10 ways to torture a blogger.

So, a couple of days ago we got our internet and phone service back [the bill was paid a day late from when it was due, so we suffered the consequences smh.]. The T.V service is still not available, because my family members, myself included, are too lazy to call up the Verizon people and hold up a serious conversation for thirty minutes or more. I definitely have to record when my brothers answer the Con-Edison/Verizon/telemarketers/any-professional-employees’ phone calls… They fake a ‘brown accent’ and actually annoy, or fool the person on the other line LOL. I wouldn’t ever do that.

Anyway, here are 10 ways to torture a blogger:

1- The internet not being available for five days straight is the #1 way to torture a blogger. Although, I did cheat by using the school library computers on the first day of when we were disconnected from the world (talk about hibernating).

When talking to a blogger in real time (you know who you are) and saying things like:

2- “Oh, I went to your blog and I would have thought your posts would be more mature”…for real?

3- “I don’t comment on your posts, because they are too complete”. WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!?

4- “You should write about stuff other people want to read”. Most likely, the blogger has heard this a million times and is ready to throw you in an empty well.

Bloggers aside; NOBODY likes fail display pictures. LOL

5- Writer’s block… general issue with bloggers, writers, artists, etc…

6- When a blogger asks you “do you read my blog”, you answer with a ‘no’ of some sort. A blogger never wants to hear that, especially since he or she knows that you know that this-he-or-she-blogger has a blog. Do not do it.

7- When two bloggers are talking about other bloggers and their blogs, person C interrupts and wants details.

Blogger’s advice to person C….make a blog. It’s fun.

8- When you ignore the invite to ‘like’ the Facebook page of the blogger’s blog. Do not ignore it; the blogger personally invited you dang it.

9- Critiquing a blogger’s post in person, real time, in the comment section, or any other way of contacting the blogger. Don’t be a hater  and keep the negitivity to yourself. I promote peace.

10- When you don’t come back to read more posts or when you don’t comment anymore. An emotional blogger’s worst nightmare.

True story.


105 responses to “10 ways to torture a blogger.

  1. I will comment here in hopes you come to my blog and read my posts, but I’m warning you that I will get very emotional and throw a balls out temper tantrum on the floor with full kicking and screaming if you fail to return at least 7 times a day.

    • Its funny cause just today someone gave me a call and I thought that someone was prank calling me…they weren’t. Good thing I didn’t jump on them in suspicion.

  2. I thought this post would be more mature. Kidding, if it makes you feel better someone tried one of our recipes today and gave it a big old meh. It was OK, but not a make again. Hee, hee. The one about not reading can be tricky if you haven’t looked at a blog in awhile. I must have missed that post will suffice.

  3. Hahah this is pretty funny, people are just plain insensitive and stupid at times and don’t think before they talk lol

  4. Not sure what’s worse, point 1 or point 10…but I guess no one commenting on your posts is like being cut off from the rest of the world right?

    You have nice fresh stuff, keep it up…Thanks for “liking” my post. Be sure to come back..lol

    Have a nice Xmas-Eve

    • haha its weird cause when I click on your gravatar it doesn’t go to your blog! is it just me? but then recently I was tag surfing and found your blog out of nowhere!

      Thanks potato…you too. Make some yummy sandwiches for the holidays.

      get it

  5. Sounds about right, but you forget the ‘Malware/virus/Hacker’ who takes such pleasure in messing up your PC and vandalizing your blog just because they are a sick minded deviant… (Pause to calm down!)

    Love and hugs!


  6. Hi hun! 🙂

    Sounds like he enjoys your company! 🙂

    I have a similar problem with Doug – he expects to have full computer access and free tea when he shows up – but thankfully the insanitary ‘person of illegitimate descent’ has reached the point of pushing notes through my door, then retrieving them before I get to read them.

    It takes a lot to get under my skin, but when he placed my used boxers over his face and had a good sniff it was the final straw.

    Murder fantasies and suicide fantasies are one thing, repeatedly making passes at me knowing I’m not Gay and interfering with my dirty underwear is going too far…

    Love and hugs!


    • What the. Prenin your life in so unpredictable!

      like how you write up such an-out-of-the-blue comment and end with ‘love and hugs’ LOL. keep’em coming. Thanks for commenting btw.

  7. This one is the one that bugs me the most: 3- “I don’t comment on your posts, because they are too complete”. WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!?

    I totally agree with that one.


  8. I just love this lol. I dislike when I don’t have internet to blog.. it just drives me crazy. That’s why I try to stay connected lol. I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year

    • Same here Kay. Same here.
      You too have a lovely Holiday and Happy new year!!! You must love decorating your home…being the design and decor lover that you are.

    • nice way to handle the situation Chunklet! but i guess its ok…I know a few people who read the post but don’t want to fill in the info that is required to comment.

    • I am glad you do Ameena! and yea internet is very essential in this time era. Everyone in my family was clueless to everything that was happening around the world…we couldn’t even predict the weather and all that fun stuff…

      When it finally came on, I had A LOT of yahoo news articles and in.yahoo photos to catchup on.

  9. I think the most annoying is when a particular person I know claims he doesn’t read posts but knows what everyone is writing… Lol

    The rest don’t bother me, blogosphere is like the atmosphere, never ending. You can pull more readers in anytime you want with little effort.

    But emotional bloggers lol I think there is one in everyone 😉

    Funny stuff. Happy holidays x

  10. Happened to me. The internet or phone not working thing, that is. Sucks like anything. And about the other blogger-ego related stuff, I can’t tell. I don’t have any. If people read my stuff, I’m flattered and happy (:D) but if they don’t, oh well.

    • Those five days were the worst for blogging..I had to catch up on other people’s post right away after the net came back on. Yes, comments make me happy.

  11. Gigglerama for me, that was funny. And sadly, for some, so true. I find you just have to be impervious to much of what happens online, invoke block/delete where necessary and be your best you anyway. People may say they have no time to read your blog and invest numbers of hours in numbing their grey matter over online games, innane chat or reality TV… so be it. We are here, doing what we do! Hey, have you seen Lafemmeroar’s Crazy Chicks Club? It’s a wonderful community of support for women (and some men), she’s on my blog roll and the CCC badge is on my page if you are interested. She has yet to deny a soul that I know of so if you like it and join, see you there as well (right now she’s doing interviews of each member, it’s so much fun to learn about others:) Thanks for sharing more of “YOU” 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Aurora! Yea I think I have been to her blog a couple of times…Ill check it out again!

      people should blog and comment instead of those online games (those also require a lot of time!)

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  13. Blogging with Tumblr can also be an annoying experience – if theres one thing worse than not being able to blog because you dont have a net connection its when you do have a net connection and for 5 days your blog site reads “Back Shortly”. Drove me nuts.

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  16. Thanks for liking my post. I’ll hope you’ll come back and visit. I love this one of yours. We are in Dublin, Ireland (home of Google, Facebook, Twitter (soon)) and it’s like the third world Internet! We had to wait 10 days for our internet, during which time I used my iPhone as a hotspot device, making my “free blog” cost a ton of money!

    • no probs Erin! I checked out a couple of your posts…Dublin sounds very interesting…i wish I traveled often, but I dont have a wallet full to do it yet..lol

      LOL good luck with the internet issues..I have those times too

  17. Hahaha very true… I just read this post at the morning and then this evening when i need to post something the internet was down right when i am so tune in with the mood and weather, it got me frustated enough to try to connect and reconnect for at least 1 hour bfore i gave up. So no need to wait for 5 days, few hours internet down was indeed a torture

  18. LOL after moving house and being let down by: solicitor who didn’t complete on time and left us homeless unilt it was sorted out, BT (our phone provider and internet line) for THREE WEEKS and our service provider for another ten days after that I can appreciate your sense of being tortured!

    • 3 weeks+ ten more days!? how did you survive? you guys have endurance.

      lol…sense of being tortured…im glad everyone can relate. i dont feel left out any more!

  19. So true, cool post, we could relate to you on many points! Looks like u have a solid blog here with a lot of followers and likes, congratulations! We just started our’s about two months ago and are always searching for some cyber friends. Don’t worry, we won’t forget to check back.

    The Eye

    • You can be my cyber friend!!! nice to meet you btw…good luck on your blog journey…

      blogging is fun…dont quit cause youll be back. That happened to me. lol

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