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I have been thinking about Islam. It is a beautiful way of life and it makes perfect logical sense to me now. What ever I have come across when researching or trying to rid myself of confusion, I have noticed that the information (that is accurate and authentic [according to the Quran (the last book sent down to the Last Prophet Muhammadย (Peace be upon him) and enter LINK and quote: “We have without doubt, send down the message; and We will assuredly guard it(from corruption).”ย The Holy Qur’an, Chapter 15, Verse 9)) and Hadith (sayings or narrations of the Prophet’s (Peace be upon him) speech, deed, or approval or disapproval – whether spoken or tacit – about something.)]) about life, how to treat others, the truth, hereafter, science, Islam itself, etc… is for my benefit. Heck, it is for the benefit of ALL of humanity. True story. [I am not being bias. Don’t say I am, because you do not know my story]. That is why I re-friended all my relatives…It is sunnah (primary source of law taken from the sayings, actions and approvals of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) to keep in touch with relatives.

It is a shame that people mix the way ‘by-name-muslims’ (only by name: who don’t actually practice the religion or have clear knowledge or understanding of it) act with the face of the religion. Most ‘by-name-muslims’ are just the people who say that they follow Islam (God knows their intentions and whats in their hearts). People, who ever they may be, shouldn’t judge how ‘by-name-muslims’ portray the religion. At first I also had no idea about Islam. ‘Har har har’ right? No, its true. I was born in a Muslim household, by the grace of Allah (another word for The One God). That doesn’t mean I was born with all the understanding of Islam and its teachings. My parents did their best to educate my siblings and I about Islam. It was hard since we went through much hardships, but Alhumdulillah (Praise be to God) we came out alright. We were also taught to seek knowledge and try to understand through questions, researching, etc…(every person who can, should do this too. Props if you seek guidance and knowledge!).

Whole wheat roti with spinach grass…This is for my benefit as well; GOD IS GREAT!

I was just a piece of clay [GREAT VIDEO. PLEASE WATCH THIS] doing what I was told…until I pondered and pondered and pondered. I found/still finding and searching for answers through Islam and I am satisfied (but I still try to learn more). I have found that everything that is said in the Quran makes sense logically…and I thought that was VERY COOL. Now I just have to follow what I found, since it makes clear sense to me that everything in Islam is to benefit humanity; so why not? It’s like free candy…without the calories, or artificial ingredients. I couldn’t help but sharing it with my blogging buddies!

This was a topic that I was not sure of writing about in the past… I always wondered about death and what we are here for (living/existing). I found my answers Alhumdulilah (praise be to God), but it is scary to see how much little time we have to do good in the world and to prepare for the permanent world after this one [maybe that is why I am always concerned about getting old. idk.]. I just wanted to pass on a bit of my experience to you all. Some might hate me for it, but thats ok, at least they know I care. [Side note: I did run into learning about other religions, but found things to be nonlogical and confusing]

Please, if you have a functioning brain, comment below about this post. I want to see if I get as many comments as I do on other posts…which are basically about nonsense LOL.

Peace out and May God guide us all to the Right path. Ameen.


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  1. I would hope no one would hate you for stating what you believe and embrace. While my spiritual framework is different in some ways, the fact is most every religion distilled to its essence is about treating each other, the world around us, and ourselves with kindness. (For the record, I’ll just say I’m not Christian.)

    Too many in the US get antsy about Islam; too many try to make it sound like extremists speak for the all, which is ridiculous.

    You shared what you feel in your heart, and… that works for me.

    • Thanks so much for your comment nelle! I appreciate it so much. Yes, a lot of people portray Islam with the face of how people are supposedly following it…which most of the time isnt the correct way or understanding…its so simple what Islam says about living life..which is in peace. Just because some people do not know how to follow the religion, doesnt mean that is the real face of the religion. Yea I think more people should look into Islam, for a better understanding instead of stamping it with an inappropriate label.

  2. There are many roads to enlightenment. If you have found your way on that path through Islam I am happy for you. Those who would castigate another for the particular religion that person follows should re-read the basic tenets of their own faith. All the religions of the world preach tollerance and acceptance. It is something that we, no matter what our personal religious persuasion, should hold in constant memory.

    • That is true about how all the religions hold morals and preach tolerance and what not…but when I was thinking about that, I had to reason why Islam was the religion of God and why I had faith in it….after making a clear list of why it had to be correct and why the others didnt really make sense in that there was some type of confusion in them…I did realize Islam is the one. I am glad I understood it. I think it is everyone’s obligation to seek knowledge and guidance when it comes to the question “why are you here/living, what is the purpose of life?”…btw thanks for your comment!

  3. Interesting post, but allow me to say few things on some of the statements you’ve made. ๐Ÿ™‚

    First let me clearly state that I currently subscribe to no religious doctrine. I was raised as Orthodox Christian (basically Christian, but Orthodox differs from other denominations with its (strict) interpretation of the Bible and the Divinity]; I was also exposed to Islam, thanks to the mosque next to the my house as I grew up, and my general curiosity about world religions. (FYI: Ethiopia just as it is one of the oldest Christian countries not just in Africa but in the world, it is also the first country where technically the first Hijra took place as the then Christian king of the motherland was the first leader to happily grant supporters, friends and relatives of the Prophet refugee status as they escaped persecution from their homelands. For detailed reading here: … Historically both Orthodox Christianity and Islam have co-existed, with few exceptions of conflicts here and there. And it’s pretty common where I grew up to have a friend, a neighbor, a cousin who is a muslim and through that you get to learn and appreciate what the other believes in. In general Ethiopian muslims are considered moderate. But lately things are changing in certain parts of the country where a radical sect of Islam, Wahhabism, is taking its roots, hence, attempting to change the historical brotherhood and sisterhood that existed among Ethiopians who follow the two religions. The Wahhabis preach that muslims cut ties with Kufars or Infidels, i.e., the Christians, pagans, and other religion followers. And as a result burning of churches, slaughtering people, and destroying properties, and of course similar retaliations from victims, have been observed in some corners of the country. Some blame politicians for exacerbating the problem, but that’s more than inaccurate since I myself have witnessed the radicalization of my close friends who basically stopped communicating as they used to with me or with my other Christian friends, suddenly changing their appearances, growing their beards, coloring them, telling the moderate muslims that they are sellouts, forcing them not to attend funerals, weddings, etc. That to me is utterly ridiculous. But they justify their actions by directly quoting the Qur’an. So that’s where my concern on your post comes. Let me start quoting you now. :))

    “It is a shame that people mix the way โ€˜by-name-muslimsโ€™ (only by name: who donโ€™t actually practice the religion or have clear knowledge or understanding of it) act with the face of the religion.”

    I have a hard time swallowing that statement. Often, I hear moderate muslims make that statement to chastise their radical counterparts. And the radical counterparts of course use similar logic to silence such opposition, telling individuals like you that you are naive and appeasers of the West. And they support their claims by stating they have clear knowledge or understanding of the religion and they practice it the way it should be practiced, not they way you tell them it should be practiced.

    “At first I also had no idea about Islam. โ€˜Har har harโ€™ right? No, its true. I was born in a Muslim household, by the grace of Allah (another word for The One God). That doesnโ€™t mean I was born with all the understanding of Islam and its teachings.”

    Sorry, kid, I dont mean to patronize you or anything, but you sound to me like a new convert. ๐Ÿ™‚ .. First am glad that you are re-embracing your religion with a new light. That’s good. Faith is important to those who believe in it and I totally respect that. But people who become radicals have not only an idea about what they say, but they also strictly observe what they practice, hence going to the fanaticism border eventually. For example, let’s leave religion alone for a second, and let’s enter race politics: if you or anyone is going to tell me that Malcolm X had no idea about what he was talking regarding race politics in America compared to MLK, then whoever that person either must be misinformed or has no clue about what he or she is talking about–because MX was an equally important man as MLK in the realm of race politics; individuals become radicals sometimes because they are brainwashed, but often it is because they understand the matter deeply and they go to the extreme side of it, hence losing perspective in the process, that their extremism can have negative impacts on both themselves and those surrounding them. Now when we come back to religion I would apply the same thought. Some become religious fanatics
    simply due to brainwashing without truly understanding what they believe in, and others are well educated and informed about what their beliefs and they have gone to the extreme end by losing perspective and compassion to those who follow opposite belief systems, and because they know the religion inside out, they can easily brainwash others and recruits their own followers.

    The other thing, you wrote, “…That doesnโ€™t mean I was born with all the understanding of Islam and its teachings.” None of us are born with the understanding of this or that religion. Of course we are socially instructed about beliefs in general. If someone tells me babies are born either as a muslim or christian, I have a hard time tolerating that view. I don’t believe in predestination. I was simply born as a human being, later on taught to believe in this or that faith by my parents and society, which am free to reject it all once I grow up and I see no point in following or practicing it.

    “Now I just have to follow what I found, since it makes clear sense to me that everything in Islam is to benefit humanity.”

    I am pro things that benefit humanity. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t care if it comes from Islam, Christianity, or other religions. But you make such a definitive statement in that sentence, emphasis given on “everything in Islam is to benefit humanity.” I wish to believe that. But since I dont accept everything in christianity is to benefit humanity, I also do not accept everything in Islam is to benefit humanity. I could pick certain readings from Qur’an to illustrate that just as I could also pick certain readings from the Bible.

    “Peace out and May God guide us all to the Right path. Ameen.”

    That ending though has a positive note in it, sounded a little preachy to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry kid, I dont mean to offend, am just speaking my mind. The one thing that nagged me is the phrase “the Right path.” It’s a common cliche to me that I hear from almost every religious sect. The protestants tell me they pray for me that God shows me the Right path; the muslims, the catholics, the jehova’s witnesses, the hindus, the buddhists, all say the same thing, and I find it patronizing, and makes me shun religions in general and make my own search of what will make me a good human being until death takes me wherever.

    “Please, if you have a functioning brain, comment about this post.”

    So there I go. I have commented, but am not sure if I have a functioning brain. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Feel free to dissect me as you wish.

    PS: I admire the fact that you shared your views on the subject that matters to you with random people like me. ๐Ÿ™‚ It helps to expand our understanding and tolerance level. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I say thank you! And if I have said something in this post that has offended you or other people, I deeply apologize; you must know offending is not my intention, but dialoguing because the subject just as it matters to you matters to me too!


    • okay…lol. yea i read this comment a while ago and first off, Bravo on commenting. I appreciate it so much. I don’t wana quote the things you said…cause i am lazy LOL. But anyway through my ‘journey’ of exploring the truth I tried not to look at how people acted upon it…I looked at the religions by themselves. I think there is a difference. Cause humans are prone to make mistakes and Islam is just the religion of God…so was Christianity when the Bible was revealed to our Beloved Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) but then humans changed the Bible and now we have so many editions and stuff…then God revealed the Quran so humans can again seek pure guidance.

      You mentioned the ‘sects’ in Islam…Ha that is just what humans..again made themselves…in the Quran it also says not to make ‘sects’ among each other, and also not to be arrogant! People just get stuck on one line in the Quran without inspecting it with scholars…God has a reason for everything and the lines in the Quran are explained within other lines of it; people get too caught up with JUST ONE line and think that is the direct command, when they are actually just nit picking and taking things out of context. Sometimes I dont understand it why they do that.

      By ‘by-name muslims’ I meant people who just label themselves as Muslims, instead of acting on what is said in Islam. Again…it is wrong to be arrogant in Islam (I hope I didnt sound arrogant…I wasnt trying to be…idk).

      LOL…this post was merely just to write my experience with religion. You even quoted and almost sounds like critique, to the way I express myself in my posts. haha.

      The Right path…yea its cliche now, cause so many people said it through time…whats wrong with that? lol.

      and I started thinking about all the things above when I thought about death…I mean I think there is a purpose to why we are here right? and there is a guideline we are supposed to follow through life…and we wont just disappear into think air (like our souls) , there has to be something after that….so yea thats what led me to find out more about life and religion.

      Peace, kid.

      • Let me agree to disagree with your views and beliefs. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I respect your choice. And your motivation to believe in your religion. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I wouldn’t agree with this statement:

        “Cause humans are prone to make mistakes and Islam is just the religion of Godโ€ฆso was Christianity when the Bible was revealed to our Beloved Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) but then humans changed the Bible and now we have so many editions and stuffโ€ฆthen God revealed the Quran so humans can again seek pure guidance.” … and I prefer not to write my reasons why I disagree.

        But here’s an interesting video I recommend you watch, note the part where he talks about religion and science:

        Peace ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks for the link, kiddo! ๐Ÿ™‚ But I don’t think you got my point. My disagreement with you isn’t about whether the Bible has been corrupted or not. But my disagreement is with the whole concept of revelation of the two Books that both the Christians and Muslims talk about. I don’t believe in the assertion that these two Books were revealed, there’s no real evidence to back it up. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sagan in the interview said, “faith is a belief in the absence of evidence.” The whole debate about Quran vs Bible, and the arguments about the Quran being untampered with (which more than anything else has to do with reason that it’s written in Arabic and by that time Arabic was already the language of the learned and hence it was easy to preserve the entire text in its original form unlike the Bible, which is believed to be written in Aramaic, which is almost extinct now let alone stay as powerful medium of communication as Arabic), I leave it to the scholars who study this matter in detail. But my belief about the two Books stays the same regardless. Have you read the book the God Delusion? ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a fun reading. ๐Ÿ™‚ But as far as our discussion is concerned, I leave you with this link: ๐Ÿ™‚

      • for me evidence is all around me…our existence for instance. but whatever everyone’s logic to themselves I guess and this wasn’t supposed to be a debate LOL.

        im not commenting on ‘the discussion’ anymore. Later kido!

  4. Religion is something I dont like to talk about. It is personalpersonal. Different roads but one common destination. No religion teaches hatred yet religion is one thing that spreads hate the most.

    Not sure which god or almighty teaches us otherwise yet we fight and all this..

    Regarding comments well I have seen that people usually dont like to comment on articles which can be controversial.. ๐Ÿ™‚ not says yours is.. Just a statement.

    • Yea true that Kay…I guess while searching for myself I found something even better. I was so frustrated when I was younger cause I just didnt understand life!…But thank God I breath peacefully, its hard sometimes but I still manage it.

  5. Hi Hun! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have many Muslim friends who have no beard, yet still pray five times a day.

    I see what is on the news and see Muslims Terrorists being jailed for planning to bomb places and slaughter the innocent here in the UK.

    I watch and read about the horrific events in the Middle East and the way Sunni and Shia slaughter each other with suicide bombers – and they both call themselves Muslim.

    The West needed an outside enemy to keep the military machine grinding away and they were given one on a plate – The Muslim Terrorists and the Taliban.

    For the West they were the perfect enemy – weak, unsophisticated and poorly trained.

    Now the West is slowly pulling out of Afghanistan leaving a corrupt and incompetent government behind and in Iraq they are slowly reducing their commitment leaving behind an indigenous Army and Police force riddled with infiltrators and corrupt officers.

    And what of the radical Imams?

    They ALL call themselves Muslim and claim authority in the Quran, send ignorant and uneducated boys and men to do battle and promise them paradise if they die in battling the Infidel, paid for with drug money from the West’s addicts.

    It is not the moderate Muslims that are the problem, it is not Islam that is a problem, it is those Zealots who give the West a target group to blame for all their problems and so give them the scary monster that they can scare their population with and an enemy who attacks the civilians who have no power to stop what is going on, they just end up as just another statistic.

    Christianity has a terrible history that is one of intolerance and bloody crimes against anyone who was not toeing the churches line and have no moral high ground given its past, yet it changed and became more tolerant in a series of bloody events and persecutions that led, eventually, to the fractured Christianity we see today.

    As a terrible wonder child it was unsurpassed, but today it is a religion of peace and, we hope, of love.

    Maybe when the radicals run out of reasons to commit mass murder, Islam will become a religion of peace too, but it will not happen overnight.

    All we can do is pray they finally find tolerance and peace…

    Love and hugs!


    • woa Prenin…all the points you made was exaclty what I was talking about in the replies I made to the comments above about how People are the problem not God’s religion….in Islam it says not to kill the innocent, or be arrogant, and to treat others nicely. And Islam IS already the religion of peace…lets just hope people can follow it correctly,,, that would def change the way this world is working .

  6. Respect, Love and Compassion are the key ingredients for getting along and being stuarts od this earth … this goes for everybody, religious or not. Always, cat.

    • well I think that through the religion of God, we get the understanding of morals and ethics and everything sweet and nice. During the last Prophet’s (peace be upon him) time, the region of Arabia was very not-so-civilized and was such an ill mannered mass of people that is why God placed his last Prophet (peace be upon him) in that place…then taught people the word of God and was a guidance for mankind and taught etiquette, manners, kindness, respect, love, compassion, etc…

      Thanks for the comment cat!

  7. Alhamdulillah. I’m glad you’ve found your way :).

    As for the “by name muslims”… people are so ignorant… it’s stated in the Quran (if I remember correctly… Allah forgive me if I’m wrong), that a muslim is someone who prays five times a day. That’s it. And people become offended if you say that, because that means saying to them that they’re not muslims. But it’s not like I made it up. Instead of blaming themselves they blame the “messenger”.

    And I have a website for you if you’re interested: . You can find answers to all sorts of questions there… and I really mean all sorts of. From everyday details to questions about the meaning of life etc. Check it out. Islamic scholars answer the questions and they always present their sources, from where in the Quran or the hadiths they’ve found it.

    • But there is more to being a Muslim (prayers included of course). The last Messenger (pbuh) is one to thank…without him we’d live in an ill mannered world with oppressors everywhere. Hey Rinth, I was in the middle of reading a fab insightful book..and since you love to read I recommend it to you and to everyone to read it. Its called ‘Muhammad: The Prophet of Mercy’ by osman nuri topbaลŸ.

      Thanks for the site…Ill be sure to check it out in a bit.

  8. You know I found Islam on the way to finding myself. The journey is not complete in either regard but the ride up til now has been worthwhile. Now I understand why some scholars of Religion ask for people to accept their religion after they have reached a mature age as being born into a family whose Muslim,Christian or anything isn’t enough. You have to accept who you are and what you believe logically and emotionally to be somewhere in the spiritual realm… Without it you are just hollow

  9. It all comes down to Faith. You have it, or you don’t. God did not put me on this earth to judge others. I like your post. We all have something in common…Faith. Faith comes in many different ways. I define myself as a Christian. I have faith, and it’s obvious from your post that you have faith also. Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think faith is very important too along with reason and logic. I had to find reasons for firmly grasping the thought that what I had faith in was actually right.

      And thank you for the comment!

  10. I myself am not a religious person. I do respect in what religion you believe in and practice. I have no problems with Islam and or the Muslim faith.

    Since you’ve opened up to your blog friends concerning your religious beliefs, then keep right in doing it, and don’t let anyone try to stop you.

  11. I am glad you posted this, and have actually found your interest in the religion. To me Islam, my religion is a gauge of right and wrong. It is my standard of ethics and morals, and so far everything seems logical to me. (Alhamdulilah)

    May Allah help us all to become a better Muslim and He may open hearts of others to follow to right path. (Ameen)

    • A gauge of right and wrong? hmmm. if there is still confusion you should dig deeper and you’d b better off. I hate living in confusion. It is so irritating! lol.

      Ameen. and thanks for your input Tauqeer!

  12. I do not have any religious faith, Eva, but am always interested in what faith means to people and how it shapes their lives, so enjoyed your insights here

  13. Eva, knowing God has put my soul at peace, I have something to look forward to. I have something to compel me to do good at all times, something that tells me “Anger is Haram!” I’m glad you feel at peace too and that you re-friended your relatives. It aches to see people (muslims by name, as you stated) channel their inner hatred and intolerance towards others in the name of God.
    Btw, not a single reply by you in this thread? ๐Ÿ™‚ Reply girl!

    • LOL. I was busy cause my dumb classes started…which made this blogger an very not-so-happy-blogger! btw thanks for the comment gal. So many things that remind me to be a better human comes from Islam and the teaching of the last Prophet (pbuh), Aluhumdulilah. People should watch what they say to others…I am not forcing any religion or thought on anyone…the post was just to show my side of the coin; and make people become aware of the beautiful religion. Thats all.

      pst…thanks for commenting. I missed you!

  14. Not many people get to be on the same path as you are on now – I don’t. But I have a deep respect for other people’s beliefs. In fact, I consider this post as thought-provoking.

    • It is supposed to trigger the brain cells to think Addie. Hope you get the chance to explore your place in this world. Thanks for the comment. Hang in there.

  15. A beautiful past Eva and you are so right we are taught to love our relatives and tolerate them..

    I don’t have a mother or father but I try to stay close to my aunts, uncles and my parents friends as much as possible just also to be close to them.

    I always taught that one of our fundamental duties as a child is to carry on the relationships our parents shared with others and carry their good name in our heart and mind always.

    You could make this post all about religion but it’s also about how well you were brought up and what you have taken on from your parents nature and teachings. What they have instilled in you as a person, what is wrong and right.

    So all I can say is good for you for your deep thinking and positive attitude… sometimes those lectures and drilling you get start to work. My dad was great for lecturing us on religion and morals and we used to sit and yawn and tune out but I’m so surprised that I remember a lot of it and today so much of it comes in handy when I’m at a cross roads, stuck or just plain confused..

    • Yea, at first I thought it would be kinda strange for me to re-add them all. But who cares…it was just a click of a button and none of the relatives actually questioned it..except maybe two LOL. I think my parents learned morals from religion and through that they have become the best parents I could ever want. I hope you are doing well…I didnt know that about your parents…and you should be proud of your father for spreading knowledge. Glad to see that you remember the things he said now…

      Thanks for the comment pally. !!!

  16. It’s not easy to talk about things that are very personal, but you did, and I respect you for that. You have found happiness and peace. I’m happy for you, Eva.

  17. Wonderful post from your own soul. Religions continually challenge the heart and mind, thus pushing us toward a deeper understand, Like Kay mentioned, age and experience enhances one’s understanding.

    I want to you to know that I’m Christian AND respect everything you have said! In the crazy world today, it’s more important than ever that (IMO) people at least attempt to get an understanding of others … and I’m trying and open because I want to believe in the goodness of humanity, thus not the message of hatred, nor the spews of misinformation. Thanks for sharing … and peace to you!

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  19. Assalamualaikum sister..

    There is someone’s post I would like you to read. I found something most valuable after reading her post, mostly about Islam (if you don’t mind reading anything). But I assure you she is inspiring me to be a good muslimah.. Most of her post is written before and after her married. Some of the post are written in Bahasa Malaysia. Do let me know if you have something on your mind. Together we make us better.
    Check this out :

  20. Jesus was a Muslim? – man!

    Jesus was a Black Man, whether or not he was the son of god or son of somebody else, or indeed was Brian (as per the movie; the life of Brian…) I don’t know!

    All wars have been fought because of religion which is why I subscribe to none, just my fellow human being, lifes too short.

    • He was not the ‘son’ of God…Jesus (peace be upon him) was a beloved Prophet of God…he said so himself in the bible (which was the book of God also, before us humans messed with it so much to stir in confusion)….its just the misconceptions that us humans make along the way that ruin the whole meaning of religion.

      A Muslim is just a person who submits their will to the creator… so yea, Jesus (peace be upon him) was a Prophet who did exactly that and tried to spread the word to the people.

      Life is too short, and temporary…so i guess its best to hope for the best and be devoted to the best…God. Alas, he did create us all and everything that is here…i mean i was so confused and thought about what you are saying…like ‘leave the whole dang thing and just live!’…but why?…why are we here…i mean there has to be a reason right?…Once i was talking to a person who said he was an atheist and he was saying that ‘we live and then die…thats all…there is nothing else to it’. He also said that ‘humans haven’t yet gained the knowledge to think what happened before evolution and what will happen after..”…it is just a process that the mind hasn’t fully understood the whole story’. I couldn’t think that…i mean humans are the most powerful than any creatures…how can we just dissipate…why would we evolve to have such a mighty brain to do and discover what we already have discovered, if it would just dissipate at the end without any benefit for us..even after we die!…we are supposed to use it for a better means…not only to live the life we are living but also to figure out the rest..right? whatever… LOL sorry i tend to go on and on, and unknowingly tell my tale of confusion that i suffered. my bad.

      you just gotta separate the confusing bits and use logic to make sense of it.

      everyone gets what they are looking for i guess, be it mere knowledge, guidance, ignorance, and anything else they strive for.

    • oh yea..i think that wars arnt fought because of religions… Islam says PEACE…and not to fight with others, to be merciful with others, even with those who aren’t Muslims. It is the Arrogant people who fight and cause problems. Not the religion; In the Quran it also says NOT TO BE ARROGANT!

      omg you know what…i wrote this massive message just now (not the one above..but one that i was writing in here) ; I didn’t want to scare you, so i deleted it LOL. I recommend this book to everyone…its very interesting: The New World of Islam by Lothrop Stoddard. Plus there is a version for kindle ebook. FOR FREE!!!

      free is good

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