Recap time

So, the parents are back from Hajj. It is so good to have them back! We picked them up from the airport. Once they saw us, they thought each of us lost weight (I think we all got fat because of the baking streak my sister is on…I wonder when it will end). They started hugging and smushing my youngest brother of course. He is the spoiled one baby after all. They got us all sorts of things like prayer mats, various and unlimited supply of dates, scarfs, chocolates, etc… I am just happy they are home safe and sound, and glad their pilgrimage went well.

Now it is time to recall the things that happened while they were away:

– Too much junk food in the house.

– People missing classes. A Lot.

– Lazy-ness hit me bad.

– Youngest brother got locked in the bathroom LOL.

– We went to the flee market once, but that turned out to be a fail.

– It snowed three days after they left and that lasted for a day.

– Relatives called us at random times to see if we were ok.

– Sis and I got locked out of the house in the cold, and after an hour we realized that we had keys to the car.

– Us missing our parents like crazies.

Happy Hajj you guys!


41 responses to “Recap time

  1. Haj Mubarak to you and your family. Where is my prayer mat? I want one too 🙂 wanna add more to my collection.

    Well you seemed to have survived the absence of your parents but it appears fox wasn’t fulfilling his duties as being in charge. 😉

    The cake looks delicious. My niece loves baking but then I spend the next 3 days cleaning the kitchen. So I’ve had to put a ban on it.

  2. I HAD to laugh at the keys – I left mine in my door and was locked out of the block until Martin let me in!!!

    Martin’s a great neighbour who is also a seperated father with a young son who is a sweet kid!

    After that I swore I’d NEVER do it again!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


  3. AWW AWW super-AWW.
    You guys are so cute. All sorts of things go wrong when parents aren’t around. You think they don’t do anything till they leave and you realize nothing is going right. LOL at the getting locked in and out of various things. Just out of curiosity, how’d you finally get in? Here, we get called, not by relatives, but by various close family friends (aunties and such) throughout the whole time. It’s annoying as hell. Especially since you know you can take care of yourself and there’s a movie/tv show that you’ve put on pause to attend their call.

    • haha we are more ‘dumb’ than we are cute! we went to some place to eat (cause we were cold and starving from waiting outside like losers) then finally got a call that my brothers came home (they had keys!). the end! lol Yea they live so far away, so we didnt get how they could help us if we were in any trouble anyway. but it was nice that they called!

  4. Nice to know everything went well for your parents :).

    And nice cake, looks yummy :D! Is it whipped cream on top or something else?

  5. You didn’t sounded like mice playing when the cat is away. I know … you made it all up.

    Oh …. being new here … and an obvious (admittedly respectful) lack of knowledge about something … Since I’ve seen it twice, I assume this is the appropriate comment … Haj Mubarak …. but please confirm.

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