Suggestions, por favor

I need suggestions. What should I write about, change, add, delete, etc… How does one get more traffic on their blog? This seemed very easy to me in the beginning. That was because in ‘the begnning’ I used to follow blogs that were well maintained and well groomed LOL . I thought it was easy. But then I started thinking, how do they have so many followers?!?. RESEARCHING on the topic gave me insight on the process that I have yet to accomplish.

First, write about ‘stuff’ people care about [unless the blog is a personal one and the blogger wants to keep it private with low traffic]. Write clearly with minimum to none grammatical errors. I try to do this often… although my replies to comments aren’t so grammatically correct but who cares. Speaking of replying…REPLY to comments you get. I comment on other people’s posts and I always check back to see what they replied. It feels good, I don’t know why, but it does. Treat your readers like guests, or friends. Invite them, encourage them to come back. The last thing you want is to scare the reader away. So when someone greets you on your “about page‘, you should go back to their blog and check out what is going on there. Treat readers the way you want to be treated.

I am a ‘noobie’ [someone called me that a couple of days ago] at blogging. So I want suggestions to help me improve this place. Also, the people who ‘like’ my posts, please comment too! I want to hear many, many, many suggestions from as many people that read this. I think my point is clear now.

Lets exchange suggestions for some fruit salad (fruit chaat) !

Oh yea, I wrote a guest post here: Check it out! 


103 responses to “Suggestions, por favor

  1. I just write about my life – weird as it is at times – and people either enjoy it (many do) or they move on! 🙂

    Each of us has to find our individual writing style and if people like it they’ll come back.

    Don’t force things – people will come back soon enough if they enjoy your style, if not then don’t worry about it as we live an a large planet…

    Love, hugs and Merry Christmas! 🙂


    • thanks for the advice prenin. how do you remember everything you have done during the day? I have read your post and the timings are specific! how do you do it?

      • By writing each entry at the time recorded as I have a lot of time on my hands! 🙂

        Originally it started as a letter to two friends: Gina in California and Katherine in Moscow, Russia.

        By writing each event individually at the time they happen (or soon after) I weave a daily diary AND two letters by ‘personalising’ the text on my ‘OpenOffice Writer’ program which you can get for free as a download.

        If nothing happens they are short, if events occur… 🙂

        As I post one day behind this means I can produce one coherent blog per day!

        Fun, huh? 🙂

        Never underestimate the power of cut and paste!!! 🙂

        Have a Merry Christmas sweetheart – I plan to! 🙂

        God Bless!


  2. You know, I think the best way to blog is simply write and share what you feel like, I do not care for grammatical errors or any flaw because I know with time I will gradually learn and improve.
    Followers … they follow they don’t follow its up to them. Your blog is your place rule it the way you feel like 🙂
    And I love your posts and your blog the way it is and I like to comment here as well 🙂
    P.S. Salad looks delicious ❤

    • hey thanks for all the nice things you wrote here Ph_.

      yea i guess total dictatorship will do for now! lol
      for the Fruit salad, I hate when people put sugar in it…i just leave it out. Its delicious with black pepper.

      • I second what Ph_ said here.

        You keep doing what you’re doing. If this isn’t a successful blog already I don’t know what is. Anyways having too many followers can be a pain too. You have the right amount – it’s like a family you know. Just saying.

        Keep it up Eva.

  3. Get Freshly Pressed here! LMAO easier said than done. I’ve been trying to get our blog Freshly Pressed but alas it is a game of chance.

    Hmmm, I comment on other blogs. I used to reply to the comments on our blog but because I’ve been busy, I decided to comment on the blogs of people who commented on ours instead.

    Well, that’s the only tip I can give you. Just comment and comment. And whore your blog out on Facebook and Twitter! 😀

  4. Blogging is the pressure of views… Haha, it’s also just fun :). Freshly Pressed would be great, that is just the way to fame. Until that day I think we can only comment and like and follow….

  5. Blogging isn’t my primary writing outlet – I only post twice weekly, but I’ve been blogging since 2005, and participating online far longer. Visiting other blogs and commenting on them consistently is vital. Join and and participate there, in the twitter like stream on Blogher and by commenting on posts and following trails to blogs. Use tags well, since WP has a superb tag system of sharing. Best wishes!

    • yea I try to tag my posts.But I don’t tag with every single key word…just the important ones…I use the tag system to find new bloggers. Its is helpful indeed. Thanks a bunch Nelle!!!

  6. hmmm well I cant give any advice I write what comes to mind, personell.. not so personall ..
    my mind works crazy as you might have seen i write on anything .. 🙂

    I use to write almost each day but now its like one or two a week…

    • Hey thanks Tom! I got your email just now… Thanks for all the tips too. You are such a great blogger for that and I appricate all the advice. I will certainly follow them.

      Yea me too, I can’t wait to write a guest post… Just 7 more months LOL!

  7. I think you should continue just as it is right now. I prefer reading personal blogs. If I wanna read about any specific topic I just google it up and there are many blogs that write about societal issues etc, but I much more prefer these personal blogs. They’re candid and sometimes you see people who have been in similar situations like you… and you get find inspiration from that.

  8. The way I found works best is to follow as many blogs as possible, read their posts regularly and leave meaningful comments.

    post regularly and as much as possible

    find your own voice…meaning write in a way that is all your own, special and unique and people will come back for it if they like it

      • I was exactly in the same place you are in now when I started blogging, the stats would give me a depression everytime I looked at them, sometimes they still do lol
        but then a friend told me all you can do is keep getting better at your game and things will change. FInd successful blogs in the same topics you blog about and see what makes them work, is it the design? the colors and header?the pictures? the writing style? the friendly replies to comments?
        and try to do the same in your blog.

      • LOL I was still blogging with my previous blog and it was april…so my stats looked so awesome but it was April fools…wordpress being pranky! [idk why i had to write this haha]. Thanks for the comment Sawsan. I have started going to people’s post with similar topic, and it gives me more inspiration!

  9. Hey! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for liking some of my blog posts. It seems to me that you don’t need to increase your traffic much as you have lots of commenters already! Especially for someone who is a self confessed newbie!
    Having said that, I think the key to a successful blog is frequent posting and, as you already said, caring about your readers. Good luck! 🙂

    • LOL@self confessed newbie!…someone else called me that! haha Thanks for your input suzy!!! and thanks for dropping by girl. you got a nice blog yourself, it is indeed very ‘likable’ !

  10. I don’t get too much traffic so I may not be the one to give out advice, but I think you’re on the right track! I *try* to reply to all comments left on my blog and check out the blogs of those who “like” or comment on mine. I may not have a million followers or anything, but I consider the followers that I do have to be blogging friends as they consistently comment on my blog and I, theirs. (This is accepting the spammers who clearly only subscribed to get me to go to their weirdo marketing firm or plastics industry blogs).

    Haha if all else fails, get pregnant and post some ultrasound pictures 😄 Whenever I post those my views literally quadruple despite the fact that barely any of my readers know me from real life. It’s weird. I suppose that is quite a drastic step to up your views, though

    • I used to get those spammers in the beginning…not so much anymore.
      Its surprising how many people want to see ultrasound images! yup, great way to boost up traffic…but I think i will try to find another instead LOL.

      Btw thanks for commenting Emily. Nice to have you here !

  11. If you are looking to build a base of supportive readers, you need to focus on readers that are interested in the same things you are. But don’t assume that people that write about other topics won’t also find your blog interesting. Some will.

    • I try to read the posts which are related to the ones here, but it is difficult to find similar topics…mine are mostly ‘not-real-topics’ LOL. Thanks for dropping by rumpy!

  12. I’m pretty new at blogging, too, but you liked my threechickstalkingaboutfood post on Raspberry Lemon Cupcakes. How’d you find my post in this crazy internet? Its always a challenge to pimp your blog out without totally selling yourself. Oh, and my other blog is *wink* Nice to meet you, Eva.

  13. I think when you create a blog, it should be about you and what you love. I love art, so I showcase what I love and it so happens other people enjoy reading it. When you’re passionate about something, people will see it and become interested. I also agree with you, treating blog friends as you want to be treated meant a lot. I try to do that with everyone. So if you’re looking for new followers… just write whats in your heart 🙂

    • This is what I do for every post I write! Thanks Kay, you are always helpful. And yes, your blog is wonderful, everything that I would want to read about…designs, art, and food!

  14. Hi, I see you have activated the wordpress options to make it easier for your readers to ‘share’ your posts.

    Assuming you have a Facebook account, have you tweaked the WP ‘sharing’ settings to have the title and the first few lines of your posts automatically posted to your FB wall when you publish a post in your blog ?

    Anyone that can see your FB wall then gets a little teaser of your posts – with a link back to your blog if they want to read the whole thing.

  15. I don’t know if you like to hear or not about my little suggestion about this blog. @0@ I think the dark purple color of the background of this blog is too dark…but I guess this isn’t the main point to attract more readers, is it?

  16. This is a great post!

    I also want to drive my traffic up as well! But – I am not a very dedicated blogger – so partly that’s also my fault. I usually blog about travels – and what I find interesting! But there are also posts that may not relate to anything at all!

    I think those blogs who have high traffic – are usually people with fun/great personality! It shows on your blog posts! Like I find your blog posts very funny! 🙂

    • traveling is always fun, and a joy to read about. I love the photos that come with those posts. they are so interesting! lol I am glad you think they are funny! Thanks gal. your always a great supporter !

  17. the photo with the post looks yum 🙂

    i agree with you. it is important to reply to comments.
    it’s like a conversation – a conversation on slow motion.
    we get used to waiting for a while – but if it get’s extended we loose interest
    and turn to another conversation 🙂

    • yea thats true…I always check back to the post to see if the blogger replied to my comment. I feel like my comment counts that way. lol. silly but true. Thanks for this slow motion conversation amira !LOL

  18. I know how you feel. I too am a “newbie” at blogging and it’s frustrating that I can see how people are reading my blogs and no one comments. I also comments on alot of blogs and nobody replies. I don’t get it. But I will continue to write about whatever is happening in my life anyway.

      • yea that must have been the issue…people usually click on the link and the correct blog url isnt there; most people aren’t aware of that. Other than that, congrats on becoming a blogger since you are a newbie! it will take some time for your blog to get noticed. I suggest you should explore blogosphere (I laughed when I saw people writing this lol) and check out what type of demographic your posts fit into.

        Thanks for commenting btw! I hope the replies here will drag you back LOL

  19. Get some SEO friendly powerful theme.
    Install some essential plugins to have more power on thy blog.
    Get a twitter & FB fan page.
    To generate traffic concentrate more on SEO strategies rather than gathering comments.
    Don’t write about thyself, write about what people are looking for(via search engines).
    Don’t tire thyself leaving comments on blogs– find blogs having high page rank to comment on.
    Write guest posts for other blogs(not blogs).

      • Let’s hope so Eva. The day you start posting erotica is the day I’ll be gone LOL.

        Adnan definitely made some good points. You do want your blog to be search engine optimized. You should make a twitter and FB page. Although I didn’t make a FB page. I hate FB. You should comment on high ranking pages and you should try and write a guest post, but I will disagree with one thing. Write what you like and what you feel passionate about. Otherwise there will be no fun left in blogging. I write what I want and how I want.

      • lol bitter, true, but for porn web sites one will not get any ads except the few of affiliate programs like selling ‘CENSORED’ with very low commission on sales and am sure no good person want to earn such wet money :p

        P.S. We’re here supposed to earn money online, not to satisfy other’s lust 🙂

      • Hm! I wasn’t telling her that don’t write about your passion, i was telling her that just don’t write about your self like any self-obsessed psycho do– you’re no gaga or bieber so people would search for you.As a passionate programmer i gravely do believe in & confess that passion really create the paths.Anything you’re passionate about, There’ll always be someone who’s interested in.

  20. I’ve always wondered this too and I’ve even googled it. Things like using the forums alot will make people look at your blog etc.

    Google comes up with other solutions too but I find them a bit confusing – something to do with people changing the links etc :S

    Hope it’s ok, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award 🙂 It’s on my blog if you want to view it 🙂

    • Google is the way to go for blog noobs… I went straight to that after I couldn’t get the ‘hang’ of blogger (it wasnt that user friendly for me). Yea, you are right, since I am not a tech nerd (I respect them tech nerds LOL) I get very confused reading info about blogging and plugins, etc…I learn through people and their comments (like here).

      Oh yea, thanks for the award my lady!

  21. Geez, you don’t need any more traffic ahaha 63 comments :> I think it’s rude not to comment back on people’s posts, just because it’s common courtesy. That’s what led me here ahah 😀 I think it’s more important to write about stuff that you’re interested in, not other people; purely because, if you’re not engaged with your post and passionate about your subject, it will become dull and people won’t want to read it. There’ll always be someone who’s interested in what you’re writing about, it’s the way that you write it is what I think is most important 😀

  22. @Adnan

    LOL! I don’t think Eva wants those kinds of ads on her blog. You started this anyway by saying how we should write for what people search for the most.

    PS. I think you’re the only one earning money. You earn your dry money rightfully so. I haven’t gotten a dime for blogging. That’s cool though. I write to entertain myself and others. Hopefully one day some director, writer, or somebody important will read my stuff and ask me to write a script for them. *dreamy eyes*

    • @Adnan, sorry i had to tweek your comment a little LOL.

      I’d like to find a way to make some money but not with those types of ads…overall its so confusing. But I am working on it….urg. Yea, I rather write the stuff I am writing. Its fun!

      Bitter, I cant imagine you with dreamy eyes.

      • LMAO! A little? You took out a whole list Eva. I do have dreamy eyes. You should come by my mansion sometimes. I usually have them when I pet my snake – killem. He’d like some company you know. He’s the hugging type.

      • Eva, You need not to confuse yourself, you merely need to understand the ways to earn money online(There are hundreds & thousands) and types of ads.Lemme show you the rope.The three most common ways to use advertising to make money with content on the Web are:
        Affiliate programs: Affiliate programs pay you a sales commission when someone who clicks through a link on your site to an advertiser’s site actually buys something from that advertiser.
        Sponsored advertising: You are paid a fee when a sponsored ad (either banner or text) is displayed on your site. Sponsored ads are often called CPM– short for cost per thousand page impressions– ads because they are paid for on a CPM basis.
        Contextual advertising: Contextual advertising is primarily text-based advertising that appears on web pages where there is a contextual relevance as determined by automated software.Contextual ads are often called CPC– short for cost per click—ads, because that is the basis on which they are paid.Now this is the way am using on my own blog.what you need to do is to apply for Google AdSense program, get an account there, get the block of ads from there & show ads on your blog.
        Before applying for Google AdSense program make sure yourself of few things about your blog else you’ll get no account there:
        Your web site need to be complete not under-construction with at least 25 pages.
        your content must be original, check your web site with “copyscape” to detect duplicate content & check if your articles are original.
        your website must be easy to navigate and user friendly.

    • haha, a couple of days ago i asked Eva that why you buy a domain & host?why wasted thy money in vain?& guess what her answer was :p

      I haven’t earned enough money online, i just quit blogging– it’s tiring & simply plain boring.I got no stories to entertain myself or others & neither am a writer sort of material *fortunately* 🙂
      Keep dreaming, keep hoping– every one has his day– you’ll have yours– you may become famous someday or may be never.

  23. OMG LOL Adnan … do you know how many bloggers blog about themselves. I’ll admit nowadays I don’t, but I will from time to time. 😛

  24. I’m still trying to increase readership…it’s definitely a work in progress! I agree re responding to your comments, though I rarely find time to do so. It really does mean a lot when you can go back and see what the person had to say back to you. I need to work on that! 😉

    • yea it is hard…but when you have many comments, i guess it can be a load of work responding to them all. I havnt reached that point though.

      i think it would be worth it!

  25. The one thing I have found so far that works well for me is posting often. I started posting in July, but only recently have I had any likes, followers, or comments. I just started posting several times a week, and I think that helped.

    • yup i think it does help! i spend A LOT of time blogging. its tiring sometimes…but I think finding other peoples unique blogs is so much fun. you never know what you will come across. I used to post like once a week, but then i started to post every three days and I think its working!

      you dont want people to forget you.

  26. Whoooaaaaaaaa….do you see how much comments you have…Looks like you have it locked. Like the post…great tips. Looks like I was doing most of them. I did stop by to thank you for visiting my page and I am not saying that just because it is one of your tips 🙂 Oh and I replied to your comment on my page as well. See not bad for a “relative” newbie huh? 😉

    • haha i think i spend way to much time blogging…but i love doing i. It is so much fun. Yea this post rolled in many tips, like I wanted. They are all so helpful. LOL let us newbies march with pride

  27. Agreed, if people take the time to write to you, you should respond to them and visit their site too. It’s kind of annoying when you write a long message to someone and you don’t get any sort of reply, so I try to always reply. I really appreciate comments and think they make the post better and more of a discussion than a one-way monologue. You’ve brought up a lot of good points here, good job!

    • I write long and lengthy comments sometimes..but people always have replied.!

      I like the convos that come out of the comments and replies…you never know what will come up lol. thanks for dropping in brittany!

  28. I’m a newbie at this too. I wondered the same things you did and came upon the same answers. Visit and comment on people’s blogs and get the same in return. Trouble is, I honestly don’t have time to read all the blogs I want. I’m thinking of buying a new phone or something so I can do all that on-the-go. Ditto about the topic-choosing thing. I don’t really adhere to it, though, since I am a minority and write about Korean stuff, but hey! You read it, right? (You and your bro might be the only non-asian-drama-fans who bother to read my blog, LOL)

    • It seems many people are having the same issues…its good though, because we learn from others! I know I have from these comments.

      Thanks Creolita and everyone else!!!

  29. I’m not sure where you are getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for wonderful information I was looking for this info for my mission.

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  32. eva626, blogging doesn’t have to be about changing the world (it can be, but it isn’t necessary). Just be yourself. Find the things you are happy about. Find the things you’re good at. Find the things in which you have an opinion. Share. Blog for yourself. People will like your posts. People will hate your posts. Don’t judge your success on the number of followers, likes, pingbacks you have. Judge your success on your ability to share your view with others.

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  34. Eva! You were nominated for 6 blogging awards and you have over 350 followers!! You could give tutorials and people would probably even pay you money to learn how to be a “successful” blogger. 🙂 You easily keep us coming back for more! (P.S. I also like all your food photos…)

    • thanks thanks so much!!! i need help from someone for make money from blogging…its been months in the process. My photography skills are horrible…lol even thought its most of the camera’s skill at work. I guess even me holding the camera and clicking the button on the right time isn’t so good. LOL. well at least you like it!!!! btw thanks.

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