So whats going on with you guys? I am just here in my room and have been wanting to write a post about my life…lol. This is such a bad way to start this post. Watevs.

Anyway, I love my room. I was talking about this with my roommate and she probably just thought I was strange. I love the way its arranged, like the position and location of the furniture pieces. Its just perfect. I am also glad that my roommate dibs her side of the room first, ’cause it worked out.

Cheese-less grilled veggie pizza. Chicago Eats

Cheese-less grilled veggie pizza. Chicago Eats

I’ve gotten close to a few people here and I can already see most of them keeping in touch with me after my time here, InShaAllah. Well, thats not certain since, like most of you, I too thought some things would happen and they kinda faded. I guess its ok, because everything happens for a reason.

So, I love where I am right now. Its hard…the studying and class part as usual. Hopefully I keep on striving and make my parents proud.


12 responses to “Room

  1. Eva I will ALWAYS be proud to know you hun – your parents will that is for certain! 🙂

    You are doing so well and you have a few braincells more than the average! 🙂

    Stick with it my friend and you will succeed! 🙂

    I have faith in you! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • thanks Prenin! and yea they are proud…hopefully i dont break their expectations. that would be awful…id be so ashamed.
      brain cells…i wish i add some more lol.

  2. If you love where you are right now.. that’s amazing. You’re supposed to love where you are, your decisions, and the direction in which you’re going. And let me just say.. that pizza looks so darn good 😉

    • walakumasalam! no…we bought this one from some restaurant in downtown chicago…it was awesome! but i did post up a pic of a pizza i made a long time ago…and that one i used fat free cheese…i got sick after that lol.

      darn cheeses

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