Dear Blogiary,

I used to keep a journal/diary [what ever you want to call it]. This was very insufficient. Back then I was a kid…unlike the kids these days who have a device connecting to the internet every second of their existence, I did not. I was a ‘normal’ kid compared to these technology dependent brats you see these days. I mean, get up off your behind; get your face out of the phone/computer/laptop/video-games and help out with chores, nubs. Anyway…back when I was a kid, I had a book to write in about my daily activities and oh-so-boring-routine. Well, I didn’t write everyday, just sometimes, when I had nothing else to do. I wrote about the new things that happened to me, the moments when I didn’t feel so good, the happy times, the boring times, etc…they were always in chronological order from the beginning of the day to the end.

Then I also had these entries that were some what incomplete. It was as if I wrote something secret in them, and if another person were to read it, they’d know I was hiding what had happened…so I would be the only one who knew the details. As I read these types of entries, I did know what had happened. I read the entries often…then one day I ripped them up and threw them in the trash. I felt like I was keeping a bunch of notes that where made of lost hope. Once I threw those out…I started to blog more frequently. This made me happy. I guess its because I like when you guys read my posts…I like to share my thoughts with people. I think the book version was too private for me. I mean I wouldn’t mind letting people read my entries, but when I offer people to read them, they’d get all bug-eyed and act as if they are ‘invading’ my ‘privacy’, which I was letting them read. Seems kind of shady LOL.

The whole idea of a diary/journal seems like the secrecy that you aren’t meant to share or shouldn’t share with people…its ludicrous, cause’ then people like me become the weird ones who want others to read my writing. Insane, right? One thing is for sure…I am so thankful for time, to have introduced blogging to me. Otherwise, I’d still be that loser poking my diary into people’s faces…begging them to read it. [I exaggerate]

So, thank you.


17 responses to “Dear Blogiary,

  1. I love the picture of your bro!!! 🙂

    I used to keep diaries when I was a kid, but my dad read them, then beat the shit out of me for daring to write about his abusive behaviour.

    After that I wrote them in code so he couldn’t read them.

    His lodger sold them to the media and they tried to get me to decode them for them, using a so-called friend who showed up claiming the words written in the code were written by a gangster and could I decode it for them! 😦

    They really thought I was THAT stupid…

    Love and hugs sweety! 🙂


    • omg…i am sorry to hear about your past … and woa….you have such a unique life…lol

      and thanks…i love that picture of him too! so cute.

  2. I kept a diary in a book briefly when I was a child, but I must have been easily distracted, because I quickly gave up on it. I later kept a dream journal, which lasted longer. I would write down my dreams in a notebook right when I first woke up, and it helped me to remember them better. However, I eventually woke up having had a dream I found too disturbing to record, and I stopped after that.

  3. I bet your diary was something spectacular to read. I remember keeping a diary but I got tired of always writing my thoughts down when i wanted to say them outloud sometimes lol. But I do keep a diary of ideas that I want to accomplish.

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  5. Wonderful post. I think it is important to make as much recollection of how our days went by. When we get older, we have these posts/diary to go back and remember how great life was.

  6. Ha ha – you did make me laugh – poking your diary under people’s noses!!

    I’m curious if you can decipher those secret entries now, or if it’s way over your head?… I’d be DYING to know if it were myself! I have all my teen journals but one. For some reason, I through one out at one stage, broke the sequence. Not even my counsellor can help me with that.

  7. I have a diary from when I was a kid. It’s a Pluto diary, you know the dog from the cartoon? 😛 I still write in it, things I like to remember. Happenings, events or if I’ve just been somewhere, and I have glued like old stuff in it 😛

    • nice!! i used to have a scrapbook like that with stuff glued in it too! it was massive by the time we grew out of that hobby. our generation was probably the last innocent and creative one lol

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