My first OOTD

Ok, so I have always been following a variety of blogs that range from topics/themes of poetry, food, art, design, clothes, home stuff, religion, humor, etc. And I always wanted to do an OOTD…yea I didn’t know what that stood for in my early internet years either. Its ‘Outfit Of The Day’. I follow a few youtubers who have a separate channel for this kind of stuff. I don’t follow these types of channels, because watching people talk about what they wear is boring. No offense if you do that…You are cooler then them cause you are here. Yay You! Anyway, I rather read most things that can be written, read, and seen easily instead of watching it…maybe its a time issues thats why. Ok, so lets get into this.

My Outfit of the day; this is what I wore today to class:

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 1.22.39 AM Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 1.23.26 AM

OMG, this took forever to post. There you have it. I wear practically the same set/style of clothes everyday. Oh, yea don’t expect anymore of these. I pretty much dress like a bum everyday…and my clothing style is ultra casual [I can sleep in them, move around, and basically there is no effort needed]. So if you see someone in New York, dressed in the above outfit, its probably me…or not LOL. You can go ahead and embarrass yourself by asking if that person is ‘Eva626’, anyway. Good luck with that.

I have class tomorrow and so many unfinished assignments. This was such a waste of time.


28 responses to “My first OOTD

  1. I dress in just boxers during the day at home so I don’t accidentally scare the neighbours! 🙂

    Going out I also wear a T shirt, jogging pants, black socks and shoes as well as my winter jacket because of the cold weather! 🙂

    It’s getting warmer though so I’m looking forward to a decent summer! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • haha! sweat/jogging pants are the best!!! and I love comfy sweaters too! Yes summer is here in NY too…lets see what I have in my closet from last summer now lol. I did do some shopping for good weather…but still haven’t been in the mood to wear them. 🙂

  2. I have the tendency to wear smart clothing all the time – in other words, professional clothing such as nicely adjusted slim 3 piece suits, with good quality shirts. It’s not that I am forced to wear it but its something that made me who I am – smart and well presentable all the time. Don’t ask me what I wear in my private time or at night…

    • eh…3 piece suits scare me esp if guys wear it ALL THE TIME! tone it down once in a while…casual Fridays?

      Oh i always wanted to ask you, who’s that kid in your display picture? and no one wants to know what you wear in your private time…its probably nothing anyway

      • I am scary. You see, cloths give a reflection of your character. Being smart, eloquent and focused are some of the things suits represent. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t wear them all the time and some days I tone it down but still remain smart. In short – if you every watched the movie ‘The Krays’ made in 1990 – that is simply me.

        The lad in the picture is from the movie East is East – a British Asian movie of earlier Asians in the UK.

        Yes private time is nothing – well done.

    • yes! it is…Sometimes I feel like wearing this everyday…but i cant. lol. so I wear this type of outfit almost everyday. My face always looks half asleep during my classes so it works lol

  3. I actually thought this was entertaining, even if it did take you forever to post! It looks like a great outfit. Your sarcasm is hilarious.

  4. My clothing style is ultra casual too. I strictly follow the rule of wearing something I feel comfortable n (no matter what!)
    YOu can check the level of confidence by my statement and fyi I am a regular university student LOL
    How are you?

    IT is good to read your blog after long

    Don’t know since when is my stupid id as knowing me been logged in O_O

    • I missed you!!!! its always comfort that University students should look for…cause that will lower your stress! and I am fine Alhumdulilah…trying to finish up this semester…its a nightmare honestly.

      yea when I saw your previous comment (which I deleted) i was like who is this! ? and then i went to the link…and was like “who is this?” lol… and it was you!!! I didnt know you had a wordpress blog before !

      • I missed you too! 🙂 Thank you.
        Trust me do not ask about my this semester it is the worst of them all I have survived so far 😦 And we do not get vacations from now on just training :$
        So I totally understand about your semester 😦
        I hope it turns out fine in the end Insha ALLAH

        hahaha I knew you will delete the comment so I didn’t mention it. Thank you 🙂
        I made my site at wordpress and I forgot about it 😛
        And I am fine with my blogspot site, can manage only one at a time 🙂

  5. Omg I’m glad I’m not the only one who is a fan of casual chic! My friends always go all out even for small events and I feel so underdressed but it is such a style in its own right! 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

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