Ode to the Oppressed

Invade their home, pull the children out to the streets

Beat them and laugh, watching them bleed.

In self defense, this tiny soul threw a rock

In response the powers through a bomb, mighty and strong

Prisoners in Palestine, in cells without trial or reason

No one helps the helpless; everyone sides with the wrong

Mass murder of unarmed people in Burma, this hidden crime risen to a high

Injustice by outsiders in Syria, the pain seems to never stop their cries

Genocide by Zionists all around Gaza, weapons toward that child standing in terror.

Mothers distracting their children from the situation to cover their fright.

If not us, then who will spread the news and shed the light.

The media, being sold to the big guns of the world, playing the game of war.

When will we take a stand and attempt the roar?

-Written by eva626


13 responses to “Ode to the Oppressed

  1. The Gaza strip is just one big prison camp.

    Until Palestinians are recognised as a nation and Israel accepts this then the brutality will go on on both sides.

    How ironic given the history of those who survived Hitler…

    Love and hugs!


  2. This was extremely powerful! Thanks for giving voice to those whose voices are not often heard. The Oppressed and Oppressor is a topic that is very close to my heart.

    • I think more people have to stop following what the media throws at them and realize what it happening in reality…who is the oppressor and who is being oppressed. Its obvious sometimes but people just want to side with who they want to side with…most likely its the oppressor.

      dang them Illuminati

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