Tag Post#4

Yea, you guessed it…my brain is empty. A couple of nights ago, after I published my last post, I couldn’t sleep because I had so many ideas to post! Now, I can’t remember any of them. FAIL. So, thanks to Blogger Bik and his tag post…I decided to tag myself haha. Its supposed to be a post about OTHER posts! How rad is that.
A one, a two, a one two three four:
-Your most Beautiful post:  Why!?  . I re-read this poem I wrote, over and over [when I am bored and have nothing else to do lol]. Its ‘dark’ but I think its beautiful.
-Your most Popular post: 10 ways to torture a blogger. This one had the most comments. I wonder why LOL.
– Your most Controversial post: Sharing is caring.  Its my experience with religion. I was debating this one to be the most controversial along side this post called ‘Barbie in the US of A’.  Of course.
– Your most Helpful post: Suggestions, por favor.  This post, I can say with confidence, is one that EVERY BLOGGER must read. Not only did it help others, but the comments helped me the most.
-A post whose success Surprised you: Talentless.  Really you guys?
-A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: One of the hectic weeks. Its just the one with the least comments haha.
-The post that you are most Proud of: Don’t give up. I just love when people spread the word and give those topics importance. I think that bloggers and regular people’ [LOL… regular people, who are not bloggers are cool too; just not AS cool as bloggers. If you know what I’m say’in] should spread awareness of anything that they feel needs the attention. So props to all you people who do your part.
Oh yea, here is an image I want you to drool over:

The real deal. Vanilla Yogurt frozen gelato with strawberries; and I devoured it. ALL.

Ok. I’m out. Peace.


38 responses to “Tag Post#4

    • yea i have to do that now i guess… its just strange how i get the ideas when its past midnight and laying there on my bed just thinking about blogging.

      its becoming a serious condition i think lol

  1. I have days lile that too… Then for some reason, the thought and inspiration just flows. Beautiful post with fun and joy to go! Love it.

  2. Thanks for taking the tag up 🙂

    what i do is i jot down words or sentences as they come , that way i can read them again and think .. 🙂

    ooooh i loved the gelato got me drooling that one …

    • I would have wrote them down but i was too lazy to get up from bed and turn on the light, look for a working pen , etc…

      maybe next time lol. I am glad you liked the gelato…but you really have to taste it Bik. its delicious.

    • Thanks so much Kay…just two days ago I was talking to someone and they said that my posts are boring…so your comment just made me smile right now haha.

  3. I wrote a post about nothing last week, because like you, my best ideas fly at me when I can’t make myself get out from under the covers at 3am. I’ll have to save this idea for another day I’m drawing a total blank. Super post!

  4. Hi thanks for liking my fun post. I’m having fun learning this craft. I never expected to be doing it. Guess that what life is all about, lots of forks in the road and new things to learn.

    That yogurt looks great! Better than the bread and cheese that I just had. Dang I eat yogurt almost everyday and I never think to put strawberries in it. Sometime this week I will do that.

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