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Its a shame I haven’t done much

First off, disregard the previous post about the delicious cake [I drool while typing this]. I am not sure if most people reading this have seen other Facebook users change their profile picture to help support the imprisoned people in Palestine. I have done the same for my private Facebook  account. I am having the same feeling as I had during the whole KONY thing. The most I do to help is post articles of the news and injustice on my page, talk to people about it, and yea, thats it. It is the same when ever I watch the news about Pakistan. There was this incident where the government officials were not cleaning up the water supply in some area and when a reporter went to interview this official,  he obviously did not care. The reporter said that he saw dead dogs in the water…the government official replied, ” your talking about a dog?…people fall into the water too”. Thats it [there was probably more but I have a hard time  understanding news in urdu, because its not in english. And there is probably a better way to explain my incomprehension. Whatever]. Anyway back to the issue. I feel like doing something; when I do I will definitely post it to satisfy myself. Or I won’t. LOL.

The situation with palestine has been going on for a long time. The Israeli officers grab any Palestinian from their homes, imprison them without any trial for no reason. Yes, I am against hard-hearted people, and so I am against these Israeli oppressors.   [Note: I always have this thing going on in my head that if someone is reading this, they might roll their eyes and think how fake a person can be. Just saying..its kinda ridiculous but I don’t care. I write what feel is right {if that made any sense at all..if it didn’t, just ignore it}]

Free Palestine!


-Trying to be a better person (What I was taught: if you want to change the world, change yourself for the better first)

-Spreading awareness via fb page and blog

-Charity (I always doubt my money is going where I want it to go and also I don’t work so I have to save up then give. Its a long process)

Any ideas on how I can help the people being oppressed? How are you helping?

The super hero addiction

I have this obsession with super heros. My favorite series was by far, X-men Evolution. Then the series ended. I was very dissapointed; and NO, ‘Wolverine and the Xmen’ is not the same thing and plus it only has 26 episodes. I have seen a few episodes of that, but I cannot get the feel for the animation. I just don’t like it, especially since my favorite charater, Rogue, is not a big deal in it so far.  Then, two weeks ago my brother told me to watch ‘Young Justice’ and I was hooked. Fortunately, I was able to see the episodes back to back on my laptop (via the free internet!) and by-pass the long and disturbing Haitus all the young justice ‘Fandom’ was waiting for to end. Just yesterday the new season (season 2) started. I hate the new season [Or maybe I am confused with all the new characters and the new senserio]. IDK. The second episode is supposed to air this weekend.

Comparing X-men Evolution to Young Justice is not fair, since X-men Evolution wins for me right away. It was such a cool show. I saw all four seasons a few years back, in order. It has a great plot and any 90s kid would love it, if not already has. Rogue was my favorite…I always thought it was neat that she can suck the life out of people AND take their powers! I would love to have that mutant ability. The ‘not touching’ people thing wouldn’t bother me, since I don’t like to touch people anyway. HA! I also liked her image overall. Next best was Wolverine…he was cool. He became even cooler after they made the series into movies. ‘X men First class’ wasn’t so good but ‘Origins’ was epic. I loved it, except for Rogue’s character in those movies…eh.

Now, Young Justice is a good series (at least for season 1), but I think its just because it reminded me of X-men Evolution. Favorite character here was…Batman, of course. They should make a cartoon series on the Comic of ‘Young Avengers’…I’d watch that. And, no, I don’t read comics. I just heard about them while watching reviews from die hard comic geeks (it can be a good thing) on youtube, where they were talking about the second season of Young Justice. Yea,I was bored.

I wish I had super powers. Ah…anyway, I can’t wait to see ‘Avengers’.