Many people have a certain image or thought of others. Most good images created for loved ones or once loved ones, disappear due to broken expectations. People are people. They will live for themselves (most of the time). The best way to avoid disappointment is by not expecting much from these people. Sure, you can live a lie for a good amount of your life with the illusion of that-someone to be a certain way. Its actually false advertisement that you purchase yourself. Then once the bag is opened and you find what you were not expecting, actually the opposite of the ‘thought’ that you had created for this person, your whole world falls. Then, you must get up and face the fact that you have to stop expecting certain things from people. All in all, you learn from your mistakes. The best way to avoid such harm is to focus on yourself and not on the one sided thought that you have of others.

One line poems by eva626. Thats how we do it.


Ode to the Oppressed

Invade their home, pull the children out to the streets

Beat them and laugh, watching them bleed.

In self defense, this tiny soul threw a rock

In response the powers through a bomb, mighty and strong

Prisoners in Palestine, in cells without trial or reason

No one helps the helpless; everyone sides with the wrong

Mass murder of unarmed people in Burma, this hidden crime risen to a high

Injustice by outsiders in Syria, the pain seems to never stop their cries

Genocide by Zionists all around Gaza, weapons toward that child standing in terror.

Mothers distracting their children from the situation to cover their fright.

If not us, then who will spread the news and shed the light.

The media, being sold to the big guns of the world, playing the game of war.

When will we take a stand and attempt the roar?

-Written by eva626