Coupled Guest post #1

Incase people got bored of me, eva626, posting every single post (cause its my blog lol), some of my guests wrote a little ‘somethin somethin’ for my blog. Actually, I wanted them to write something for my blog. These two people are very different people with very different lives. I thought it might cool to have them write a little piece for this post. I also chose these people to write the guest post because they were the only people who agreed to write one. FAIL. Also if you’d like to write a guest post here, just email me! [Btw, sorry if this post appears to be very lengthy…three people wrote it].


First off is my friend ‘Amz’. A little about her: she has known me for about eight years, I think. She comments on my blog often because she loves what I write…I think (I am guessing lol). She is ultra thin even though her stomach vacuums in various amounts of junk food. She is a great cook, she’s a house maid (for her family), she does her siblings’ homework every time, and she is the sibling I always wanted. Amz’s post:

“Recent Trip to my homeland and my wedding

In Feb i went to Pakistan after 11yrs, to get married. Well the travel was horrible, because there were so many crying babies on the plane. When we landed at the Islamabad airport we had to wait for them to bring a ladder, yes a ladder out side and it was raining, and to top it all we had to wait 10 min out on the run way for a bus that would take us to the airport. This travel made me so cranky, but when I got of the airport, there i saw my soon to be husband. The caterpillars in my stomach became butterflies when he said “Hi, how r u?” and i could not speak all I did was smile like crazy. Everyday I counted down days till my wedding n did a lot of sight seeing. My home town had changed, the roads were clean and smooth, then restaurants were amazing. People there made fun of me when ever i spoke urdu, they said i have a funny accent which i can’t notice. Well anyways then the big day came, i was so jumpy and happy from excitement. My wedding day was the best day of my life, I married a person who is perfect and exactly the way I wanted my husband to be. He took gud care of me when i was sick. He was never embarrassed by me when i did silly things, like one time when we went to a fancy restaurant to eat, i was trying to cut my steak and my fork flew over and under the table and a broccoli fell on my lap, how clumsy of me. And most of all he really loves me n with him my life is perfect and complete. I Love my life (insert smily) “

Amz’s mayo picture


Next is ‘Sis’. She is my only sister (the eldest of us all), known me all my life, and has been mentioned in previous posts. She loves baking, bollywood, and bangra. Sis’s post:

“So I was asked to write a guest post. I usually do my own writing but since it’s my birthday, I’ll be nice and do it for my sister. I guess I’ll talk about what everyone always thinks about: Dreams. It’s funny that our whole life revolves around fulfilling that dream. I know because I myself have a dream that I have been working on since, FOREVER. It gets frustrating when you see no progress but what’s even more frustrating is other people’s dreams getting in the way. I know I sound selfish. But, what does a person do then? What if your dreams are not what your loved one’s want? Who really decides at the end whose dreams are more important? Would it make the individual selfish if he/she follows their own path instead the one laid out by others? Basically, you can never make everyone happy but would the ones that you hurt understand? Is following your dream worth the anger? I don’t have any of the answers but it’s I think that everyone’s answers would be different. It all depends on an individual’s own strength (if they can indeed stand up for themselves), and the people that surround that them. Honestly, I thought this post was going to go in more of a positive direction but it came out more philosophical. So, I’m just going to go and finish flipping through my organic chemistry book (my failed attempt at studying). PEACE!”

That is not her, but she loves sun hats.

Thank you both, Amz and Sis, for your time. It was strange when I put this post together…talk about mixed feelings huh. (LOL)


67 responses to “Coupled Guest post #1

  1. Eva I’m gonna take a rain check on reading and commenting posts till Friday. Buried in a lot of work right now. Be patient for me dear Eva… or ELSE.

      • Okay I did get time to today to read.

        Loved AMZ’s story – very cute and nice.

        Your sister sounds kinda bitter, but that’s better than being peppy.
        If she needs help in O Chem I can recommend a good conceptual book. It’s not long at all and I loved the author’s explanations. O chem was one my favorite subjects. *not bragging – seriously – not bragging* Most of my Dad’s side of the family were chemists so I think it runs in the family. I could be wrong though.

      • yea i thought Amz’s wrote such an extremely ‘cute and happy’ post. this made Sis’s post look very bitter… strange.

        lol@ you might be wrong. pst…you are probably right!

  2. You know Wehn i went back to india aftera few years I too had a bad journey but thankfully after that one never had any problems 🙂 all the best and a very happy maried life to your friend AMZ..

    ANd on dreams well I beleive that its only the people who dream .. who get to fulfill their dreams ..

    all the best

  3. Dreams…forever….peace….just beautiful thoughts flowing like warm music to the heart. Your friend has a very rich cultural heritage. Always love India for its people and amazing culture/ I enjoy knowing about your sis too. Sharing and loving is what’s a family is all about. Stay blessed always.

    • Thanks…Sis is waiting to read many comments about her little piece here. and Amz is pakistani! not indian! LOL…almost the same thing though, i guess.

      thanks for enjoying!

  4. my swt wife AMZ, loved the blog (well actually i love everything about u so its understood) i want to tell u that u complete me and its U who makes me perfect. i know some people would call us corny (pointing finger at eva lol atlast i have made eva smile).. AMZ i love u and will love u forever.. urz only Haider

      • From my perspective Mr. Ali, you and your wife’s story was very sweet. May God always keep you both happy and safe. I always like it when arranged marriages go right. I’ve seen some go wrong – two words: Not pretty.

      • i am glad you feel that way bitter, but i am totally against public displays of affection…esp when its for people I know in real life.

      • @ eva hahaha i knew.. but i dont care wht u think!!
        @ bitter who said its arrange marriage? its kinda arrange love marriage 🙂

  5. Loved the post! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment! 🙂

    I have to drink a lot of fluids because the meds make my mouth dry, but it’s a good way to make sure I get out of bed! LoL!!!

    I’m now 51 and feeling my age, but I have many years ahead of me, so I’m happy to just enjoy life! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  6. Hey there.

    Like the idea of guest posts, cool.

    Stories are nice too, Amz’s story is sweet, a nervey journey for many reasons but with a happy ending.

    Re: what your sisters comments, it’s OK to dream and it’s OK to be shelfish in life. I think you just have to have the motivation to follow through that dream, even if it takes you a lifetime – I guess if your sis remains motivated then she won’t regret the end result, whatever that may be. Yes our loved ones also have dreams, but then we should work together to help each achieve those dreams, not have to feel that we need to sacrifce what we believe in for anyone else’s sake.

    Anyway, my thoughts. Nice post 🙂

    • her happy ending lol…i think her journey is just starting. and hope my Sis reads your very motivating comment Potato! thanks for dropping by here btw!

  7. if that’s really a pic of your friend AMZ – she’s very beautiful !

    Her marriage seems to have got off to a great start – It’s nice she has found a man to love who also loves her !

  8. OMG Eva… some retarded asshole thinks that Islam is a “cruel religion” that says it’s okay to kill innocent people. That effing f*cktard! I’m so pissed off right now.

  9. *Drops Bitter evilness for one minute*

    Thank you so much Eva! I read your comment on her blog. Thanks a lot!
    Well said. Bloody brilliant. You gave him a real verbal punch, but very sweetly. I loved it.

  10. happy wedding to Amz’s mayo ,may she and her hubbi both live happily 🙂
    and lol ya sis , i guess she is like me , nalaik panda 😛

  11. Wow, super-congrats to your friend Amz! She’s super pretty, I’m truly glad to read how happy she sounds. I can identify with your sister. With me, others dreams get in the way…ALWAYS. Not a cheery topic, really.

    • yea she’s also very high pitched. and you’re right about the dreams…i have some too but I don’t really care if other people’s dreams come in the way…what ever happens happens for the better.

      • That’s a really positive way of thinking. I dunno if it shows in my posts, (I don’t think it does) but I think I am a very pessimistic person, at least when it comes to the big things, the direction life goes in, etc. The unknown freaks me out…

      • You can always try to make the unknown known…like researching and looking for answers… Its a way of healing and not freaking out lol.

        Yea the pessimism stuff doesnt show in your posts… It more like indifference toward inner thoughts on your blog. I mean with all the kdrama trend going on there lol. But you are fun!

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