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10 ways to torture a blogger.

So, a couple of days ago we got our internet and phone service back [the bill was paid a day late from when it was due, so we suffered the consequences smh.]. The T.V service is still not available, because my family members, myself included, are too lazy to call up the Verizon people and hold up a serious conversation for thirty minutes or more. I definitely have to record when my brothers answer the Con-Edison/Verizon/telemarketers/any-professional-employees’ phone calls… They fake a ‘brown accent’ and actually annoy, or fool the person on the other line LOL. I wouldn’t ever do that.

Anyway, here are 10 ways to torture a blogger:

1- The internet not being available for five days straight is the #1 way to torture a blogger. Although, I did cheat by using the school library computers on the first day of when we were disconnected from the world (talk about hibernating).

When talking to a blogger in real time (you know who you are) and saying things like:

2- “Oh, I went to your blog and I would have thought your posts would be more mature”…for real?

3- “I don’t comment on your posts, because they are too complete”. WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!?

4- “You should write about stuff other people want to read”. Most likely, the blogger has heard this a million times and is ready to throw you in an empty well.

Bloggers aside; NOBODY likes fail display pictures. LOL

5- Writer’s block… general issue with bloggers, writers, artists, etc…

6- When a blogger asks you “do you read my blog”, you answer with a ‘no’ of some sort. A blogger never wants to hear that, especially since he or she knows that you know that this-he-or-she-blogger has a blog. Do not do it.

7- When two bloggers are talking about other bloggers and their blogs, person C interrupts and wants details.

Blogger’s advice to person C….make a blog. It’s fun.

8- When you ignore the invite to ‘like’ the Facebook page of the blogger’s blog. Do not ignore it; the blogger personally invited you dang it.

9- Critiquing a blogger’s post in person, real time, in the comment section, or any other way of contacting the blogger. Don’t be a hater  and keep the negitivity to yourself. I promote peace.

10- When you don’t come back to read more posts or when you don’t comment anymore. An emotional blogger’s worst nightmare.

True story.

You just have to look

Hidden Beauty
I turn towards the face of misery and despair
The touch of my hand on the cold canvas
It reminded me of the blizzard last winter
Her eyes were closed, but tears still traveled along the delicate structure
I wiped one against her skin, before it can freeze solid, accidentally waking her
She moves slightly and opens her eyes
Gives a strange and frightened look
Probably wondering why I was so close
Her struggle to push me away had failed and so I gave way, to show my manners.
She gets up and drags her blanket off the busy side walk
I stood there, watching her leave with rags in both hands
To see her disappear in the city’s crowd.

Written by eva626

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Many people around me [in real life] find me very, very boring. I don’t know, is it the way I look? [Hah, wrong place to ask this]. It can also be the way I talk. My sister would probably say it is the way I dress. I say it is my ‘talent list’:

1. ?

I am not very talented, I guess. No, I don’t want pity points or anything like that. Actually this post was to show my attempt at art. I was reading quite a few blogs that consisted of bloggers featuring their talent of drawing, comics, and other illustrations. It reminded me of the scribbles I make while dozing off during class. I waste a lot of ink…too bad it goes to ‘waste’.

I drew this on Paint. FAIL

A floating head with words was extremely difficult for me to draw (on the computer that is…I am worse on paper). I did not even want to attempt at the body. LOL

So, for all you non-artistic people…stay non-artistic and save others from making that cringing ‘wow-that-is-bad’ face [only for people who know they aren’t artsy. For everyone else who is…props!].

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Suggestions, por favor

I need suggestions. What should I write about, change, add, delete, etc… How does one get more traffic on their blog? This seemed very easy to me in the beginning. That was because in ‘the begnning’ I used to follow blogs that were well maintained and well groomed LOL . I thought it was easy. But then I started thinking, how do they have so many followers?!?. RESEARCHING on the topic gave me insight on the process that I have yet to accomplish.

First, write about ‘stuff’ people care about [unless the blog is a personal one and the blogger wants to keep it private with low traffic]. Write clearly with minimum to none grammatical errors. I try to do this often… although my replies to comments aren’t so grammatically correct but who cares. Speaking of replying…REPLY to comments you get. I comment on other people’s posts and I always check back to see what they replied. It feels good, I don’t know why, but it does. Treat your readers like guests, or friends. Invite them, encourage them to come back. The last thing you want is to scare the reader away. So when someone greets you on your “about page‘, you should go back to their blog and check out what is going on there. Treat readers the way you want to be treated.

I am a ‘noobie’ [someone called me that a couple of days ago] at blogging. So I want suggestions to help me improve this place. Also, the people who ‘like’ my posts, please comment too! I want to hear many, many, many suggestions from as many people that read this. I think my point is clear now.

Lets exchange suggestions for some fruit salad (fruit chaat) !

Oh yea, I wrote a guest post here: Check it out! 

Wet bathroom slippers

Yesterday, my siblings and I were watching this new episode of Arthur (my favorite animated child star) and the progam was interrupted by an important ‘severe weather’ warning. It was on the NJ channel…figures. They announced a flood warning for various areas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Nope, not NY… cause we are cool like that. I secretly still hoped for some bad weather to come by our area; no class? Yea, that didn’t happen.

What did happen was that it rained a lot today. I went to class. Experienced many ‘FAILS’ on my way to class and back. Here’s a list:

– Confused on which umbrella to take.

– Out the house and to the car, with the umbrella above me. I still got wet.

– Arrived to my class building and opened the umbrella in the car.

-Almost lost an eye.

– Opened the car door to get out and hoping to surpass the embarrasment; but forgot to unbuckle my seat belt.

-The umbrella was opened and sticking out of the opened car door. My right leg was hanging out of the car. I got pulled back into my seat due to the seatbelt that I forgot to unbuckle. It hurt and I got wet.

-After class, I walked over to the school library in the rain. It was also freezing out. I had my umbrella.

-I could feel my socks getting wet.

-There were so many worms, everywhere, because of the rain.

-Despite my attempt at dodging the worms, the puddles, and the rain, I got wet. Did I mention I was holding an opened umbrella.

Shockingly, I came home to see DRY bathroom slippers.

I wonder how life in Jersey went today.