Movie reviews, of good movies that didn’t make sense.

Here are a list of the movies and explanation to why they were good to watch, but not to think about. Its ultimately because they don’t really make sense and do not require intellectual thinking…unless you are so confused why people would make such a movie, because thats how much the plot doesn’t make sense enough to be a movie. The answer is: money or entertainment, I guess [idk]. So…now I have made it clear the answer to the only ponderation you can have. You’re welcome. Feel free to watch these sense less films.

-Inkaar: This is a Bollywood movie. The title literally means “Deny”. The only reason I watched this movie was because of, yes, the actors. [Face palm…the appropriate act of motion at the moment]. The leading characters, I forget their film names, are good actors in my opinion. Thats why I watched it. But, the story was stupid to be honest. *Spoiler*: I mean, what, why, how, just because you both where confused if you were in “love” or was it misunderstanding? And you still harass/claim a case on one another out of frustration…omg shut up, Eva. ok, I am done. Urg. Dumb story, great acting.

– Jab Tak Hai Jaan: Again, a Bollywood movie. The title means “Till I have life” ? LOOOL. I don’t know if thats right or not. Anyway, I watched this movie because of, yes, Shahrukh Khan. As much as I dislike Katrina Kaif, SRK’s presence always undermines who ever else is in the movie. This film was dumb, but not as predictable as the one mentioned above. It wasn’t predictable in that *Spoiler* no one would expect someone to be as dumb as Katrina Kaif’s character. Even I couldn’t get over the fact that she spent decade(s) holding on to a “promise”-slash-trade off. And how in the world was a twenty something year old, girl allowed to stay with the bomb squad by herself. She somehow develops a one sided love story and wished she was a generation older towards the end, when Kaif, out of no where comes to her senses. WHAT!?. Urg. Dumb story, great acting SRK.

Desi problems.

Desi problems.

-Don 2: Another Bollywood movie with SRK as the leading role. The main reason I watched this is because SRK was in it and even though I hate Prianka Chopra aka Piggy chops…SRK was in it. Also, I saw Don 1, which was pretty good, story and all. Don 2 had good acting, in that everything they said in english was HILARIOUS! I mean, *SPOILER* how can you not laugh when you hear the desi accent of “Vat do U Vant!?” over and over. Also, you can’t not watch it multiple times after hearing the oh-so-confused-old-cop-man answering the phone and saying “DON?..*turns to his force*, Its DON!” LOOOL. Oh, you cant forget the part where SRK takes off the mask-of-another-actor’s-face and smiles with his hair all messed up. It was more comedy than suspense/action; I loved the fact that they didn’t bother to fix his hair or make the scene over again. Watch the movie and then re-read this paragraph and you won’t think I am a nut case. Oh man…I am definitely watching this movie again for Summer 2013. The plot was not good because they just took parts of all different movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood [LOLlywood haha] and mushed it in one. All in all, dumb story, ultra funny movie.
Yea, I am done. I would include some Hollywood movies, but for Hollywood movies, I either like them or hate them. They are either dumb with poor acting, or good with good acting [the ones I’ve seen at least]. Bollywood movies are more thinking because they are that ridiculous sometimes, in terms of story. I don’t watch Bollywood movies that have bad acting [I know, who cares]. But, Hollywood movies are sometimes not watchable as Bollywood. This debate can go on forever…so, YAY for superhero series! The latest Young Justice episode was worth it !

13 responses to “Movie reviews, of good movies that didn’t make sense.

  1. The only one I’ve seen on the list is Jab Tak Hai Jaan, couldn’t agree more about that character keeping such a ridiculous promise for so long! Still enjoyed it though. Although I need subtitles I often find Bollywood to be a nice break from the typical Hollywood movies we’re bombarded with here in Canada. I’m gonna have to check out the other titles you mentioned! 🙂

  2. Seriously I can think of so many better movies than that crap you watched -.- =P P.S. my friend warned me to stay clear of Meray Brother ki Dulhan 😛 So I’m warning you as well 😛 (and no I rarely watch Indian movies but have watched Don 2 for some reason -.- Lame as hell) 😛

    • LOOOL I saw meray brother ki dulhan..It was awful! Imran khan is such a bad actor! yea i didnt list it because the acting was bad as well as the story. Lame but hilarious!! you have to admit that much.

    • haha BARRRfi …lol i hate Prianka Chopra. I saw taare zameen par…it was good! and havnt seen rocket king because the poster and trailers were blah.

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