HAHAHAHAH {maniac laugh…ha ha, fooled you all}. I’m a child, still. I know what you are thinking, well you most probably aren’t thinking this but watevs:

Things that Should make me a grownup…ONLY should. However, these points don’t prove anything:

1) I try to use correct grammar and spelling. This is unlike most of the immature beings that learned to use the internet way too soon.

2) I graduated college. Yes, I did. It happened a few months ago. I’m still a baby, OK.

My up-to date FaceBook picture...Its so funny, isnt it?

My up to date FaceBook picture…Its so funny, isnt it?

3) I have earned three degrees. That sentence was just me showing off a little. See…childish.

4) The understanding of why people do certain things and what they are thinking. This only proves I’m psychic. Nothing more.

5) I can give you a lecture on most things ‘nerd’ and ‘biological/chemical science’ based, to ‘parenting tips’ and ‘how not to look like a cross-dresser’.

6) Oh, I am moving to Chicago. {just a random thing most people do…move to a different place for so and so reason…ok fine, its for studies}.

7) I can rap…But, who can’t right?

Fine, I can't rap.  Follow me on twitter @Eva626_blogger

Fine, I can’t rap.
Follow me on twitter @Eva626_blogger

There you have it…I’m still not grown up. This post is dedicated to my sister. I have been thinking about what to write for a while. Its been about 20 days since my last post. LOL Sorry about that. I was too lazy to take my laptop out of the closet and my phone is either too small or I have big fingers to type a whole post. BTW the WordPress app for android is great now…I get the notifications on everything. It makes me happy. Anyway, many one or two people wanted to know more about me…so here you have it.

If you missed the point of this post: I am not an Adult or a Grownup {as my sister would argue, only because of my age}. I sure told her.


21 responses to “Grownup

  1. hey there you are…been so quiet frm twitter lately? how is your ramadhan…we are passing the last 10 days 😦 …sadly ramadhan will leave again… how ru anyway? May Allah swt bless you ….salam ramadhan

  2. hahaha loved the dp picture. Been reading your blog for quite sometime so not understanding the point does not happen 🙂

    Been so long since u visited my blog, waiting to comment on my *gone and will be back soon* post are you?? :$ 😀

    • LOL finally…no one else seems to find it as amusing as I do! lol yea i just was on your blog…i felt lost there! you changed the theme yet again..and i cant seem to find that post of yours….i wana read your reply to that.

      • Which post? the coming soon one?
        been so long must have gotten into the archives :$
        Tell me lost like in a good way or should I change the theme? It looks ugly is it? :@
        Thanks for visiting by the way, I really like it when you read my posts 🙂

    • yea the coming soon one…i cant find it! and i like to read the posts from where i left of at…which are now like a million of them lol. im gona try to look for them soon. and i got lost because i couldnt find that post!!! the theme is good! not ugly at all haha. you’re so funny.

  3. Lol I like the way you write, crossing out the words and what now. Intriguing.
    I can rap too 😉 lol

    keep it real

  4. Hi Eva! 🙂

    Our utilities are recorded on meters, one for gas and the other for electricity, so the supplier knows how much we have used.

    The reader comes around every six months to read them and record them on a portable digital recorder, then my supplier calculates how much I have to pay for the next six months! 🙂

    Currently I’m paying £71 per month for both gas and electricity, but because we had such a bad winter I’m expecting it to go up.

    Happily my gas use has dropped because we’re in summer, but winter will certainly see a price rise to add to whatever usage I have.

    My bills rarely fall!!! 😦

    love and hugs!


  5. Let me just share with you something I learned, you will always be a baby at heart. I still feel to this day like a big kid and I embrace it. There are times when life calls for seriousness, and I am. But there are also times when life says HAVE FUN. Just remember to have fun when the seriousness comes in 🙂

    • right? its nice how it lets you know everything on point…and then you can reply in a jiffy…well i just read it in a jiffy,,,,then reply when i get to the pc or laptop. lol. now i always have a reminder that im still a blogger! i love it…
      its easy to keep up with other people’s posts too.

      and that was a mini review of the new WordPress app for android.

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