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Yea, you guessed it…my brain is empty. A couple of nights ago, after I published my last post, I couldn’t sleep because I had so many ideas to post! Now, I can’t remember any of them. FAIL. So, thanks to Blogger Bik and his tag post…I decided to tag myself haha. Its supposed to be a post about OTHER posts! How rad is that.
A one, a two, a one two three four:
-Your most Beautiful post:  Why!?  . I re-read this poem I wrote, over and over [when I am bored and have nothing else to do lol]. Its ‘dark’ but I think its beautiful.
-Your most Popular post: 10 ways to torture a blogger. This one had the most comments. I wonder why LOL.
– Your most Controversial post: Sharing is caring.  Its my experience with religion. I was debating this one to be the most controversial along side this post called ‘Barbie in the US of A’.  Of course.
– Your most Helpful post: Suggestions, por favor.  This post, I can say with confidence, is one that EVERY BLOGGER must read. Not only did it help others, but the comments helped me the most.
-A post whose success Surprised you: Talentless.  Really you guys?
-A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: One of the hectic weeks. Its just the one with the least comments haha.
-The post that you are most Proud of: Don’t give up. I just love when people spread the word and give those topics importance. I think that bloggers and regular people’ [LOL… regular people, who are not bloggers are cool too; just not AS cool as bloggers. If you know what I’m say’in] should spread awareness of anything that they feel needs the attention. So props to all you people who do your part.
Oh yea, here is an image I want you to drool over:

The real deal. Vanilla Yogurt frozen gelato with strawberries; and I devoured it. ALL.

Ok. I’m out. Peace.

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Sharing is caring

I have been thinking about Islam. It is a beautiful way of life and it makes perfect logical sense to me now. What ever I have come across when researching or trying to rid myself of confusion, I have noticed that the information (that is accurate and authentic [according to the Quran (the last book sent down to the Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and enter LINK and quote: “We have without doubt, send down the message; and We will assuredly guard it(from corruption).” The Holy Qur’an, Chapter 15, Verse 9)) and Hadith (sayings or narrations of the Prophet’s (Peace be upon him) speech, deed, or approval or disapproval – whether spoken or tacit – about something.)]) about life, how to treat others, the truth, hereafter, science, Islam itself, etc… is for my benefit. Heck, it is for the benefit of ALL of humanity. True story. [I am not being bias. Don’t say I am, because you do not know my story]. That is why I re-friended all my relatives…It is sunnah (primary source of law taken from the sayings, actions and approvals of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) to keep in touch with relatives.

It is a shame that people mix the way ‘by-name-muslims’ (only by name: who don’t actually practice the religion or have clear knowledge or understanding of it) act with the face of the religion. Most ‘by-name-muslims’ are just the people who say that they follow Islam (God knows their intentions and whats in their hearts). People, who ever they may be, shouldn’t judge how ‘by-name-muslims’ portray the religion. At first I also had no idea about Islam. ‘Har har har’ right? No, its true. I was born in a Muslim household, by the grace of Allah (another word for The One God). That doesn’t mean I was born with all the understanding of Islam and its teachings. My parents did their best to educate my siblings and I about Islam. It was hard since we went through much hardships, but Alhumdulillah (Praise be to God) we came out alright. We were also taught to seek knowledge and try to understand through questions, researching, etc…(every person who can, should do this too. Props if you seek guidance and knowledge!).

Whole wheat roti with spinach grass…This is for my benefit as well; GOD IS GREAT!

I was just a piece of clay [GREAT VIDEO. PLEASE WATCH THIS] doing what I was told…until I pondered and pondered and pondered. I found/still finding and searching for answers through Islam and I am satisfied (but I still try to learn more). I have found that everything that is said in the Quran makes sense logically…and I thought that was VERY COOL. Now I just have to follow what I found, since it makes clear sense to me that everything in Islam is to benefit humanity; so why not? It’s like free candy…without the calories, or artificial ingredients. I couldn’t help but sharing it with my blogging buddies!

This was a topic that I was not sure of writing about in the past… I always wondered about death and what we are here for (living/existing). I found my answers Alhumdulilah (praise be to God), but it is scary to see how much little time we have to do good in the world and to prepare for the permanent world after this one [maybe that is why I am always concerned about getting old. idk.]. I just wanted to pass on a bit of my experience to you all. Some might hate me for it, but thats ok, at least they know I care. [Side note: I did run into learning about other religions, but found things to be nonlogical and confusing]

Please, if you have a functioning brain, comment below about this post. I want to see if I get as many comments as I do on other posts…which are basically about nonsense LOL.

Peace out and May God guide us all to the Right path. Ameen.