Many people around me [in real life] find me very, very boring. I don’t know, is it the way I look? [Hah, wrong place to ask this]. It can also be the way I talk. My sister would probably say it is the way I dress. I say it is my ‘talent list’:

1. ?

I am not very talented, I guess. No, I don’t want pity points or anything like that. Actually this post was to show my attempt at art. I was reading quite a few blogs that consisted of bloggers featuring their talent of drawing, comics, and other illustrations. It reminded me of the scribbles I make while dozing off during class. I waste a lot of ink…too bad it goes to ‘waste’.

I drew this on Paint. FAIL

A floating head with words was extremely difficult for me to draw (on the computer that is…I am worse on paper). I did not even want to attempt at the body. LOL

So, for all you non-artistic people…stay non-artistic and save others from making that cringing ‘wow-that-is-bad’ face [only for people who know they aren’t artsy. For everyone else who is…props!].

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110 responses to “Talentless

  1. I’m right there with ya…I’ve never had a talent and have always been jealous of those who did. I’ve also learned to embrace the term “boring.” Work with what you’ve got 😉

  2. It is WAY hard to draw a loose line with a mouse. I use Adobe Illustrator and let it perfect my imperfections.

    Just like telling a joke on a blog is way easier than trying to get the right delivery in real life. That is, unless, people don’t understand your inflection. Which is also highly likely. I’ve found that sarcasm can come across b-tchy if I’m not careful.

    So what I’m trying to say is – talent is finding your venue to look good. You did it!

    • I was going to download that program for this drawing but I figured Paint was less complicated for me. Sometimes I like to have a visual of the posts and its always fun to see FUN drawings! I gave it a try and thanks jell!!!

  3. To me, you’re very talented! 😀 I like reading your poem so much! You will be a poet or a writer one day. When that day comes, please allow me to have your signature.

  4. Running a blog is a talent 😉 Avoiding writer’s block in order to find content that people will like, and then actually writing to where they’ll like it in a way that leaves them wanting more is definitely a talent haha.

  5. Welcome to my world 🙂 he he he I feel the same .. I have not been good at anything ever..

    But You are better See you can DRAW… and smily face long hair and can WRITE too .. so you are 2 steps ahead of me already .. so cheer up

    next time you feel this way jsut look at me 🙂

    • hmm maybe! but i have got responses from people who say that:
      -The posts are too complete (idk)
      -immature (?)
      -you should write about stuff that people want to read (?)

      so I guess I please some grateful readers. (thanks NBI)

  6. Hi hun! 🙂

    Very few people can draw on a computer freehand, most use expensive art programs to do the deal, but you tried to so kudos! 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed your food – I know how it feels to be hungry when somebody else mentions styuffing their faces! LoL!!!

    God Bless and be well!


    • Paint was the simplest one I could find. This drawing took me like almost ten to fifteen minutes to complete! and yea it was past my bedtime when i read your post and got hungry…i think I grabbed a cup of ice cream haha.

  7. I disagree! I like your drawing! Its cute and has personality! I love your writing and writing is a huge talent! Plus I think you have a wonderful outlook and a great sense of humor! 🙂

    • haha, personality? ill think about that. and thanks for considering my writing a talent (i think too far stretched but ill take it!) Thanks, hope you will be my reader forever!

    • my family members would label me either annoying, mean, or corny.

      yea I live with that sort of encouragement. (its funny because I think they just say that…idk?)

  8. I couldn’t draw anything without offending the subject matter. Of course, being queer, I can’t exactly try drawing a straight line, now can I?

    My daughters both possess serious artistic skill. So too my sister, and many friends. Don’t ask me to strum a guitar, I couldn’t tell a G from an A string…actually it reads better as an A from a G string. 😉 Nor should I try drawing imagery, a cat would look like an assemblage of water sausages with glued on pine needles fronting it. Crafts, I might be able to swing gluing styrofoam cups together and stick in a couple of pipe cleaners. Okay, I can build a home what will stand and look presentable, no humour needed, but art…

    Me, meh no artistic genes found… until I started creative writing.

  9. I do some drawings of faces then put them up as my Facebook display picture. The reaction I get is hilarious coz I couldn’t draw to save myself… I suggest you use this as your display pic it will look really good. 😉

    I think having having no talent is a talent in itself. 😉

  10. Your blog is interesting, and I am starting to think how would it be like when you look back at your old posts when you finally achieve what you wanted: A busy traffic at your blog2 This would be so sweet. Haha and relating to this post, maybe you aren’t that good in drawing, but you write well! Good enough to attract readers with this strength!!

  11. This what I had been thinking before stumbling upon your post – why do I seem un-artistic? Of course I do consider writing as an art and sometimes I can do it in a very decent way I can but other art forms like photography, painting, designing, baking, playing instruments….you name it. I consider myself a novice – although of course this is an exaggeration. My life’s boring sometimes. I always see artistic people to have colors in their lives all the time. I wonder what it’s like to be like them.

    • I guess many bloggers here consider writing as an art! yea i was never and i think will never be good at the stuff you listed there…lol.

      I also wondered what it would be like to be them…hmmm. (maybe just like you and me hehe)

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  14. Drawing is fun and since fun is fun I’ve started drawing more too! In fact a couple of ‘characters’ recently hijacked my main blog—not that I mind. ‘Sketch’ and ‘Ginger’ actually encouraged me to start another blog though, so drawing has lead to more blogging …

    BTW if you have an iPad I highly recommend SketchBook PRO. I don’t normally plug apps but it’s very easy to use and the results are fantastic. Makes my scribbles look v.pro at least.

  15. Eva, this new theme is so Cool! Totally loved the new look. Secondly, the doodle wasn’t that bad after all. Not for a noob. And how can you be talentless, if I’m not wrong you bake very well. Isn’t it? 🙂

    • Glad to hear another person who can’t to any of those things either…singing for me is also the worst! its drives my family memebers insane so I keep it to a limit. lol

  16. It depend upon you whether you see something as a talent. Women in Pakistan do all the cooking, but some see that it’s a talent cuz not EVERY women does that! Besides, life is full of opportunities to find what you’re good at. Sometimes when you think you’re good at something, it turns out that in fact you are good at other 😉

  17. Oh, my, it’s hard to get in line just to speak to you ! =.= #

    As expected , I’m always late for the party.

    Anyways, I’ve always been jealous of people who are talented… one who can sing well, can play the guitar and piano, no sweat, can draw and paint, can create music, or one who can even dance, oh, so gracefully… yeah, there are people like that, like Michael Jackson.

    Happy Holidays !

    • you can never be too late here Ren… at least you showed up right?

      I also envy such people not only because their unique talents but also since they make so much money of it!

      You too girl, enjoy your winter holiday!

  18. I didn’t feel talentless before but now I do! In this one post you have had more comments that I have received since starting my site a year back. I don’t know you, but clearly you must have squire a set of talents to keep people’s attention the way you have.

    Even your attempt at drawing has a niche market – I’ve seen tons of posters and things with that raw kind of kiddie type drawing in – normally though they stick in a caption or punchline.

    I’m going to mossy around your site a bit, becuase I have some time to kill. I’ve never really cared about anyone reading my blog before becuase it’s just about my life – now ife seen your also blogging about life in general and still getting so much attention I have to kind of laugh nervously and wonder if it’s not my site but my life that’s wrong….lol…. Too late to worry about it now. Nice site.

    • Hey Owen, believe me, my life isn’t that exciting..but i like it that way. As for the comments here, more than HALF of them are my own LOL.

      I tried to draw a person but quit…too bad the head doesn’t have a body to accompany it. Thanks for dropping by Owen…much appreciated. Hope you enjoy the other posts too.

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