N.O. to Hoarding

In my previous blog, I wrote much about how I disliked and felt nauseous when I saw that show “Hoarders: buried alive”. Thankfully my sister doesn’t watch that anymore. So, last night my sister decided to get rid of the clothes that were not being used, or the ones we never wore or never were going to wear. And I helped by doing the same with the clothes in my closets.

Donation…thats how we do it!

Anyway, it was nice to see some room in my closet. My mom said it feels like the room can breath again. haha idk. My sister was so into the whole ‘getting-rid-of-stuff-moment’ that she also dug out her high school and college notes, old dvds, cds, etc…to recycle. Yes, we care about the environment.

After we were done, there were about five large gift bags full of folded clothes!!! I was going to take a picture but it was too late; there were already off to the Donation bin/place. It felt good to do something like that. We didn’t feel like Hoarders at the end. Only if we can hide a mini spy camera in the pile to see who gets the clothes; that would be cool.

Almost done with getting rid of the clothes, but still have to tackle my moms and brothers closets.

Oh yea, in case you were interested:

Tuna with celery and all that good stuff...for sandwiches

Potatoes and green beans wrapped in Steak ready for the oven.

P.S. Hoarding is not beautiful.


59 responses to “N.O. to Hoarding

  1. Beautiful write up, Eva …and great help for any hoarders that might read this … Donate … Share … and feel good about it … Great concept … Love, cat.

  2. I know this is not right but I tease my mom if she does not want to discard/let go of stuff, I just call her a “hoarder” and remind her of the tv show. Works all the time.

  3. You’re making me hungry with those food pics … šŸ™‚ I throw anything out I haven’t used in two years except for a pair of leg warmers I’ve had for thirty years …

    • for almost every piece of cloth we had a story…and that kinda was slowing us down…we didnt want to throw out the stuff we talked about but realized we had to.

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  5. well done !

    you make me feel guilty now

    I started clearing out my closets of clothes that no longer fit or I no longer like last Oct and filled two large bags of unwanted clothes.

    Two and a bit months later, the bags are still sitting on my bedroom floor waiting for me to take them down to the Oxfam shop šŸ˜³

    I must make a point of doing that next weekend !

    • i also felt kinda guilty after attacking my closet full of clothes i never wear. I still have many with tags still on them! I dont like to dress up much so maybe thats why.

      hope you get to take them down to the shop before you start thinking of not donating. lol.

  6. Haha, I recently cleaned out my closet too, with the help of my sister. We held a arage sale. The rest of the clothes I couldn’t sell, we ended up giving to charity.

    Hoarding is scary, and as you said, so not beautiful. My grandmother is a mini-hoarder. Not quite like the ones on the show … yet.

    • LOL another one…mostly everyone here is doing the same thing and cleaning out their closets…what a coincidence. We tried garage sales in the past and they never work…not many people pass by our area. so its always a fail.

      Yea hoarding is very scary…i feel suffocated. LOL @ yet

  7. It’s a good way to get rid of the clothes that you won’t wear it anymore by donating them! šŸ˜€ I have many many objects which I think I’m not gonna use them anymore but aren’t suitable for gifting others. They look a bit worn out and useless. I feel sorry to throw them away. In this case, what should I do? šŸ˜€

    • I still havnt tackled my books and stuff…my whole book case is full of high school and college notes…its almost stuffed and looks like I am a book worm, in fact I dont even like to read much…

      thanks kay!

  8. Ah ! We just donated clothes, my brother and I, but it looks like I really have too much . My closet kind of looks the same, full to the brim. I need lots of clothes ! Funny thing, though, my mom rummaged through the stuff that we were supposed to donate. She was dismayed that quite a number have not been used at all. Two years ago, our friends , my sister and I held a garage sale at our front lawn. My sister sold her clothes that still had tags in them, unused , obviously. She had this leather jacket that she sold for $ 2.50. Original price was $120 ! !

    Anyways, cheers to you and a Happy and prosperous 2012 ! !

    • Mine has a little more space..but i think that is cause i also got rid of the extra hangers that were sticking out everywhere in between my other clothes. OMG 120$ down to 2.50 ?!? wow. i just told my sister this and she said “i’d kill myself before i did that…never’.

      happy prosperous 2012 to you and to your sister too lol.

  9. You know things like that don’t happen if you tend to only buy things you really need šŸ˜› and throwing/donating those you don’t need on a regular basis šŸ˜› Just a thought =P

    • well..things like this happen if the the person doesn’t fit into them, or if style changes…or if the clothes get too worn out to wear… and i am too lazy to do that stuff on a regular basis
      so HA!

    • yea i heard about that…i just dont like to deal with the whole process of it….

      good luck Teena!…tell me how much you make and thanks for dropping by!

  10. That hoarders show makes me shiver! IT’s kinda depressing actually. I watched a couple episodes and I felt worse off! but, it always feels good to have more room in ones closet:)

  11. Hoarding is not beautiful and I have to remind that to myself a lot lol.

    Mmmmm that potatoes and beans wrapped in steak looks yummy and it hasn’t even reached the oven yet, you made me hungry now lol

  12. I Feel so Hungary,
    This is afternoon and according to Saudi Arabia its 12 noon, and am working on my table making some nonsense website for my company, after 30 minute i will go for lunch, Lunch? i have only 2 slice of bread without anything on it,
    if everything is ready what you put on your wall, you can call me for lunch.
    i never mind………. and also prey for you

    • Well then..two slices of bread huh..I usually put tuna, or sardines, or peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, Sesame past, cream cheese, etc…

      Anything edible can go in between two slices of bread man!

      I’d be happy to have lunch with any blogger! Thanks !!!!

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