Why bloggers make the best of people

People have a misconception of bloggers. People, like my sister, used to think that bloggers are not ‘real’. She now thinks that they post stuff to make them self be perceived in a specific way. She thinks they are creepy at times…and not only me, but all of YOU BLOGGERS too. Its ok, because I am writing this post to defend us bloggers. LOL, the last sentence just made US sound so lame. Anyway keep reading.

Reasons why bloggers are better then the-‘normal‘-people-who-do-not-blog:

1- We say what we want. This shows how expressive we are and how open we can be. Of course the normal-non-blogging-person would argue that ‘writing stuff on the internet doesn’t show how brave you are to speak your mind, because it is behind a screen, so in fact you are hiding from the world and using weirdo usernames, like ‘eva626′ to randomly speak your mind’. On the contrary, most of the bloggers probably did try to speak their minds in ‘real-life’, but the problem was that the mass of people that we were communicating with do not have the capacity to understand our point of view, so they would just diverge from the basis of the argument and soon it would be pointless. This led us bloggers to use the internet to communicate our opinion to the mass, without being bombarded with random statements, which do not belong in the conversation. Mind you, blog readers can do this too, but then it is easy for the blogger to google-scholar such statements and confirm if they are wrong or right immediately. Over all, bloggers will go by facts, they like to discuss in a sophisticated manner, and they are brave enough to speak their mind {Note: I am talking about the intelligent bloggers, and if you are an experienced blogger, you are probably intelligent in your own special way}.

2-We are real. We are more real than your average barbie doll. I say this because I have made close ties with certain bloggers that I still haven’t managed to with the people who aren’t bloggers. I am not a loner by the way (I think). Many friends in the ‘real‘ world are so very hard to understand sometimes and they are embarrassed to share what they feel or what they are thinking. This causes so much chaos and confusion!!! On the other hand, bloggers will rant on and on about the problem. It can get annoying at times, and most people do not like to read such long posts, but that won’t bother the blogger, because bloggers do not care about people’s negative energy while in the state of an emotional breakdown. Also, the blogger knows that they are not forcing someone to listen to their problems; they just need a way to let it all out and its a better way than smashing plates onto the kitchen floor.

3-We are relatable. There are many bloggers who share the same interests, be it food, traveling, drawing, or any experience. They like to share the interesting things going on in their life. They find other bloggers who share the same interests too. This creates a mold of a happy community on the internet. Bloggers have a certain niche they are in, but aren’t afraid to try new things, or at least read about. All in all, we bloggers-minus-the-pycho-ones are a bunch of happy people, and we never get bored.

4-We want to be loved, yet are not forcing people to love us. Most bloggers, if not all, want more and more people to read their posts, comment, and follow their blog {hint, hint}. They want to be freshly pressed so badly, yet they do not yell it out to the point that the committee gets annoys and puts a ban on their blog forever. They are easy-going people, who care about how others feel…and so, they know when not to be annoying and just go with the flow.

5-We are better then the-‘normal‘-people-who-do-not-blog because we are bloggers and bloggers will always be cooler then non-bloggers. {No offensive, if you aren’t a blogger and just a reader…you probably are cool as us bloggers. Thanks for reading}

I love being a blogger.


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