Its a shame I haven’t done much

First off, disregard the previous post about the delicious cake [I drool while typing this]. I am not sure if most people reading this have seen other Facebook users change their profile picture to help support the imprisoned people in Palestine. I have done the same for my private Facebook  account. I am having the same feeling as I had during the whole KONY thing. The most I do to help is post articles of the news and injustice on my page, talk to people about it, and yea, thats it. It is the same when ever I watch the news about Pakistan. There was this incident where the government officials were not cleaning up the water supply in some area and when a reporter went to interview this official,  he obviously did not care. The reporter said that he saw dead dogs in the water…the government official replied, ” your talking about a dog?…people fall into the water too”. Thats it [there was probably more but I have a hard time  understanding news in urdu, because its not in english. And there is probably a better way to explain my incomprehension. Whatever]. Anyway back to the issue. I feel like doing something; when I do I will definitely post it to satisfy myself. Or I won’t. LOL.

The situation with palestine has been going on for a long time. The Israeli officers grab any Palestinian from their homes, imprison them without any trial for no reason. Yes, I am against hard-hearted people, and so I am against these Israeli oppressors.   [Note: I always have this thing going on in my head that if someone is reading this, they might roll their eyes and think how fake a person can be. Just saying..its kinda ridiculous but I don’t care. I write what feel is right {if that made any sense at all..if it didn’t, just ignore it}]

Free Palestine!


-Trying to be a better person (What I was taught: if you want to change the world, change yourself for the better first)

-Spreading awareness via fb page and blog

-Charity (I always doubt my money is going where I want it to go and also I don’t work so I have to save up then give. Its a long process)

Any ideas on how I can help the people being oppressed? How are you helping?


24 responses to “Its a shame I haven’t done much

  1. As long as Israel and the Jewish pressure groups control Western countries by accusing anyone who stands against them as antisemitic (Political suicide) then Palestine will continue to be oppressed.

    The fact that Israel has nuclear weapons and will go to any lengths to punish anyone in their country who exposes this well known fact means that there are a lot of people who are very silent and very much afraid of MOSSAD who have a habit of kidnapping people who stand up to be counted – providing they don’t murder them out of hand first.

    You probably saw first hand what they did to the people who tried to break the sea blockade armed only with what they could pick up only to be machine gunned by the Israeli attackers.

    As long as Israel has a chip on it’s shoulder there will be no peace for the Palestinians…

    • thanks so much for the comment Prenin! its so horrible. I have seen videos of the torture Israeli officers are suppressing on the un-armed Palestinians and its horrible. the last sentence you wrote was so true. Lets just all pray for them.

  2. I try to walk a middle ground. Palestinians suffer grave injustices, and it has to stop. Yet, from a regional point of view, injustice also flowed the other way.

    IMO, it takes two to make it work, and both sides here can resolve this if they truly are of a mind to do so. “They did this!” one side yells. “They did that!” counters the other, both invoking kernels of truth, but using it as excuse to keep on keeping on.

    Recognise Israel and it’s right to exist, unconditionally. Demand the right of a Palestinian state to exist, unconditionally. And then… work out a common market arrangement amongst Middle East countries. The region could thrive, if only people would learn to leave their hatred to the past and get along.

    • hmmm….but i dont think the local Palestine people deserve the beatings, shootings, imprisonment without trial or justification, just for not liking the oppressors…the hate just might have came from the treatment the Israelis were imposing on them. just saying…there have been many oppression driven controllers of nations in the past and they treated the people badly no doubt and i dont believe its the peoples fault.

      something has to be done and yea i agree nations could thrive…once the oppression stops and the Palestinians get their rights.

      • Certainly not. I’m appalled anyone would treat others that way. Injustice can flow in a lot of directions,and I dislike it no matter the source. The Israelis piss me off because they should damn well know the horror of mistreatment. Conversely, Palestinians need to shed their hate as well and understand the necessity of a shared future. Those countries are tightly packed, and cooperative existence is essential to a peaceful future.

        Both sides need to recognise the worth of the other and the possibilities of cooperation. It would produce a far better result than one side or the other holding dominance. If both sides want this bad enough, they’ll do it. For 45 years, I’ve lamented the pigheadedness of all involved. It’s a damn shame, and people suffer because of the collective intransigence.

  3. I try not to comment on political issues but it’s true this issue has been going on for a long time. But while some are quick to accuse Palestine of atrocities too let’s face the fact that Israel has western backing regardless of what they do. As soon as someone else stands up for themselves it’s seen as they are the only wrong ones.

    I hate this, it gets right up my goat coz we are helpless to help.

    Good for you Eva for trying.

    • you said it Laila… the western nation has a huge role in it. The politics is just so up there that it becomes very hard for someone like us to do something about it. lets just hope for the best and keep the less fortunate in our prayers.

      thanks friend.

  4. hey there eva, been a long time, how are you friend? 🙂

    It is very sad to see humanity suffer this way and we feel so helpless 😦

      • this semester has been so tough and challenging. I just had my exams and now am having a break 😀 I soooooooooo missed blogging seriously!
        Its like I’ve forgotten things I loved to do this semester, no time and extra work load :/
        I hope next one is not such a disaster :/
        Caring is the most important thing eva! Definitely it matters!

  5. Very nice points you have here. I am so glad I landed on your blog. However sad this post can be in the perception of a reader, it is very gripping. It very well captured my heart. Thank you so much for sharing this to us.

    • no problem. Spreading awareness is the least i can do…and why not through my blog. its good to write about things that really matter for a change.

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