Wet bathroom slippers

Yesterday, my siblings and I were watching this new episode of Arthur (my favorite animated child star) and the progam was interrupted by an important ‘severe weather’ warning. It was on the NJ channel…figures. They announced a flood warning for various areas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Nope, not NY… cause we are cool like that. I secretly still hoped for some bad weather to come by our area; no class? Yea, that didn’t happen.

What did happen was that it rained a lot today. I went to class. Experienced many ‘FAILS’ on my way to class and back. Here’s a list:

– Confused on which umbrella to take.

– Out the house and to the car, with the umbrella above me. I still got wet.

– Arrived to my class building and opened the umbrella in the car.

-Almost lost an eye.

– Opened the car door to get out and hoping to surpass the embarrasment; but forgot to unbuckle my seat belt.

-The umbrella was opened and sticking out of the opened car door. My right leg was hanging out of the car. I got pulled back into my seat due to the seatbelt that I forgot to unbuckle. It hurt and I got wet.

-After class, I walked over to the school library in the rain. It was also freezing out. I had my umbrella.

-I could feel my socks getting wet.

-There were so many worms, everywhere, because of the rain.

-Despite my attempt at dodging the worms, the puddles, and the rain, I got wet. Did I mention I was holding an opened umbrella.

Shockingly, I came home to see DRY bathroom slippers.

I wonder how life in Jersey went today.


68 responses to “Wet bathroom slippers

  1. Oh Eva… I suppose I’ll find some job for you in my death eater army. A high number of fails is frowned upon. You will always get dry bathroom slippers too. I know how you hate them being wet.

    • yea worms are good for the soil and garden..but they just make me queezy when i see them moving around on the wet ground…in the rain they jump out of the grass and onto the cement!

  2. You hoped for bad weather? Nuts!!

    But I love wild wether – great to read, & the posts ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m honoured you dropped by today, thank you.

  3. Sometimes the rain can be fantastic, I guess when u have a free mind and not in a rush, but most times, it pinches you like small sharp pins and leaves a bitter after-taste on your clothing…

  4. Oh I do understand the umbrella problems, Especially how to open the door, undo your seatbelt, put the umbrella up outside the door and step cleanly out of the car and into its little dry circle, (with no puddles directly beneath the car). the holding of the umbrella high, your bag tucked easily under your arm, you can turn with such grace and bending down, pull out your other bag, lock the car and drift away all dry and warm through the storm, through a sea of admiring, um, admirers!! humm, never worked for me either! c

  5. Argh, when we say rain, rain go away…we really mean it! I’ve definitely had similar mishaps. I guess it’s a good thing I live in CA where it doesn’t rain too often, haha.

  6. yum, deep fried worms.
    just kidding.
    Sad to hear about your troubles. Also sorry cause it was kind of funny. Now all you need is a shirtless hunk and you got yourself romantic comedy.

  7. LOL That was hilarious !

    Oh, wait, wasn’t this supposed to be funny ? Or not ? Anyways, that one… you almost lost an eye.. he he he… it happened to me once. The tip of the umbrella poked my eye. ~.~

    Cheers !

    • lol yea you should, but make sure you don’t share them with the whole family. The feeling of stepping into wet slippers is the worst! btw thanks for dropping by!

  8. what a terrific sense of humor you have, and your ability to share it with us in such a straight-forward way is just plain charming. I’m sure most people in the world can relate! In fact, yesterday I had umbrella issues! Thanks for your post!

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