Why bloggers make the best of people

People have a misconception of bloggers. People, like my sister, used to think that bloggers are not ‘real’. She now thinks that they post stuff to make them self be perceived in a specific way. She thinks they are creepy at times…and not only me, but all of YOU BLOGGERS too. Its ok, because I am writing this post to defend us bloggers. LOL, the last sentence just made US sound so lame. Anyway keep reading.

Reasons why bloggers are better then the-‘normal‘-people-who-do-not-blog:

1- We say what we want. This shows how expressive we are and how open we can be. Of course the normal-non-blogging-person would argue that ‘writing stuff on the internet doesn’t show how brave you are to speak your mind, because it is behind a screen, so in fact you are hiding from the world and using weirdo usernames, like ‘eva626′ to randomly speak your mind’. On the contrary, most of the bloggers probably did try to speak their minds in ‘real-life’, but the problem was that the mass of people that we were communicating with do not have the capacity to understand our point of view, so they would just diverge from the basis of the argument and soon it would be pointless. This led us bloggers to use the internet to communicate our opinion to the mass, without being bombarded with random statements, which do not belong in the conversation. Mind you, blog readers can do this too, but then it is easy for the blogger to google-scholar such statements and confirm if they are wrong or right immediately. Over all, bloggers will go by facts, they like to discuss in a sophisticated manner, and they are brave enough to speak their mind {Note: I am talking about the intelligent bloggers, and if you are an experienced blogger, you are probably intelligent in your own special way}.

2-We are real. We are more real than your average barbie doll. I say this because I have made close ties with certain bloggers that I still haven’t managed to with the people who aren’t bloggers. I am not a loner by the way (I think). Many friends in the ‘real‘ world are so very hard to understand sometimes and they are embarrassed to share what they feel or what they are thinking. This causes so much chaos and confusion!!! On the other hand, bloggers will rant on and on about the problem. It can get annoying at times, and most people do not like to read such long posts, but that won’t bother the blogger, because bloggers do not care about people’s negative energy while in the state of an emotional breakdown. Also, the blogger knows that they are not forcing someone to listen to their problems; they just need a way to let it all out and its a better way than smashing plates onto the kitchen floor.

3-We are relatable. There are many bloggers who share the same interests, be it food, traveling, drawing, or any experience. They like to share the interesting things going on in their life. They find other bloggers who share the same interests too. This creates a mold of a happy community on the internet. Bloggers have a certain niche they are in, but aren’t afraid to try new things, or at least read about. All in all, we bloggers-minus-the-pycho-ones are a bunch of happy people, and we never get bored.

4-We want to be loved, yet are not forcing people to love us. Most bloggers, if not all, want more and more people to read their posts, comment, and follow their blog {hint, hint}. They want to be freshly pressed so badly, yet they do not yell it out to the point that the committee gets annoys and puts a ban on their blog forever. They are easy-going people, who care about how others feel…and so, they know when not to be annoying and just go with the flow.

5-We are better then the-‘normal‘-people-who-do-not-blog because we are bloggers and bloggers will always be cooler then non-bloggers. {No offensive, if you aren’t a blogger and just a reader…you probably are cool as us bloggers. Thanks for reading}

I love being a blogger.


79 responses to “Why bloggers make the best of people

    • Yes, we are…

      Defined by the urban dictionary….” normal:
      A word made up by this corrupt society so they could single out and attack those who are different…..a statistic based upon a majority….or An adjective used by boring people to make themselves feel better.”

  1. Some people think that the blog is like an alter ego. Nope, it’s me. The real me, inside and out. And if you live in my house and don’t understand me, maybe you should read my blog more. Just sayin’…..as if my hubby will ever see this. 🙂

    • True that… i have to remind people closest to me to read my latest post…they just arn’t good at keeping up. I wish they were bloggers too lol

  2. It is interesting to note Eva that if we had met for the first time in the real world you’d assume that, as a paranoid schizophrenic, I could be too weird to talk to and possibly even dangerous.

    Today we are friends and I have come to appreciate your insight and thoughts so it has become hard not to think of you as part of my trusted circle.

    Sometimes blogging relationships can be more real than those we have in the real world…

    Love and hugs!


    • Hey thanks Prenin!…and I would totally bro fist you if i met you in real life for the first time!!!! Thanks for the comment buddy.

      you adding ‘dangerous’ frightens me just a bit! lol

  3. Blogging is very fun, specially when you blog about your passion in life. For me going and learning about green technology makes my life brighter. The fact that I can share with the world my point of view is priceless. You are one COOL blogger!Enjoyed reading your post!

    • Thats cool alina…everyone has a passion and if feels so good to see others interested in what you like to blog about. Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting!!!

  4. Usually I have something to say to add on to the brilliant post you’ve posted.. but today I have nothing to say. Not because I don’t want to add on, but because you’ve said everything BRILLIANTLY! I love being a blogger too 🙂

  5. I do not understand much of what you have said. But the blockage is ideological and NOT semntical per se. I hope you do not mind me holding a different school of thought….

    I am reading your posts for like 15 days or so and what I know ( and what is confirmed even by this post ) is that you share such a cute relationship with your sister 🙂 The little things which we do is just so…innocent and that is precisely what makes life beautiful 🙂 Do make her read the post somehow 😀

    I do not know I can really subscribe to-being-better-than-someone theory because, I believe we only compete with ourselves. Creepy philosophies, I know 😛

    Truly adore the enthusiasm with which you write things out. I wish I had the half of that… 🙂 Thank you.

    • o0o…lol. Its good to say your opinion and I do not mind it at all Mishr Ji!!!…it is not such a ‘cute relationship’ with my sister..more like ups and downs I guess lol. but a sister is a sister after all!

      Bloggers being better than someone theory is not an official theory in my head…its just plain old fun. Just something to make myself feel better and justify our place on the internet and in the real world…and I agree that no one is better than the other… Thanks for reading my posts for more than 15 days!!! i feel so flattered now haha.

  6. Bloggers are like “normal” people however have the aptitude to make a note of their thoughts or over time learn better ways of projecting their thoughts, which actually may help them when interacting with physical beings. Without belittling blogging, it’s a public diary of your thoughts, past and future events and opinions, but it can go beyond that because it gives the writer (note I don’t use blogger because bloggers do need to be considered in a similar category as writers) the opportunity to investigate a topic for it’s wider audience and that is something that will aid them for future projects, whether it be at home, for school or work.

    You have to express yourself and that can’t be done sitting in front of a television, get up and start writing, start educating, start learning, start changing the World!

    • Well said Potato. You said some good stuff here…blogging is just another experience to reflect on our experiences…i think it builds people’s character and somehow its easier to find who you really are. I absolutely loved the last sentence you said here!!!!

  7. I’m wondering how I’m trying to be perceived in a certain way by posting about my felony conviction. Such a glorious achievement. I guess the creepy part would ensnare me, eh? 😉

    Good post.

    • omg your WHAT!?

      the things i find out shock me sometimes!!! but it was interesting to know, and now it sparks my curiosity, Nelle!!!!

      Thanks for reading btw.

    • Bloggers are the best…Blogger pride all the way..up the scale to the sky…So far high I will just-die-because-I-am-too-high-in-the-atmosphere-to-even-breath-on-the-blogger-pride-scale LOL.

      ok im done now haha

  8. this is a great post eva626
    I like the first two points very very much
    “we say what we want”
    “we are real”

    the rest is good too.
    blogging is just great.

  9. I think you hit that nail right on the head! It’s been a huge stress relief for me to just write down the things that are on my mind. I know that a lot of people that I talk to day to day can’t really relate and I don’t want to force them to hear what I have to say.

    On here, I can just say what’s on my mind and there is bound to be someone that can relate. And I don’t mind if people don’t read it. There’s just something about seeing the problem that helps me! And if anyone joins in, that’s totally fine by me 🙂 Great post!

    • I hate mindless conversations, and then people try to debate with you! its so frustrating. The relating part is very soothing…its just helps a whole lot to take things off your mind. Yup, i love when people join in!

  10. I agree that people have a misconception of bloggers. It’s really annoying. I hate being told that I’m “hiding behind a computer” when my face and name is everywhere!

    • LOL. yea i hate when i hear that from people too…at least you can say that about your face and name…

      I like to be anon because there are particular people i dont want interact with and i’d hate it if they start stalking me…it has happened recently too.

  11. I am really not a Facebook or a Twitter person, but there is something different about blogging! I love it (and am totally addicted to it) 🙂

  12. Very true, but I do think some bloggers can hide their personality or their opinions a little more than others, which is the same for anyone really, blogger or none-blogger.

  13. Very true – we are good people! It takes guts to air your laundry sort-a-speak. Funny – the people who criticize are people who don’t have the guts to blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog – hoped you liked it – you’ve got a great blog and I’m a following!

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