What turns you ‘on’ ?

I was going to answer the question myself, but now I am curious about other people’s answers. Anyway, I will answer it. First off, this post has been in my mind for a long time. Ha…well since I ‘tweeted’ it. You see, I like twitter a lot. Its so…so…so much fun!!! So coming back to the topic: Piety is what turns Eva626 ‘on’ [whatever ‘on’ means LOL].

Let me break it down for you. I think I would like to say this, because I feel that a person who is pious has all the qualities:

– Faith, Awareness and Love for God: This is a biggy, because if a person submits his/her will to God, he will follow the rules of God and will make life worth living. I went through this bullet point in this post: Sharing is Caring. All in all, you become similar to that person by being with that person.

-Cleanliness: Everyone needs that. Since cleanliness is half of Islam the pious person will be clean and keep his/her environment clean. You will sniff the amazing hot chocolate scent every time you stand next to the person [or whatever aroma makes you smile and remind you that this person has good hygiene]. “Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean.” (2: 22)

-Health: The person takes care of his/her body health wise. Not only will a healthy body be productive, youthful, attractive (LOL), not smell, but also it will be able to follow through with regular prayer and awareness of God. “Eat of what is lawful and wholesome on the earth”(2:168). “And He enforced the balance. That you exceed not the bounds; but observe the balance strictly; and fall not short thereof ” (55:7–9).  The last Prophet of God (Peace Be Upon Him) said: ‘ No human being has ever filled a container worse than his own stomach. The son of Adam needs no more than a few morsels of food to keep up his strength, doing so he should consider that a third of his stomach is for food, a third for drink and a third for breathing’ (Ibn Maja).  [Ha…and NOW nutritionists suggest this!]

-Manners: This is a major one. Islam is big on manners and etiquette; pious Muslims keep their manners in check. This is a plus since no one likes when others sneeze on you, yell at you, curse, become arrogant, or even talk to much. In Islam, silence is intelligence. Arguments just keep going and going, making the whole relationship chaotic. Table manners tie into this too as well as treating others the way you would want to be treated. …Abu Darda’ reported that the Prophet of Allah, upon him be peace, said, “Nothing is weightier on the Scale of Deeds than one’s good manners.” Hadith – Bukhari’s Book of Manners #271, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ahmad, and Ibn Hibban.”

-Kindness: A kind person will give you joy and a sense of happiness. The trait might rub off on you. Also, kindness and love bring humanity closer together.  ‘Aisha relates, “Allah’s Messenger (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam) was very softhearted, the kindliest of all. He laughed often and smiled much.” “. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) also did house chores; a helpful and caring man he was.

There are more characteristics that fall under piety…All in all, Piety turns me ‘on’. [Hope this doesn’t sound too awkward]

My perfect Roti with black lentils. MAD GOOD!

That yumminess was just a random note for the food lovers. PEACE and Happy 4th of July…I feel so patriotic!!! America ❤


27 responses to “What turns you ‘on’ ?

  1. Intelligence, empathy, caring, an open mind to diversity, dedication, commitment, effort, striving to overcome adversity, learning, truth, commitment to equal rights and to peace would be some things on my list.

  2. I really don’t know what turns me on but I do know what turns me off… and that is stupidity and ignorance of common sense beyond all belief -.-

  3. I am going to be honest. When I read it My first thought was. ‘ties’. I don’t know but if we speak on the opposite gender, I like them in ties more and that is because in my head *yes only in my head* men in tie means men of honour. So I am guessing, Honor is what my ON point.

    However, on the opposite side, ‘Sil phenk’ ill mannered and arrogance on being the super knowledgeable one turns me off big time.

    Kindness attracts kindness I guess.

    • Interesting…men with ties….i feel like men with ties would be very fashion forward (also ones with bow ties) , meaning (to me) they would be obsessed with them self a lot…I would feel left out for sure LOL. But that’s just me. Yea, I agree that kindness attracts kindness…I guess everyone finds someone just like them self.

      And I kinda did not understand your correction…I am curious now!

      • n lol …no i dunt think they wud b self obssessed with ties. even if they wud , well u always wud have the option to suffocate them by grabbing the tie n tight it around their throat 😛 ..

      • oh like ‘throwing a heart’ ? lol. LOL at grabbing the tie till your command is met.

        hopefully your husband will read this

  4. So here’s the thing – I am an atheist, and besides the point on faith work towards all these qualities. Many people of faith don’t believe this is possible – why is that?

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