Warning post

I am one of the unfortunate people who receives many, many, many phone calls and text messages. However, the people who call or text via my cell phone are not expecting ME to pick up or reply back. How rude! I get excited when I get a call and I am there to receive it (since my phone is always on vibrate).  The most comical part is that they either dial the wrong number or they are looking for someone named Bob. Who is Bob? I always thought that nobody would be named Bob.  Ok, I am done with my rant. lol

Today was Thanksgiving as everyone should know. We had a turkey laying on its side, potato and pineapple and egg salad, baked yams, and more. Being brown as we are, our thanksgiving dinner was very late at night, of course. But overall it went well. Oh yea, please stay at home during the Black Friday sale tomorrow morning. This is a warning to those in my territory. I don’t care if you get hurt in the rush; I just want you not to be my competition. MUWHAHA.

Before my family members dug in:

Excuse the faulty picture I took...


38 responses to “Warning post

  1. Maybe I should fly over there. You wouldn’t dare push me aside right? *evil smile*

    It’s annoying when people call you and they’ve dialed the wrong number. Glad you enjoyed your Gobble, Gobble day meal.

    BTW, You’ve got another award from me Miss Eva.

  2. Hi hun! 🙂

    Yeah I get a lot of wrong numbers and unsolicited sales callers who all live in India and cut me off when I tell them my home is rented!!! LoL!!!

    The food looks good – wish I wasn’t on a diet..

    Love and hugs!


  3. The food looks soo gud, I want tht turkey. U go shopping on black Friday?? Thts crazy, I hate shopping in tht rush, ppl push n go crazy.

  4. For a good year Katherine got a call from a creditor seeking someone with the same name. She would say you have the wrong person, but of course that’s what the right person would say. Finally the guy asked for the last four of her social and she said no way. She gave him the last digit and the guy never called again. We also enjoyed getting calls in Spanish. Since we’re not in Cali anymore never happens. Looks like you had a great meal!

    • lol! my youngest brother talks in a fake thick indian accent to those types of people when they call on the home phone… i feel bad for the people on the other line! lol. lucky you, don’t got to deal with that anymore

  5. Hello ! I usually don’t appreciate our Thanksgiving meal coz I cook most of the dishes.You know how it is… you lose appetite when you’re the cook. But all is good. It’s a “normal” Thanksgiving Dinner . You seemed to have had a great one, though.

    Cheers !

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