The super hero addiction

I have this obsession with super heros. My favorite series was by far, X-men Evolution. Then the series ended. I was very dissapointed; and NO, ‘Wolverine and the Xmen’ is not the same thing and plus it only has 26 episodes. I have seen a few episodes of that, but I cannot get the feel for the animation. I just don’t like it, especially since my favorite charater, Rogue, is not a big deal in it so far. Β Then, two weeks ago my brother told me to watch ‘Young Justice’ and I was hooked. Fortunately, I was able to see the episodes back to back on my laptop (via the free internet!) and by-pass the long and disturbing Haitus all the young justice ‘Fandom’ was waiting for to end. Just yesterday the new season (season 2) started. I hate the new season [Or maybe I am confused with all the new characters and the new senserio]. IDK. The second episode is supposed to air this weekend.

Comparing X-men Evolution to Young Justice is not fair, since X-men Evolution wins for me right away. It was such a cool show. I saw all four seasons a few years back, in order. It has a great plot and any 90s kid would love it, if not already has. Rogue was my favorite…I always thought it was neat that she can suck the life out of people AND take their powers! I would love to have that mutant ability. The ‘not touching’ people thing wouldn’t bother me, since I don’t like to touch people anyway. HA! I also liked her image overall. Next best was Wolverine…he was cool. He became even cooler after they made the series into movies. ‘X men First class’ wasn’t so good but ‘Origins’ was epic. I loved it, except for Rogue’s character in those movies…eh.

Now, Young Justice is a good series (at least for season 1), but I think its just because it reminded me of X-men Evolution. Favorite character here was…Batman, of course. They should make a cartoon series on the Comic of ‘Young Avengers’…I’d watch that. And, no, I don’t read comics. I just heard about them while watching reviews from die hard comic geeks (it can be a good thing) on youtube, where they were talking about the second season of Young Justice. Yea,I was bored.

I wish I had super powers. Ah…anyway, I can’t wait to see ‘Avengers’.


55 responses to “The super hero addiction

    • cool that your daughter read them now!!! i used to read baby batman comics (after my baby brother read them…i like watching the stuff better!).

  1. I love the X-Men cartoons, but they are on at 7.40am here in the UK on a Saturday so I have to be sleeping screwed up hours to enjoy them! 😦

    Young Justice sounds good though – I hope they bring it to the UK!!! πŸ™‚

    Love and hugs!


    • oh i watch my shows online…its more convenient but I do miss watching Saturday morning cartoons…i need a buddy who’d wake up and watch them with me…


  2. OOOO…. like you I just looove ANYTHING and EVERYTHING superheroes LOL ! Cannot remember how many times I have watched X MEN (and its sequel). I love The Incredibles too. Just like comics you get “lost” in the world of make believe for an hour or two and you come out feeling all ENERGISED AND feeling all POWERED ON !! LOL ! I know – it little bit exaggeration there but I just love them πŸ™‚

    • Emma: Like any big event in this field, the death of Captain America is obviously dieegnsd to sell comics. But the reason it sells comics is because the event resonates with the readership on some level. By any standard, this is a difficult time in America’s history; writer Ed Brubaker, and Marvel Comics, recognized that and saw a chance to explore the relevant issues by killing their symbol of America and showing the reactions of all the characters around him, both super-powered and normal.So yes, it’s a gimmick; but it’s also significant.Hope that helps!

  3. Never been a fan of comics but I did enjoyed “Kick Ass” and “Captain America”. I think I can read a story without graphics. πŸ˜„ No offense.

    • You mean Avengers!? Everyone here has already seen it except me. Maybe after the semester ends. Hopefully. I can’t wait to see it!!!

  4. Hi hun! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the visit and comment! πŸ™‚

    I feel lucky these days now all the bad stuff is behind me! πŸ™‚

    Yes, the loss of life is frightening. All for stupid reasons! 😦

    Love and hugs!


  5. You would totally love Michael, who is Words From the Heretic (he’s on my blogroll). I truly reckon you two would hit it off. He knows so many obscure facts of cartoons, movies and & on. Did you know (can you imagine) Betty Boop wasn’t always so sexist…

  6. You love superheroes series πŸ˜€ How interesting is that? X-Men and Wolverine are my favorite!!!! Do you like zombies series? Like, 28 Days After or Awakening?

    • yea x men are very cool and addicting to watch. no i am not into zombies! lol. and i also have not seen the others you mentioned. i have to google those now lol

  7. yeah i remember Xman evolution , it was a great series, hey you should watch
    One piece . and btw the best superhero of all time is Jhoney bravo B-) hauba hauba hauba πŸ˜›

  8. =P they should make an awesome batman cartoon -.- I miss those and the new ones aren’t cut out to be great -.- and you should definitely see the original xmen cartoon series! I mean it was just so awesome and ruled my childhood along with batman, spiderman, ironman etc πŸ˜› but x-men really took the cake πŸ˜› Oh and you should def see justice league too =P
    P.S. the rogue in xmen evolution was nothing as compared to the one in the original x men πŸ˜› plus she was awesome with gambit πŸ˜›

    • batman beyond is kinda cool. and yea i tried to watch the original xmen (1992) but its not as ‘hip’ as the evolution was. I guess cause there arent as many details in the illustrations and stuff…I will def watch justice league soon. I like her with gambit but i dont like her the way she is in the original one…she is too mature and southern in that!

      • Thats what she was supposed to be like x.x but she was way too powerful -.- so they toned her down i guess πŸ˜› and yea well back in my childhood the illustrations were awesome πŸ˜›

      • LOL yea I even thought the power puff girls illustrations was awesome in my childhood…when i saw the show recently i was so disappointed it didnt look as cool as i thought it did ten years ago!

  9. Well, I remember the original animated X-Men and I probably like those best since that’s what I grew up with. I was thrilled when they finally made the live-action movies, though I agree with you about “First Class”. My brother got me into the comic books waaaaayyyyyy back when, and I always liked Psylocke – but they haven’t done anything with her character outside of the comics yet. If you could have super-powers, which ones would you have, and why? πŸ™‚

    • Edit: well, they *did* briefly have her in “The Last Stand” but they left out her psychic knife, which was kinda her signature weapon. 😦 Guess ya can’t have everything, eh?

      • I dont think i remember her but she sounds cool….most of the characters are belittled by wolverine’s character…eh. they should expand on the character stories with the xmen cahracters.

  10. I have not seen the Avengers yet, though I want to. I will have to check out Young Justice! I liked Heroes, at least at the beginning, though I don’t know what happened to it towards the end… I liked Hiro best.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  11. Great post. I’m a X-men fan myself. First one I saw was in 1994. I was in college then. After school om Fridays we’d watch it in a friends house , adding to the fun and excitement. Cartoons or movies, I like them all. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wondering whether you might also enjoy some of the DC Vertigo titles – they’re more your anti-heros and therefore that little bit darker… I really like Transmetropolitan, Preacher plus some of their one-offs, like Kill Your Boyfriend etc.

    Check them out.

  13. I started watching Young Justice. I find it enjoyable, and I like that the characters have depth to them. I keep wondering what will happen next and find myself continuing to the next episode. That is probably a good sign. Thank you for the recommendation!

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