You need to get out.

My roommate and people living around me have been nagging me about this ever since i moved here. The five words I hear every weekend, “You need to get out”. It would usually be six words, “You need to get out MORE”…but in my case, its ’cause I do not even get out. At all. I just go to class, to eat, and back to my room. Thats my life…oh and maybe random visits to the library. Thats about it. This time it was different, since I had to get over this week. So much stress and too much to think about. My grandma also passed away two days ago [May Allah grant her the highest place in Jannah. Ameen]. Please pray for her. Thanks. So to get my mind off of everything, I decided to go for it.

Its not like I love to not get out, its just that I am not a people person. I mean, I like company with one or two people at a time. BUNCHES of people make me uncomfortable. So when ever I ask someone if they wana go with me here or there, they ask, “oh, who else is going”. I find this offensive uncalled for. I mean, wouldn’t I tell you if other persons are coming [you read this sentence correctly; the word ‘persons’ is a word. Right?]. Thing is, I would go either with a couple of people, or by myself, or not at all.

I tried to change it up this weekend, and instead of not getting out at all…I did ‘get out’. By myself. Even though I hate hate hate public transportation [thanks mom for all the rides you gave me, everywhere], I thought about it and felt like it was time I pulled my big boy pants up and headed out to see the world downtown of chicago. So I left around noon-ish and went by train. SCARY! I made it though. Thanks for worrying about me for that second.

I went to Trader Joe’s, and did food shopping! I love shopping for food. Then went to Marshall’s to look around…I walked around the area and just enjoyed my surrounding. Oh, and I got this baby:

Half original with mangos, and half Hazelnut-chocolate with chocolate chips, frozen Yogurt from Pinkberry! Alhumdulilah

Half original with mangos, and half Hazelnut-chocolate with chocolate chips, frozen Yogurt from Pinkberry! Alhumdulilah

It was so good. Then I headed back home. It was a good day, even though I was constantly reciting prayers of protection in my mind, while-during-on-and-coming-off-the train. Then one of my friends informed me of how, just yesterday or something, twelve people got shot. Yea…

Next week, I am planning on going for brunch with yours truly…myself [INSHAALLAH]. Ok, I am going to grab something to eat now. Maybe I’ll even ‘jazz it up’ tonight and sit in the balcony and watch all stars covered in haze.




So whats going on with you guys? I am just here in my room and have been wanting to write a post about my life…lol. This is such a bad way to start this post. Watevs.

Anyway, I love my room. I was talking about this with my roommate and she probably just thought I was strange. I love the way its arranged, like the position and location of the furniture pieces. Its just perfect. I am also glad that my roommate dibs her side of the room first, ’cause it worked out.

Cheese-less grilled veggie pizza. Chicago Eats

Cheese-less grilled veggie pizza. Chicago Eats

I’ve gotten close to a few people here and I can already see most of them keeping in touch with me after my time here, InShaAllah. Well, thats not certain since, like most of you, I too thought some things would happen and they kinda faded. I guess its ok, because everything happens for a reason.

So, I love where I am right now. Its hard…the studying and class part as usual. Hopefully I keep on striving and make my parents proud.