was a student who was just passing by with a huge appetite. The next event, which was a few months after, showed me her true colors. Aside from carrying the same appearance from the first time, she also carried with her a larger appetite for free college food; and it was a graduation event! I couldn’t help but to keep my eyes on her. For real, she wouldn’t stop hoarding food into her plate and jacket pockets. Oh who knows, maybe she was a bum.

The last category consists of the ‘crowd’. The crowd is full of the student who fill up the space; they are just there to make the people above ‘stand out’. If you are wondering, I consider myself as the observer in this crowd ( the chummy chumm chumm type LOL).

Very warm and chummy


41 responses to “Lets gossip

  1. Well hmm a good list.. But then the free fund typea can be found anywhere..

    I dont think I belonged to any of the ones you mentioned we went to college had fun enjoyed those were the good old days…

  2. Hi there Eva, I read through their characteristics thinking, I hope I’m not on the list.,.. Phew!! I think I’m ok… 😉 … none fitted me….um… or am I kidding myself? …. 😉 Enjoyable reading…..xPenx

  3. I am not any of those people, but I did graduate from my university with a nearly perfect GPA (I’m not trying to brag or anything). Did I have to work hard? Yes, yes I did. Did I ever let school consume me? No, there were plenty of times in which I got really lazy. I like to have fun you know, but there were some final projects that nearly killed me because of some stupid people that didn’t contribute. Those were the days that I… 1) felt like I was going to die and 2) wished my other partners would grow a brain. I forgot to add this to my last comment, but great post. Brought back memories. The “Do anything to get an A type” – I’ve got a post that I’m going to write about this animal. I hope I’m not crossing any lines here, but it sounds like you don’t seem that confident in your college/school studies. If you need any help or advice – I’m here for you.

      • Remember that then. I’ve found some study music as well – if you’re the type that needs to listen to something to help you concentrate. I’ve got loads of advice. Anytime you need me just send me an email. I think you already know my email address when you look at the comments I made on your blog.

  4. My college years are well in the past now but I can remember some folk that fit your categories.

    You don’t seem to have a category that would have best described me during my college years, though

    – 99% of the time goofing around, having fun, more likely to be found hanging around the coffee bar or the student union (bar) than in the library, skipping lectures then borrowing someone else’s notes

    -1% of the time swatting like crazy for a few days/weeks, drinking copious amounts of coffee to keep awake during the night, to complete essays on time/prepare for exams

    P.S. I don’t think the types 1-3 liked me much ! 😆

  5. Lol. Really nice post! I guess I fall in that 4th category minus the snobbery you mentioned 😛 I pulled through university with average grades and was perhaps the most optimistic fellow in the entire class, bunking most of my classes for extra and co-curricular. I admit that optimism didn’t play all that well after graduation but well…life is always on chances, right? 😉

  6. How interesting. The last one was the funniest. People actually do that? How sad. I don’t worry and usually get good grades. I’m kinda modest, okay, I always get good grades. But I don’t like to think of myself as a perfectionist. *shrug*

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