You just have to look

Hidden Beauty
I turn towards the face of misery and despair
The touch of my hand on the cold canvas
It reminded me of the blizzard last winter
Her eyes were closed, but tears still traveled along the delicate structure
I wiped one against her skin, before it can freeze solid, accidentally waking her
She moves slightly and opens her eyes
Gives a strange and frightened look
Probably wondering why I was so close
Her struggle to push me away had failed and so I gave way, to show my manners.
She gets up and drags her blanket off the busy side walk
I stood there, watching her leave with rags in both hands
To see her disappear in the city’s crowd.

Written by eva626

P.S. check out this video…



56 responses to “You just have to look

    • Yea me too…but I never actually saw a pretty girl bum on the streets of Manhattan; They are only drug addicts or alcoholics who don’t looks so appealing.

  1. Hi hun! 🙂

    Well written piece sweetheart – one that speaks volumes about the destitute in this so-called ‘Wealthy’ country…

    Love and hugs!


    • Exactly…The perception of the US is that everyone here is rich and doesn’t go through struggles…people have to understand that the case is the same for other countries…I wish I was rich too.

  2. Sitting all nice and comfortable inside our warm homes, mulling over why we didn’t get this present or that present, we forget what is going outside our door, whether someone has eaten or not, is warm or not…..

    Nice writing.

    • Putting it that way you make it sound so meaningful! Thanks potato!

      But really there is so much for the world to see and pull the blinds from their eyes. Sadly the world is not a perfect place after all.

  3. This is a beautiful poem, eva626. I see you changed the look of your blog. I like this one. You disappeared for a while, and I also took a break from writing for a few months, but I’m now back blogging and writing full force 🙂 Nice to see you back and still active in writing. Write on! Happy New Year to you and hope the new year will bring more creativity and success in your writing. Peace.

    • Thanks Olive Tree! Yea I kinda deleted the prior one. lol. I wrote a post about it too (its the first post on this blog). Thanks for the wishes. Happy new year. I am planning to keep blogging for sure!

    • Thanks so much for the subs. I think poetry is such an easy way to let out your emotions without trying to pull in much attention. I like to keep low most of the time.

      Come again Jim!

    • thanks so much for liking it Judy! It reminds me of the people who are undermined.its sad when you think about it; But then again, everyone is being tested right.

  4. Your piece is well-written. It really captures what reality is. You should write things like this more often so you can let the world know what really is happening. Cheers to you!

    • Thanks mino. I am glad you came by here and took the precious time you have to comment.

      you are a ‘busy’ one after all. Cough. cough. couch potato. cough.

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