Private and Confidential

There was a point in my life where I had to change a few of my posts to private because I had tracked down a stalker. But I think I scared him/her away LOL. Sorry if you are still here. Now everything on this blog is public. I always had issues with sharing my personal life with people, be it family, friends, teachers, you guys, people on my Facebook and Twitter…yea. I love being anonymous here because at least I can share my general thoughts that might have to do something with the real me, without anyone actually knowing who I am. It might confuse some people because they don’t know my past or present. I am  fine with that. The main reason I blog is to waste time write out what I am thinking about without expecting advice from people. I just want someone to listen sometimes, even if it is you, who I don’t even know. Sometimes i feel that bloggers are more real than the real people I know.

Problems with sharing things with certain types of people:

-Parent: I tried this actually and sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. The problem with this is that parents do care, a lot, but they care too much. They will make a big deal about it because they care for you A LOT. If you don’t like their response, you should just keep quiet and ponder on why they answered in such a way. There is always a good reason because they care A WHOLE LOT. lol. And so this leads them to tell the older child…aka my nemesis sister [LOL a bit exaggerated]; this makes me uncomfortable.

-Friend: I don’t have any friends.

LOL joking. This here is also a problem…well, it kinda depends on what kind of a friend they are. If they are the opposite gender type of friend, they will think you are crazy. Don’t share your girl feelings with guys and viceversa. Biology makes it so that the other wont really understand what you are feeling. Of course there are exceptions, but to stay on the safe side…I would pass. Also, I am a girl [haha I know] and telling friends who are females doesn’t help. They’d just nod and agree with you, which isn’t a good thing because you are still stuck in the dilemma.


Sometimes I need to be alone with a mug of chai.

-Relative: Don’t do it, even if they are your cousins, because your story will definitely reach other people. First, it will be transferred to their close cousins, then their mom’s, who are most probably your mom’s sister, and then your mom will know…. None the less before your mom knows it will reach every member around the world.

-Sibling: Some of us have really close ties with our siblings or a particular one, so its easy to spill the beans (purposely) and share your issues. But then there are families like mine, where we cringe when one of us shares their inner thoughts. The environment that some cultures have created is so messed up. You can’t share anything personal with your siblings. It might be because the headline will reach the parents or because you might just be too embarrassed, since your dealing with serious critics. But we trust our siblings more than others; the good thing here is that what happens in the neutral family stays inside. This might be the second best option after the last one below.

-Blog: Its simple, but sometimes indirect. Its kinda risky though, since if someone catches on, they might be offended. You shouldn’t want to offend people. So, think, think, write, re-read, think, then publish.

-The one you can always trust is God.


32 responses to “Private and Confidential

  1. tell you what, i started a blog for the same very reason, i.e despite being surrounded by parents , friends and siblings, i had to share a few things which nobody could understand..and facebook, twitter etc nothing allows for anonymity better than a blog..even if you knw that random people are reading about how you feel, its a good feeling..atleast there is not the fear that they will judge you..

    • Yea, it feels so good to just write almost everything on a blog…no worries. Like even on twitter and facebook I have to not update my statuses that are going on in my head…yea some people in real life read those. But here, its all good. btw thanks for the comment!!!

    • haha! I share my poetry with people in real life and they like it…but they dont ever say they want to read another…idk. Not much readers around me who are interested in poems. lol

  2. Wow finally read a post after a long time. I gotta hand it to yah.. it was good. But You can tell me anything…I’m far away so I will think different about it and I have time to think about it answer you back and try to help you with it..Anyways I use twitter and I guess thats it but nothing really major has happened Alhumdulilah

  3. I bet u r right! Bloggers r more real than fbookers,and twitterians! But its too open sometime that it shud be p&c mom read my blog too. ..haha.. I know right????.. Just gota be posible.. Not to offend others.. Re-read.. Re-check.. Till it is good to go published for world to read.. Smetimes, i even wana be with my lappy, hot chocolate (what is ‘chai’ by d way) , nice warm day.not talking to anyone and share my negative thoughts but ‘bluetooth’ the positive sight n .js blogging as much as i cn!! Ahaha.. Yup trust no one in ur life ..we r here not to report ourselves to anyone.. Only to Him.. Frm Him we came, to Him we go bck.. Ammiinn..

    • LOL my mom read one of my posts once while I was writing it…she was quite impressed..hehe. Chai is tea! and hot coca is good too! i have to start blogging more many posts I have thought of…twitter is distracting me from even blogging on a usual basis. lol. And yea, God is always there for you, inshaAllah. ❤

  4. I came to read private and confidential stuff :((

    Anyhow, a well written post, resonates with a lot of bloggers around. Definitely Allah is the most trustful of all.

  5. Well I beleive that what we try to hide does come out someway or the other.. so might as well be out with it in the first place …

    But bloggers being real well even in blogosphere there is this scratch my back I scratch yours .. yeah maybe bloggers are a BIT more real then FB or twitter .. you dont know who is who.. or where they are

    I thought celebrities had stalkers 🙂 so you a celebrity..

    My friends and family read my blog and there are issues but I write what is the truth and how i see it .. simple …

    • nah not a celebrity thank God. Just knew some people from before who I stopped interacting with and they found me. lol. my sister actually read this post and when she told me…there was dead silence, and then change of topic lol. Awkward.

  6. may be we can’t share everything with just one person or category of people. Issues need to be shared with appropriate people depending on many factors..I always find appropriate sink for a thing bothering me, else its hard to digest :p

    • LOL. but i dont want to hurt people’s feelings…i have done so too many times already…it actually hurts me back somehow. idk. I try not to do it intentionally now, but if they get offended for a dumb reason, I cant help. lol.

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