How to stay wake during class.

So, life is tough as always and its getting harder for me. I should really be prepping for Finals right now, but you know us bloggers…we I don’t manage my time the way I should. I am trying to change that. I know, writing this post isn’t helping. Anyway, I wanted to share my experience and what I have learned in the so many years of schooling: The technique on how to stay awake during class.

-Write an outline for a blog post to keep your mind active.

Here is a picture of what my home-made pizza looks like:

Good stuff.

Good stuff.

-Observe other people in the class. Make sure not to be that obvious…it will send wrong signals.

-Occupy yourself on your laptop or phone, with internet access to distract yourself from getting heavy eye-d, because nothing wastes more time than social networks or computer/phone games [if your into that stuff]

-Take notes during lecture. LOL

-Play a symphony in your head of your professor’s accent.

-Jot down the teacher’s jokes to tweet them later.

-Follow along with the lecture in your text book. Worst method ever. You will pass out.


Or you can just give in to your narcolepsy, like I do and wait till someone wakes you up at the end.


23 responses to “How to stay wake during class.

  1. Buckle down and get some work done miss – those qualifications will be vital to your future unless you want to be a no-hoper like me!!! 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!


    P.S: I see your plan with the pizza – you’re trying to get me to drown in my own drool!!! LoL!!! 😛

    Diet is ‘die’ with a ‘t’…

  2. well surprisingly am not being sleepy at class this year, sometimes i have a look at my phone, but usually am keeping up with the teacher, nerd?!! let it be, it is ok, 100 words of nerd, but not a word of a failure

    • its very simple to make actually….i used pita bread, then spread some tomato sauce we had in the fridge…and then I added cheese. Microwaved it for like a minute and then I ATE IT. lol

  3. The topic caught my eyes as it was so ME.
    Well, it’s good to see that people from first world suffer the same problems. I thought it was Pakistan, where teachers make even the interesting stuff boring.
    I liked this post. It has some really fun points. I might apply a few of ’em from now on.
    Keep writing the awesome stuff. Looking forward to read more from you. 🙂

    • haha yea we do actually…there is also poverty here, and there is similar social pressures…at times which might seem less than that to the ones in other countries looking at it cultural wise. but yes…i get distracted from anything very quickly and head off to snooze ville.

      anyway i dont know why im talking like this, using words like ‘snooze ville’ but watevs. thanks for commenting and tell me which points you used and how it went!

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