Pets don’t like us

Our tenants moved out and found a better roof to live under (yea right, they’re never going to find a better place… Even though they found a place… Uh. Well, its still not going to be better than ours. I think its clear now). That wasn’t the point; the point was that they left their betta-fish in their bathroom. Who leaves a fish unattended and doesn’t tell anyone for two weeks!? In ther bathroom!? Ugh nevermind.

So Fox being the nice guy he is, cleaned the tank (a shame to call it a fish tank since its the kind you win from a carnival) and bought it down to our house. Pets bring untold memories to mind:

– black and white fluffy cat named ‘samantha’ had a few kittens and then ran away… Next morning, while walking to school, we saw her all squish-ered on the road. We were scarred for life.

– two colorful birds, a couple of years after… Idk what happened to them, but I think they died.

– a white big bird we ‘saved’ from the building parking lot. I remember watching it stare at us from its big cage. Next morning I saw it lying there in between garabe bags. It was dead.

– I won a little goldfish from the carnival. I named it something (I don’t remember what though). It was murdered by Fox’s larger goldfish that he won from the carnival. Of course.

– We were upto our twelfth fish in our what-five-siblings-always-wanted-aquarium. My mom fed them cheerios in the middle of the night. The next morning they were dead.

– Good luck left behind betta-fish.

Our mom named it 'Fouzi'....its that blue betta-fish in the corner.

I am trying to give it away to a friend before we are covered with more scars, for the millionth time.


51 responses to “Pets don’t like us

  1. I used to have plenty of goldfishes.. but I kept killing them by mistake (when I was young) because I would overfeed them. And I couldn’t understand how because if they were full .. why would they continue to eat? Yes, that was my thought process at 4 LOL

  2. I don’t keep pets – I had to look after the kid’s Hamsters after they got bored with them and ended up with half a dozen of the little critters only for the oldest to force her way into the other cages and massacre all but one before she was so badly injured she crawled back to her own cage and died – but as a kid we had dogs and cats which dad killed to get to us after he was investigated for child abuse and could no longer touch us.

    My cat he chained to a basket and we were not allowed back in the room until she had choked to death and he poisoned the school’s pet rats when middle brother Neil was given it to care for over the summer holiday without begging permission from him first…

    God Bless!


    • I that would be risky! We took it to the pet store and on the way the fish tank was only less than half full..idk if it would survive its next trip to anywhere! lol.

  3. Hey never mind…you can only play your part. Somethings are just not in our hands.
    I remember when I was a child, we brought 5-6 little fishes home. We didn’t have a fish tank then, so for the day we put them in a bucket. But in the morning when we checked the bucket, it was empty!
    My grandmother didn’t see the little fishes inside the bucket and thought that the water in it was old or something and so threw it away.
    I remember being sad for many days. But like I said… some things are just not under our control.

    • what!? i hope the water was thrown down some sort of drain….

      yea life and death is in the hands of the Above. Sometimes its such a paradox, which is truly amazing.

  4. We only have dog pets…. never had any pets other than dogs. We have a miniature Aussie shepherd now, and I swear he thinks of himself as human. Anyways, dog lover here…….

  5. Betas are kind of fun! I had a blue one and a red one, in a divided fish habitat. They couldn’t see each other, but if I held a mirror up, their heads would turn black and their fins would fan out.

  6. Good luck with the fish. I put in a pond outside, and the fish in it are supernatural or something. They never die. I don’t even have to feed them. They live off algae. The even live through the winter. They’ll swim around below the ice when the pond freezes over. I just have to have an air hole in the ice.The oldest goldfish which I won at a carnival is three years old, and six inches long.

    • Thats so cool… I would try it but I am too scared of accident-ly killing the fish…i think ill leave it in the tank for now…and besides its not really ‘my’ brother claimed it already.

      six inches…thats awesome

  7. I so wanted that fish, but my mom said the pets that we have are enough lol and that I get too emotional when they die.

    Best wishes to Fouzi, maybe this is your lucky per after all.

  8. I’ve never had much luck with fish… our one and only, Rose, died two days after my girls picked her out. Try explaining THAT to a 4 and 7 year old.

    We’ve done better with non aquatic pets… though I’ve two cats mysteriously disappear in the 16 years we’ve lived here, we continue to have 2 happy, healthy outdoor (gasp!) cats (one 12, one 8) and a good natured yellow lab.

    Thanks for sharing… great post!
    Sue (Bailey’s owner and friend)

    • Hey, first off thanks for dropping by and commenting! Yea te beta is till alive. Thank God. I wonder where your cats dosappeared to!
      Glad to hear about your other happy pets. I think a rock is as much of a pet that i can look after.

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