Movie Review: Lootera

So, to start off the New Year of 2014, we finished the movie, “Lootera”. The title means or is related to a guy who robs stuff or something like that. We started the movie last night around 10:30pm [I think] and ended at 12:15am [maybe]. None the less, it was the first thing we did in 2014…finish the movie called Lootera, starring Ranvir Singh as Varun, and Sonakshi Sinha as Panki Roy Chaudhary, and a bunch of other people I don’t know the names of. My mom was dreading the movie; she thought it was going by so slowly, dragging its way into the New Year [too many New Year puns, I know. Its annoying.]. Anyway, I liked the movie, surprisingly. I will tell you why I liked it.

What I like in movies:
-Watchable aka no-or-less-than-usual-‘chicorapun’.
-There was a story.
-Sure it was slow, but it played well with the time era.
-It kinda reminded me of me. yea, idk.
-The actors acted well.

Credits: Yours truly, eva626. [everything IS drawn to scale]

Credits: Yours truly, eva626.
[everything IS drawn to scale]

I suggest you do not read beyond this point if you don’t wana know everything about ‘Lootera’, because its *spoilers* time [haha, why does that sound so perky in writing]. So, if you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it and come back and read this post. The movie starts out in the old times; I’m not sure if they gave the exact time era, but it has something to so with the Bengali Independence time. One of the things I hated about the movie, yea there are a lot of things I hate about every movie, was that the heroine’s [thats what the main actress is called in bollywood or lollywood, if it still exists] father gives away the whole plot of the movie by telling her this fable [remember those?…animal stories that have a moral at the end].

I have problems understanding these clues at times, especially if they aren’t in english [yes, this is a Hindi movie, if you hadn’t guessed it already]. Both the actor and actress, and side hero [Varun’s friend] did a good job in their performance. The old man was ight. Both Varun and his friend had a plan and it worked! They left the father and Panki both looking like fools the night before her engagement. Sad for her, but also for Varun since he wanted to just leave his days of robbing-all-the-wealth-he-can-get-his-hands-on-from-those-filthy-rich- hooligans families, but he couldn’t do that to his ‘chacha’, who raised him up with so much care on the wrong path. Tsk tsk. Varun and Panki also experienced these shy, slow, and old-timish romantic feelings that were hard to let go of till the end of the movie.

Anyway, I liked the movie. Its not a new movie; I think it came out in the beginning of 2013, but, watevs. Why did I decide to write a review…because I had to get my mind off of other stuff. I can’t get myself to do the dumb stuff for school and I have less than a week left. Ah. Help. Ok, hope you all liked reading this Movie review. I can do more if you want, in the future. Comment below, like, and hope you all have a great year ahead. To 2014, cheers, alcohol is bad for you.



16 responses to “Movie Review: Lootera

  1. Sounds like you enjoyed the movie, but I doubt if I’ll get to see it unless the TV people decide on a 2am/4am Bollywood festival! 😦

    Please get your act together and get your work done – you’ll need it later!!! πŸ™‚

    Love and squishy hugs! πŸ™‚


    P.S: Happy New Year!!! πŸ™‚

    • thanks…oh the R is capitalized because my small r’s were messing up…so yea! and i guess you havnt seen the movie thats why you are clueless about the significance of the leaf!

  2. Thanks for recommending the movie. I needed something good to watch. My sister said it got mixed reviews, but honestly I tend to like underrated movies better than major blockbusters.

  3. I don’t watch Indian Movies at all but my family does and if they force me to watch a certain one, I do it for like 10 minutes and then loose interest. But I do watch other cinemas. I watched Hobbit’s new sequel just yesterday and I enjoyed it very much. That was the 1st movie I watched in 2014. πŸ™‚ Im glad you had good time with family. How are you doing?

    • im ok right now Alhumdulilah! and i havnt seen the new hobbit…i wana watch catching fire so bad,..i heard its really good!!! yea i turn off something after ten mins usually…but this movie was ok for me. Hope you are doin well, khanum!

  4. Nice drawing! It’s better than what I can muster πŸ˜› Though the girl looks like it has the shape of a guy’s face with a long rocky hair πŸ˜› you should do more reviews, with drawings of course! Lol

    • hahaha wow…thanks and my mom would agree with you, she doesnt like sonakshi sinha very much and thinks shes too manly…its alright. I replied indirectly to your comment in my latest post.

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