#Truthis Ya’ll are just ignorant, son.

Sorry for the tempting who-ever-talks-like-this blog post title. Hash-tagging, or number signs in front of words without spaces, should be limited to twitter/tweets. The word ‘Ya’ll’ should never be used out side of the southern deserted areas, and is unacceptable within my hearing range. However, calling people ‘son’ is ok [LOL]. Moving on, I have actually heard many statements, questions, and sayings that are just dumb. People have to open up books or the internet and try to learn stuff, like why certain people do certain things…Yea, I am talking about the ignorant people who come in contact with Islam in some way or another.

Ignorance is not bliss. Its laziness, dumb, embarrassing, and you’re not being an active learner while living the life you were given. Life is not all fun and games…there are things  you have to look into. You were given a brain, so use it. Hmmm, there has to be a way not to sound as harsh as I do right now. Anyway, I have heard or saw people using such statements/words/questions concerning Islam without thinking:

1- “That thing is so pretty on you, but it must be very hard for your women.”: Its called a “Hijab” and is worn to protect the female’s beauty and modesty because in Islam, females are pearls that should be hidden and not be shown to the world so random people can drool over her [directing people with dirty minds]. Its a form of protection God has told females to hold for their own benefit. This way she can display her thoughts, ideas and actions before her beauty. Its an honor. Its not hard…its not oppression lol. I don’t understand how ‘liberation’ or ‘modernism’ is to take off all your clothes, & roam around half naked in front of everyone…then shouldn’t naked animals be the most advanced species? Some people just don’t get it. The point was, women in Islam are supposed to cover themselves (as did Mary (May God be pleased with her), mother of Jesus (May God be pleased with Him) and all the other modest women in history) so that they are liberated from the social pressures around them. DUH.

2- “That terrorist.”: terrorist – a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities. And the Arabic word salaam (سلام) (“peace”) has the same root as the word Islam., meaning submission to the One God. Total opposites; enough said. In Islam a person cannot take another’s life, let alone their own. Only God gives life and gives death.

3- “How can you believe in a God that discourages homosexuality?”: Warning, I know this may be a sensitive topic to some as displayed by society now-a-days, but I just have to say this. Its not real, or humane. Just cause society/media/fashion industry/celebs encourage such things, it doesn’t make them right…think about it logically. Even in a scientific sense, why would evolution turn to a point where it would just randomly make up a few kinks and stop its own process. Don’t attack me just yet, first watch this VIDEO. I know many of you have already made up your mind before you might click the video link…its whatever, if you want to remain in ignorance. Btw, you not supposed hate or dislike any type of people; people are people, you can’t not like them for their way of living life, Islam doesn’t teach that. I was talking about the act, not people.

4- “Why would you want to live your life following a certain way of life, when you can make up your own.”: And you are also arrogant and selfish. First, think about who gave you this life so you can live it…stop using it as your ‘own’, cause its not yours. You were put on this earth, given such favors for a reason. If someone were to give you something and you had to return it to them at the end, wouldn’t you treat that ‘borrowed’ possession as how they told you to?

Hopefully, everyone here still likes me LOLOL [now please follow me on twitter] . If you don’t, then i guess you don’t…its ok.

P.S. Ramadan ended a few days ago and Eid was awesome!

I made this vanilla cake with peanut butter icing for Eid! It was really tasty.

EID Mubarak to all you people celebrating it!!!! Hope you all had a great one…And to the general public, Happy-end-of-summer-2012! Hopefully we all utilized our summer the best way we could have, be it relaxing, learning and experiencing knew things, working, etc…I can’t wait to read what everyone did this summer. Peace out.


46 responses to “#Truthis Ya’ll are just ignorant, son.

  1. I like your point about Hijabs. I’ve never felt one way or the other about them since I haven’t had to make the choice to wear one or not. I’ve only heard points from women that do not want to be forced to wear one (a friend’s mom didn’t want to visit her husband in Saudi Arabia because of it…and other reasons having to do with women’s lib). But I like hearing the other side of it, the side of modesty and protection. Very interesting.

    And I live in Texas so I’d like to throw a “y’all “out there 😉

    • I am glad you found it interesting, Jill. Yea, I guess some people don’t really understand the point of certain things. haha …catching your ya’ll

  2. Velly Interlesting!!! 🙂

    We always hear the negatives about Islam based on the bombings, shootings, murder of rape victims by stoning, hanging of homosexuals, beheadings, amputations and the total hatred of the Western world which leads to the suicide bombings against innocent individuals with no control over governmental policy.

    I was even driven home some years ago by an Asian driver who is now a convicted terrorist and I promise you he didn’t act or talk any differently from anyone else! 🙂

    Those that commit crimes in the name of Islam are no different from Breivic and his kind who murder for irrational reasons.

    The difference is that the West needed a threat to replace the Russian Bear and the Afghan freedom fighters they armed and supported in their war against Russia, who turned against those who sought to control them, became the terrorist Army the West needed to keep the weapons industry ticking over.

    Only a naive fool would believe he’d get 72 virgins in heaven if he blew himself up among a bunch of innocent people shopping for food, but when those who preach violence need their believers to love death like the West loves life, then clearly the problem isn’t just with the preacher…

    I have no issue with Islam, or Muslims, but I do have fear and that comes from what we see in the news…

    Love and hugs!


    • Hey!!! Yea, I think its just propaganda from the media. You are right about the scape goat issue. Like sometimes when my parents are watching tv I hear stuff like that from the international prospective, even about the ‘violence’ in pakistan, but when I visited there it was so different and found out the media just goes to extremes. People shouldnt believe everything or even most of the stuff they see on tv or in the news….idk its all a conspiracy. And the people who are actually doing these things have a greater hand in the world monopoly…its almost impossible for us average joe’s to even figure it all out…illuminati much?

      God knows.

  3. Don’t really agree with your last point… We have freedom to do what we want… It’s our choice that we wish to live this way… Is it not?

  4. nice post and brought with good humour 🙂
    I wear the hijab (the headscarf) and i am comfortable with it. I have been lucky enough to travel the world and I have found that people accepted me with my headscarf. So in general, people don’t mind ….
    I think the anomosity or the oppressed feeling comes from the full veil where people cover from head to toe. I myself find that rather oppressing … but then again those who wear it might see it differently.. i don’t know.
    So I try to be non-judgemental of other people’s way of life.

    for me that applies to homosexuality too. I tend to feel sympathetic towards them … not that i approve of it… but it’s their choice… may Allah show them the right path … but we humans have no right to judge them. Ofcourse we can educate people on what Koran preeches… but believing and not believing should be left to the individual. in one verse of the quran it says “there is no compulsion in religion”

    on another note, that’s a lovely homely cake 🙂 looks yum
    Hope you had a wonderful EID.

    • Living in NY, there are differnt ways people react to females with Hijab…in certain areas there are still people who stereotype and criticize. But then in other areas people accept it and they are more knowledgeable on the whole idea and concept. Its just ignorance and judgement on some people’s part, which is very unattractive.
      The covering from head to toe…yea some people find it more comfortable and actually love it! Many niqabi’s on twitter always talk about its benefits…i guess you just have to try it for yourself to really get to know their side of the story. I agree with you all the way about the homosexuality issue.

      and Thanks for the compliment on the cake! Khair Mubarak.

  5. Thanks for liking my post Modestly Speaking. At first I was nervous where you were going with this post. My connection to most things Islamic have been negative, due to my residence, so it was really nice to read your perspective and for a brief moment connect and see eye to eye on a common idea. I’d love to hear your personal notes on Ramadan, from the inside. Plus, you’re funny.

    • Np…it was a good read. I am glad you got something else out of this type of post 🙂 . Personal notes on ramadan…ill have to remember to add that in my next post.

      i sound more corny than funny most of the times lol

  6. I think religion gives us guidelines on how to live… A set of rules to live by… It gives us structure and concrete set in stone ways to go about living life.

    Without it we would be barbaric animals. There would be no recognition of who we are or what we mean to each other. If we all stuck to religion most of our world problems would be solved.

    • True!! you said what I been wanting to say since a few posts previous to this one.! Some people just dont care or understand…idk i always thought knowledge was power, and to seek knowledge is the first step for humans to build a balance foundation. It can teach humanity…as religion does.

      • True if you take away rules and laws from society what are you left with? no structure… All you will be left with is a culture derived from what each person thinks fits them and their thinking… dangerous place to be..

        Religion is humanity humility and all the law and order you need to live a decent life…

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