Feminism…ok, just shut up.

Not all females are feminists. I mean what is feminism anyway? Flinging your headscarfs out the window or worse…other things as was done in the 1960s in America. That is not feminism…sorry to burst your tiny bubble, but getting rid of pieces of clothing from your body only shows how dumb you are. You don’t respect yourself, how will this make others respect you? I mean come on, you are climbing back the “evolutionary” ladder…animals are unclothed, not humans. Clothes are made to cover us and protect our body parts, not show them off. Ew thats disgusting…ok I am done talking almost naked people.

Just know this, modesty = feminism. With modesty comes pulling out of current social pressures, for example Barbie. Hopefully now you understand. What if you WANT to show off to people, just so they can judge you even more…thats your problem. Good luck with living your life based on what others “impose” on you. There is more to life then just people (of course you are supposed to care about people, their feelings, possessions, ideas, thoughts, humanity, etc… but I mean about what people think about YOU in particular). Everyone is supposed to respect one another…its ethics and morals, no matter what religion or ideas you follow. Ok back to ‘feminism’.

I don’t believe in the type of Feminism that most people think about when they think of this term. They think its about Females ruling the world (that said, what makes this right and then what makes Men ruling the world wrong?…you want to dominate over the other gender…is that it?) This doesn’t make sense to me (not that it matters lol). I think that males and females have to work together in this world for the sake of humanity…even though today’s era is somewhat lost on common sense.

Honestly speaking, the most rights of women I have learned, read about, and am trying to follow is in Islam. Females were given the right to inheritance, work for their own satisfaction and self, vote, counted in socitey more than 1400 years ago by way of Islam. That is way before the US or anyother country or group sought existance of them. If you haven’t seen the video I shared in one of my posts, please do so, there is a segment where it touches the questions of rights of females in it. Females have been honored so much in Islam. This post can go on and on about this topic but I will cut it short and leave you with this picture below. Hopefully it will clear some misconceptions that society has fogged up and hid from your innocent minds:

“The status of Women is so high in Islam, that even Men wish they were Women”


30 responses to “Feminism…ok, just shut up.

  1. Then why are there honour killings???

    Yesterday I watched a family in Pakistan admit to murdering their daughter with acid because she looked at a man who came to the house.

    Surely protecting those you love should be the most important thing in life?

    I cannot think of anything more dishonourable than killing your own child…

    Love and hugs!


    • Exactly, that is NOT islam. People get confused when stuff like this happens. Islam is against these horrid cultural beliefs. Islam is against terror and oppression…and we are supposed to call against oppression! Those people who do these terrible things are not Muslims because a muslim is not supposed to kill innocent people of any race or religion unless its to fight oppression. Follow Islam not transgression. Muslims are not perfect, but Islam is.

      • Thanks hun! πŸ™‚

        At a stroke you have explained why we see so many crimes committed – even Imams seem determined to stir their congregations to mass murder in the name of Islam yet are wrong in what they do.

        From what you say, they too are against Islam!

        Can an Imam be censured by his superiors for miss-preaching the Quran?

        It seems not, judging from what we see in the news.

        I guess there is no black and white to the question! 😦

        Love and hugs sweetheart! πŸ™‚


    • In Islam, the beautiful thing we have is that there is nothing superior to Qur’an and Ahadith, and Qur’an is higher between both of these. Arabs used to kill their daughters and Qur’an says that on the Day of Judgment, the daughters will ask their parents that for what crime were they killed. In Islam, this sin is regarded in highest sins.

      • Thanks dude! πŸ™‚

        That kind of gets missed out when we see such reports in the news.

        I know little of Islam, but I have known many Muslims who were genuinely good people – I even served as a volunteer on a board with a guy who seemed uncomfortable to be the only Muslim in the group, but he was a very decent sort and we all got on very well! πŸ™‚

        Thing is that the news needs bad things to report, so we don’t see balance, something my friend Sue Dreamwalker has spoken of at some length explaining that is why she doesn’t watch the news and suffer negativity!

        It seems that there is much ignorance in the world and tolerance is becoming a rare commodity.

        With all the hatred being spouted and the corruption of the innocent happening so often it is hard to separate those who send children and retarded women to their deaths as suicide bombers from the true face of Islam.

        Hatred is Satan’s path and we must ALL guard against it! 😦

        God Bless and be well! πŸ™‚


    • I agree with you that “the news needs bad things to report” but it is there because it happened. You will see that in almost 99% of such cases, the people do not have knowledge (or if they have, they don’t have full knowledge) about the matter. You might also see and listen about the Muslims who do suicide. Well, suicide is totally prohibited in islam.

      I think more than religion, there is a part of culture that shapes us. We should try to keep us according to our religions but we keep ourselves according to our cultures. Almost every culture was unjust to woman for a long time. The problems of Muslims (especially Indian Muslims) is that they haven’t gave up their old customs but still think that they are Muslims. Islam is not what a Muslim do practice. Islam is what a Muslim should practice according to his religion.

      • Sounds a lot like the problems we have with Christianity: Many call themselves Christian, but do not behave in a Christian manner.

        I guess we are all flawed and all human.

        Thanks for the explanation dude! πŸ™‚

        God Bless!


      • great explanation! i agree, sometimes or most of the times people confuse culture with religion and then others who arnt familiar with either think they are the same and its just a cascade or ignorance circling the globe. Something has to be done and i guess through your responses its a start. and yes suicide is not allowed…only God has a right to give and take life. Thanks.

      • Prenin, being flawed and human isnt enough to justify our thinking and actions…we all must try to learn more and strive for goodness.!

        Thanks..i got your email response btw…none the less that book is a great read even for nonMuslims!

    • It’s cultural. Hindus in India also use acid to attack their women folk who are seen as having “dishonoured” their families. In fact, if you look at the atrocities committed against Pakistani women, their Hindu and Sikh counterparts have almost an identical situation.

      • That’s what scares me – the almost insane hatred of women that sees dreadful crimes committed against their own flesh and blood!!!

        Trouble is that when it is reported in the news, they don’t seem to report such crimes unless it is a Muslim family.


        Could be…

  2. It is a big big topic.. and religion is another big issue.. which religion reaches killing of innocent is right.. yet so many innocent have died

    Feminism has been taken out of proportion.. everyone has theIr own theory..

    Yet there are women who walk Miles to get water for family…

    Just a thought..

    • Islam is against violence and killing of innocence, as from Quran and teaching of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). People bring the name of religion up to defend themselves, when infact they are wronging themselves and God is the most just, it will be seen to them on JudgementDay. Islam says to go against oppression and help ones being oppressed…to help them, not murder them, like ones in Ghana, Syria, Burma, and Palestine right now. Its very sad that the media isnt bringing this up!!!

      Sorry, back to your comment…Feminism, like other terms, has now taken upon a meaning other then selfworth, selfrespect, dignified, strong, women of practicality and intelligence. SCREW THE MEDIA AND SOCIETY that it drags along.

      anyway thanks for commenting!!!

  3. Feminist here. It is the right to make one’s own decisions free of encumbrance by others, within an environment where equal opportunity exists, unhindered, and where each of us supports the rights of other women to make their own choices.

    Cover. Uncover. Choose for yourself, support the right of others to make their own choices.

    • oh, hello Nelle, long time no comment ! lol. True about the equal opportunities and supporting of rights of women! Islam teaches men to treat women with respect and to protect them…its on a basis of human nature, and men and women are equal but not identical…mentally, physically, and emotionally (majoring in biology does come in handy now lol)… both genders have their rights. but people, men and also most women dont see this. Free will on the other hand, makes us not want to reason with facts about human nature.

      And yes its only fair to let people believe in and do what they want to unless its limiting rights of others…No force used in Islam.

    • Uh uh. I don’t think so.

      Women who uncover professionally, whether porn stars or super models, are impacting MILLIONS of women around the world. Their skin colour, body type, impossible hair styles, etc, are foisted on everyone else as the standard for beauty.

      So why should I support their right to affect me soooo much? Their actions are making my life, and the lives of countless other women, impossible to bear. We are not allowed to grow old gracefully or be anything other than the scripted completely passive or completely aggressive vamp with a boob job.

      Cover and uncover, but once you are uncovering to make an overt, oversexualised advertisement on behalf of all women, that is where I draw the line.

      • Good point! its brainwashing the youth and steering them to these things…distraction.

        some people dont see this side…logic.

        I want to add to the last thing you mentioned…people who want to justify their actions of being uncovered or doing what ever they ‘want’ or are subconsciously pressured into, dont realize that they are just being used and displayed as nothing but object to materialism and the corporate power.

  4. I think it is always easiest to apply blanket statements about things we don’t understand or fear. Thank you for the illuminating content. Thanks too for.visiting my blog. πŸ™‚

  5. This is a very interesting a thought-provoking post and discussion thread. As a feminist who has of late been exploring the idea of head-covering as a feminist statement, I am intrigued by all the viewpoints represented here.

    You (and your commenters) are correct to point out that Islam is not the only religion misused to oppress and abuse women — this happens all over the world, all the time, and people of every faith system are guilty.

    Thought the feminist movement of the 1970s has come to be associated with bra-burning (what short memories we all have!), it wasn’t about taking our clothes off — it was about self determination. Women were busting out (no pun intended) of the societal limitations placed upon them, unfair pay, etc. We’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.

    As your commenter Yasmin pointed out, Western culture has little respect for women in general, because they are glorified primarily for their sexuality. Which creates an unfortunate paradox — women are the “sexiest” when they are young, but they tend to have the most to offer (intellectually, emotionally) when they are older. But by that time, they’re all but invisible.

    • Thanks so much for reading btw. Much of the media and bigger leaders/corporations and such are in play here…some people call them Illuminati. But its all the same i guess, but misrepresenting any group of people, religion, idea that they do not fully know about.
      I agree with self determination and what not, but there are some ways to do it. Some are rational others arent so much…but people can argue that each has their own way to do things. lol.

      Yasmin is spot on from my point of view. I disagree though, about being invisible when women are older…maybe its just me. idk.

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