I am…

So, today I feel like writing about my day. It was fine. LOL. Moving on… I had class today and the second half of class, two of my classmates had to do their oral presentations. Mine is in the middle of April…blah. Anyway, during their presentation I started to doodle, just so I don’t doze off [read:Β “How to stay awake during class“]. I noticed that my drawings are mesmerizing. This got me thinking; I am probably not so “Talentless” after all. I mean there are so many things, I think, I am good at, or at least feel I have the confidence to be good at…if that makes any sense. Because, I am Batman [I want a Bruce Wayne or want to be a Bruce Wayne]. I felt like saying that, since he is good at mostly everything…I don’t know why. Anyway, here’s a list!

What makes me similar to Bruce Wayne, the “best-fictional-character”:

I do have a few enemies..actually I don't think I do.

I have a few enemies..actually I don’t think I do.

-I am a blogger, anonymous for the most part, like Batman.

-I like to help people…even though I don’t help most of the time LOL…meaning I want to help people, like Bruce Wayne.

-The looks…lets not get into this. [Lower your gaze people; lol joking, I don’t know about my looks actually].

-The butler…I need an Alfred. For real.

-I don’t got the money, technology, or much of the brains that he has…but everyone can dream. One day!

Eh…seems like I am not really like Mr.Wayne after all. Whatevs. Btw, who watches “Young Justice”?

This post was such a FAIL.


16 responses to “I am…

  1. Lol, hey but almost all of Bruce Wayne’s arch enemies know of his secret πŸ˜› Now, this begs the question: Who are your arch enemies? =P And lastly, you should really watch Batman: The Dark Knight Returns…
    And I’m waiting for Young Justice to complete their third season so I can watch it as a whole πŸ˜› Left it at the Legion of Doom attack on the JL πŸ˜›
    P.S. You forgot the top physical form of Mr. Wayne πŸ˜› oh and You don’t have to be born in the shadows to adapt to them =P

    • really? i thought one a couple of enemies know…not ‘almost all’…hmm. I dont have any arch enemies i think…atleast none that are brave enough to reveal themselves LOL. and yea everyone, including myself, has seen Dark Knight Returns…you are pretty slow with movie suggestions.

      Yea i know, I finished JL a few months ago and what devastated…why would they not continue it!!!! its so messed up.

      no comment to your last statement, except a slow and monotone ‘Har har har’

  2. Given I am more Fat Man than Batman (Oooh the diet…) I can only agree with you! πŸ™‚

    The thing about Super heroes is that they are imaginary, so we have to rely on the Police, Press and Media.

    Given all the corruption stories we’re getting lately, I think we are in serious trouble…

    Love and hugs!


  3. I need an Alfred girl LOL. He can handle all of my household chores and do things I don’t want to do lol. I think every blogger should definitely, definitely have one. πŸ™‚

  4. Ok so when I started reading this I’m like thank god its not long like usual but yeah I kinda knew that you are nothing or not even close to being batman as me

    • haha yea i know…the perfect character ever…rich, smart, good look’n, and everything else! lol. i wanna be him! oh you watch Young Justice!!!??? cool right.

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