Trends I’ve seen

While growing up, I have lived through some trends or fads…whatever you want to call them. I will mention the most memorable ones. I enjoyed some …and cringed at others. When I was younger, of course I didn’t have much sense of ‘whats-in-or-whats-out’ (my sister would say I still haven’t developed that sense. idk), so I didn’t really care about what I wore. I just wore the clothes in my closet and appreciated every article of clothing. I am thankful that I am thankful for that.

When I was in junior high school, no one cared about phones, technology, or all those things that make you look old. Kids should be kids. That is why my future kids will live in a closet until they reach high school (maybe not even until college LOL). Anyway, back then life was more about Pokemon cards [we spent so much money on those. smh.], yo-yos [I was the master at yo-yo-ing], flared jeans [they were comfortable and didn’t stop blood circulation], PLAYING OUTSIDE INSTEAD OF ROTTING YOUR BRAIN WITH RADIATION/USELESS INFORMATION, easy-bake ovens [I baked Mc’Donald’s apple pies in there, along with Oreo cakes. good times], limited after-school cartoons and Saturday morning cartoons [Go Arthur and NO cable, haha], using your imagination [siblings and I used to play make-believe games [thank your Mr.Rogers] like house-house,  store-store, or ‘go and save your brother from the shark in the water (our blue carpet) while the rest of us were stranded on an island (the bunk-bed)’ ] , etc… I can go on and on and on. But I won’t.

Those were the good old days…I hope my future kids don’t criticize the past, because (go against it all you want) the past generations will always be better than the ones after it.

Now back to the important things in life:

Dal (Lentils) Keema (ground chicken) with chawal (white Basmati rice)...AND I made that!!!!

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52 responses to “Trends I’ve seen

    • My siblings laugh at how ‘dumb’ we were…but I think we were pretty smart for creating a whole situation like that just through imagination…

      I appreciate your comment skylah!

  1. Ya … th good old times … I’m glad I came through them in one piece … very glad …Patchouli and Flower Power …puff … Love, cat (9 lives can come in handy) …. Meow ^.^

    • Thanks so much Prenin. At least you are still counting and looking forward to more of your years! optimism at its best sir… I should learn from you.

      A big fat hug from me to you…lol i never liked barnie though.

      take care

  2. “flared jeans [they were comfortable and didn’t stop blood circulation]” – this made me chortle. And this is coming from a skinny-jeans fan.

    • lol i wear skinny jeans sometimes…with long shirts…which makes them much like stockings but cooler. but flared jeans were cool, i think they are coming back in style…like everything else lol.

      nice afro.

  3. Seems like simpler days – we were more creative for sure. We used to play monopoly with paper money – no casinos here then. The malls build these play areas for kids now – what happened to playing outside until you got called for dinner? Nice blog!

    • haha i used to love monopoly…i still do. I esp love how love the game can get, and then we have to ‘pause’ it and put it to the side for the next day. Seriously…mall play areas are lame; the poor old people get stuck baby sitting the dirty children.

  4. Part of the problem is the parents. I see so many young kids with the latest phones and gadgets.. don’t buy your kids this stuff! First off, its just too expensive to keep up with trend for a growing child. And two, they can have fun other ways like reading, or playing outside. I may have loved technology in high school, but I also knew there were other things I could do to enjoy myself. Social media wasn’t my everything

    • yea it is the parents fault. I agree Kay…people are spending so much money and spoiling their kid. And making them dumb! I am going to ban technology in my house for my kids…when I have kids LOL. it will be limited for sure.

      down with social media!

  5. This was a fun trip into the past. I, too, remember when life was simpler but more people used their imaginations! Technology has been both a curse and a blessing to the kids of today. Saturday morning cartoons and a big bowl of Cap’n Crunch was awesome! Your picture looks yummeh, btw. 🙂

    • Yea Saturday morning cartoons were the best…It made us appreciate t.v. now its taken for granted. not good. and Thanks for dropping by!.

      i like your blog!!!!

    • haha that craze was expensive if you think about it. We once or twice got cheated. People sold us FAKE cards and then we just HAD to go and get the REAL ones…LOL

  6. You made smile and chuckle a little. i’m like you too….love going to the past and reminisce the beautiful , fun, happy , simple ways and activities that I used to do with my family and friends. But its amazing though cause now my son is crazy about Pokemon, Transformers and Star wars….stuff that I used to be crazy about too, He even watch the old Harrison Ford Star Wars and love it! Thanks and have a joyful day!

  7. I love your childhood memories and totally agree with you. Kids are not kids anymore, they are like mini adults. They want it all and they want it now! How the hell did we survive and end up as good citizens? You hit the nail on the head with this one 🙂

  8. Great post and good luck with your future kids.

    My kids are drenched in technology, but that is the day and age they are in. The good news is, they are also into imaginary play, creative pursuits and outdoor fun. The manners though…..I can’t get use to the way most children today act and talk. Too much for me.

    • haha they are very spoiled these days…and not so smart. The other day i came upon a video taking about how technology, esp tv at an early age (like the ones with a lot of stimulus/noise/manythingsgoing on) cause attention problems to the kdis when they get older…thats why my siblings and I,now give props to Mister.Rogers.

  9. Are your cooking skills for hire? That looks yum
    Where I grew up we didn’t have TV until I was 10 and email and cellphones didn’t exist in the mainstream until long after I left school – life was pretty good regardless

    • I dont cook that well…my family doesnt even ask me to make anythign now LOL.

      Life was always good back in the day. Im wishing good luck to the future.

  10. I used to tuck my flares into my socks when cycling but they always slipped out and got caught in the chain. I had oil marks on my flares for years! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 So true. Kids are playing with really hi-tech stuff nowadays and don’t really have any imagination anymore. Sometimes, it’s nice to have some real play time outside and with other kids instead of playing games or wii.

    • yea you are right Lisa! My baby brother used to be like one of those a couple of years ago but then thank God he plays basketball now like every day…

      some of the hi-tech stuff the kids now-a-days have is so very Hi-techy…i dont even understand those devices haha.

  12. So true, love this! My kids have pretty good imaginations, but I still find myself comparing what they do to what I did as a child…ah, such fond memories. Now I’m feeling all nostalgic, lol!

    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog! I checked out your FB page. Would you be kind enough to stop by my blog’s FB page as well? 🙂

  13. now adays its electronic trends. Such as ipods,tablets,cameras, and cell phones. But the dumbest trend is sneakers. People spend thousands of dollars to get things dirty.

  14. PLEASE post some recipes for South Asian food. I want to learn how to make daal. That dish looks so good. Except for the chicken since I don’t eat chicken, but I can replace it with paneer 🙂

  15. I loved Saturday morning cartoons with cold pizza!!! And I loved playing outside for hours by myself! And I loved “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” and the “Land of Make Believe”.

    But I do love the trend being able to take pix on your cell phone. And living in NYC I see so many interesting images that I want to capture and upload to share with people that don’t live here.

    And even though I think Facebook is a waste of my time – when I get on there and can’t get off – I still like being able to keep old and new friends at my fingertips.

    I don’t like the baggy jeans trend and I’m sick of the trend of people thinking that using the N word in public is cool – especially kids. Those are two trends I can do without!

    But the worst trend of all is people singing out loud to the music they’re listening on their iPods – especially when it’s rap that sounds angry, vulgar and use the same word to make a rhyme.

    The trend of singing out loud in public is so completely rude, selfish, unnecessary and frustrating.

    I also don’t like the trend of celebutants like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian – who cares??? And the trend of people that become stars from reality TV shows. It’s such trash. I honestly don’t care what the heck Snooky is wearing.

    And the trend of following and idolizing bad role models is one I can certainly do without. I am so NOT interested in what new trouble Lindsay Lohan has gotten into!

    Guess you really got me going with this post about trends;)

    • Cold pizza?! LOL but yea the rest is understandable…i loved Mr Rogers too…when he died my siblings and I were so SAD!!!!
      Yea facebook is such a strange phenomenon when you think about it. LOL. Baggy jeans are ok except the ones that SAG! those are nasty…i mean really? no one wants to see that stuff haha. Right on about the music..non of it makes sense to me now. Celebs like those are blah..and if anyone watches them they should be ashamed of themselves as well.

      LOL @linsy lohan haha. who knew,

      BTW I LOVED YOUR COMMENT!!! thanks for dropping by…keep on interacting with ME!!.

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