Spicy topic on Matrimonial

Spicy, because desi food is spicy. I know, ‘Har Har Har’. Ok, never mind that. Its not a spicy topic the way I am posting it, but it is interesting. Right? Anyway, I have already talked about how hard it is to find someone to get married to, especially if you are brown and live in the US. I failed at being people’s matchmaker btw [read this post]. I tried my best, but in my defense, you shouldn’t say you want to get married if you really don’t! This puts all sorts of pressure, confusion, embarrassment, and stress on the matchmaker aka Eva626. Not fair. At all.

So moving on. I had made my mind a while back that I wasn’t going to post on this topic, but then I did put it on my Organized List of Future Posts earlier. Also, because I stumbled upon someone’s tumblr. A ‘tumblr’ is a fascinating type of site actually…there is always something interesting. So the person, who calls himself ‘American Brother‘ recently had some ‘tumblr posts’ (I don’t know what the ‘tumblr people’ call it) about marriage. It was interesting and I liked it so I thought back about my decision about posting this post and I really had to.

It was this:


  • MUSLIMAH: me? If I do not know how to sew, or cook, or iron..  How am I going to marry you?
  • MAN: Do you know how to pray? Do you worship Allah Subhana wa ta’ala without associating with anyone? Do you wear hijab? Are you afraid of Allah?.
  • MUSLIMAH: Yes, I pray every day, I wear hijab, I love allah and no one else, I give charity whenever I can and the one I fear is Allah Subhana wa taa’ala.
  • MAN: *smiling* That’s enough for me, I want you to be the half of my Deen, not my maid 🙂 ♥

I thought it was just brilliant. Thank you tumblr-er the American Brother. Oh yea, being the curious blogger that I am, I asked him if he was married…to find out check out his site http://americanbrother.tumblr.com/.

I am not done yet…I was going to rant on and on and on about how it isn’t fair how some people set out to pick a person to marry based on the other’s ‘bio data’. URG, nvm. By the way, in search for matrimony is not a spicy topic after all.


24 responses to “Spicy topic on Matrimonial

    • Some are, some aren’t….all in all you can blame the man’s ignorance and expectations. lol. (Man meaning both male and female aka humans)

  1. Write what interests you! I’m post marriage and not at all interested in a relationship, so I read such posts with interest, yet detachment. Have fun!

  2. Hmmm…it is spicy. Love should be the foundation of every relationship, so is trust, honesty, respect and generosity. When love is there, so is heaven’s mercy and blessing. Beautiful post. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much IT…yea some people confuse love with lust and then bad things happen…statistically speaking. and you are right, trust, honest, respect and generosity make love!

  3. And that is the last time I open a post without reading the whole title 😛 I thought this was going to be another food special 😛 ah well, moving on… Well people say marriage brings happiness but m plenty happy being single ;P so yea 😛 oh and to the post well it was nicely written the tumblr one 😛

    • lol..i know right…there arent many who look for a pious wife…most want someone who is an accomplished independent women with a huge career…and she has to be young, tall, thin, fair, rich, fashion forward, blah blah blah. its only because females are out numbering males… they have the upper hand at choosing. NOT FAIR. [but i am sure there are still a handful of righteous/pious young men out there…hopefully]

      • yeah there are but sadly those who look for pious aren’t pious themselves 😛 muahahah! where shall we go ah ah ah !

      • maybe you are right…lol. I heard someone say they would marry chocolate.

        anyway this whole topic is confusing! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I need to write another post, quick. But, I am empty headed!

  4. marry chocolate eh?…. lol… I liked the Tumblr post too. It was very nice and although I am sure there are plenty of brothers (and sisters) out there like this we don’t get to see them that often. It was refreshing. nice share!

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