Some issues we over came.

Fasts are going well, thank God. But the thing that bothers me is how every Ramadan, the first few days, my family makes a huge amount of food! But then we always learn that it just is too much and we should care for the people who don’t have food to even do Suhoor (eating before putting a fast, before sunrise) or to break their fast during iftar. May Allah give them food and blessings. Ameen. Alhumdulilah, now we have utilized our time and amount of food being prepared. Now we are just eating some fruits, dates, with water. Also, my mom sometimes makes a small amount of pakorays [Pakora: made with a flour batter with masalas (spices), onions, or potatoes, or whatever else fried in oil], just to have a ‘feel’ of Ramadan. Yea, we are Paki. [Then after prayer we eat dinner and stuff.]

Another issue…was that we used to have a sleep difficulties (minor) in the beginning, since the nights are so short this year. After breaking our fast, going to the Majjid for Taraweh (late night prayer) there is only but a few hours to sleep. Then we have to wake up for Suhoor…before sunrise prayer, the time when we eat food before putting a fast. Now-a-days, schools are closed and no classes for us siblings, so we don’t sleep until Suhoor. We usually read Quran, or pray, or read more about Islam. Then, after doing Suhoor and praying morning prayer of Fajr, we hit the sack. It worked for me so far. But as the nights get longer during this month of Ramadan, I think we will be sleeping until Suhoor. Oh who cares about my sleep cycle. I made banana peanut butter cookies today!

My banana and peanut butter cookies! [simple recipe…just Google it]

Everyone loved them…or maybe it was because they were fasting all day. lol


35 responses to “Some issues we over came.

  1. Hope things continue to go well for you! 🙂

    I’m still on a diet, so breakfast will be my last frozen dinner!

    It’s shopping day! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • lol…i thought ‘diets’ dont work…instead try to adopt a new life style! and retail therapy…always good if you got the cash hehe.
      take care!

  2. Sleep issue? Same here!
    It is hard to actually manage routine and long schedule classes.
    Tell you what, although we also go with the same experience of excess food and put a control to it after beginning roza’s but this year since my brothers have gained height and appetite, they basically eat everything made in whatever amount :/ 😛 lol

    • That is the same thing that is happening in my home. kinda. My brothers eat everything now MashaAllah. No left overs…but hopefully we get some Barakaa too. InshaAllah. I used to hate opening my fast during class….now its at home everyday…so relieved.

      • Not here. They load us with work the same way they used to do it in normal days.
        Ramadan went too fast only a week left 😦

  3. I know.. initial days of ramdan,we cook so much that ends up wasting half of them. nowadays even i had reduced the fries to one (without that my DH refuse to fast..;):) ) but there is something good about this month that we learn atleast 5 new reciepes..!!!

  4. Hi! I saw that you liked one of my posts, so I stopped by your blog to check it out . I loved this post! You’ve probably gathered that I recently moved to Indonesia and this is the first time I’ve been in a predominantly Muslim community. While I am not fasting, the month of Ramadan has been an interesting time for me. Your writing about the philosophy behind Ramadan is beautiful and I enjoyed reading about your family’s traditions. Thanks for blogging!

    • its such a great month! people hardly know about it and what its really about, which is sad. I am glad you enjoyed this post. Have fun in Indonesia!

  5. It is nice to read more about Ramadan. I have worked with people who were observing it, and I think I will read more about it now. It doesn’t sound that difficult, once you are used to it.

    Those cookies look… they make me want to make and/or eat some cookies right now!

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