Don’t give up

I look through the glass and beyond.
One side is merry and the other is a sight of which I’m not fond.
Pull back my curiosity and face, from the sill.
I decide to walk to the edge after re-writing my will.
Bare-footed, I reach the top and front of the cliff.
I close my eyes and take a small step.
‘It will be quick, I won’t think of the ground’.
I proceed with my intended act, until I heard the sound.
A yell of anger and concern,
Trys to save me from Hell and burn.
I try to stop myself, but slip and fall.
In hope to survive, I find myself caught midway.
I beg for forgiveness, never to force my body to decay.
Written by eva626

P.S. Check this out:

Dedicated to my Bro, FOX


56 responses to “Don’t give up

    • Yea some people just lose their minds and attempt it… Its sad really. I hope no one has to come to this option. The world is a cruel place with people taunting other people.

  1. Beautiful weaved poetic advices! 🙂

    “I close my eyes and take a small step.”

    … there is a saying in my language: qes beqes enqulal begru yihedal => step by step, the egg will walk on its legs. 🙂

    Love it!

  2. its just like a view of doom day , when you will be thrown in to hell ur qaza” late namaz” will come to safe you when u are half way in the air to be fell in to the hell, the reason why it will come late would be cox u offered it late.
    just posting it cox this poem reminded me of the true story about the late namaz

  3. Thanks for the visit and comment hun! 🙂

    Insomnia is a pain – had it often and hated it – but because I’m on meds it happens often! 😦

    Then you hit the opposite side of the coin – tired all day and not at your best…

    Love and hugs!


    • Very true and inspiring Bik. It just seems very hard to keep trying. You just want to quit altogether… But what can you do, life must go on. Also people should understand that, with bad comes good too… You just have to learn to face it.

  4. We trip and fall or sometimes lead ourselves to decline, sometimes to be caught in some strong ever supporting hands of our beloveds or to learn a life long lesson or a wound that perhaps will ache as long as we live.
    Loved the read!

    • Hehe. Thanks hook. Im not suicidal! I just like writing sad poems.. They have this deep force that just pulls me in… Unlike love poems, which are good but they dont speak to me much.

      Im not emo either LOL

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    • Why thank you! I just love when people with cookies as their gravatar comment…its so attractive LOL.

      Thanks for the compliment. I want to write a poem book one day.

  6. In the first two lines the comparison you make while looking through a glass; I must say its a very resonant analogy. I really liked it. And yeah we shall never take our life for granted. we have millions reason to live. If life has no meaning for us anymore then we should look how we can comfort other lives and serve a global cause which is humanity.

    • Thanks Global Boy! Glad you dropped by. I feel it is so easy to just let out deep thoughts in poems…More than a million at that too.

      @global cause which is humanity….goes well with your name here! I wonder if that was intentional

      • no that was not intentional but yeah i call myself a global boy because I do not want my identity, care, love for humanity limited to borders of my country only as I firmly believe first we are human and humanity should not be demarcated by borders.

      • Thats a great way to think about humanity Global boy! and I haven’t read that post yet, but I will in a bit. Thanks for mentioning it here!!!

  7. The poem saddens me a bit…this can happen to anyone of us when life drains us out and all that’s left are emptiness, pain and bitterness….but as you said, “don’t give up.” For as long as there is breathe in all of us, there is hope….there’s always a sunrise the next day. We all need to be ready to be a listening ear to others, to be a shoulder to cry on… who knows one day we may need it to. Thanks for the hope you bring through your posts…stay blessed my friend.…hope-it-brings/

  8. This is a really beautiful poem. You wrote it so beautifully. Great piece of writing.

    “I try to stop myself, but slip and fall.
    In hope to survive, I find myself caught midway.” – this part is simply outstanding.

  9. eva….a poem full of emotion. My favorite line is: “in hope to survive.” There is so much to that line….Hope to survive. I think so many people who get to this point wish that someone would stop them. They hope for survival subconsciously.
    Great work, eva!

    • Thanks so much Judy! I guess people shouldnt lose hope and should realize they were given life for a reason… They just have to find the reason and follow it

  10. What a thoughtful piece of writing. I wish more people understood the truth that the pendulum always swings back the other way…and suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And it can’t be undone. Ever. The real people who suffer from suicide are the ones left behind who cared about the person who did it. Anyway, it was a provocative write.

    As to the video….omg, the first time I saw this, I laughed my butt off, mostly out of surprise, but WoW, can you imagine?! I admit it. I laughed. I know it was a terrible thing that he did, but sometimes people do stupid things. The kid was asking for it, and yes, it was an over-reaction on the other guy’s part, but still…don’t feel bad for laughing at first. I mean, seriously, I think that is most people’s first reaction to it. Now, watching it over and over and laughing about it…well, yeah, that might be…creepy…

    • Thanks so much for appreciating the piece. and Finally..i am actually glad you found it funny and were still laughing for a long span of time LOL. I dont feel bad now haha.

      poor kid though.

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