What is it? I know that its when you get into a lost place and you don’t know where you’re life is going [if thats what it really is..]. Oh, btw I AM NOT DEPRESSED lol. I was just thinking about this the other day. And I was thinking about writing a post about it, but then I thought about not writing it ’cause I be mad lazy these days and forever [I always hear myself singing to that word now. Thanks a lot, Frozen. Its a movie]. What changed my mind, not that it matters, was that yesterday or before that [idk, my memory is fading. I sound so old.] someone commented on my last post saying that I haven’t posted in…cue music…”long time in foreverrrrr”. So here it is:

I was going to research a bit on depression…cause I have nothing better to do, but seriously I have so much to do. I hate it. I kinda, actually took time out of studying to write this post; I am not researching for this post though. Depression is a real thing, but what if everything in your life is there…you know, like you have a family, who despite how much you disagree with and try to avoid, they try to make everything the best for you. But, we humans are egotistic and we think what we do and think, is always right, am I right? [get it…lol]. So, sometimes most of the time, I am like that too, but then when things get messed up and people get ticked off and stuff, I have to step back and think about what just happened. I think this works for me…all the time, even if it takes my slow-self a long duration to think about it, it still helps.

This picture is relevant , right?

This picture is relevant , right?

Like last Friday, I was all lonely and blah, so I called my mom. I asked her what we’ll be doing for the summer [my mind should stay in the present for Realz]. Here’s the dialogue:
Mom: You’re coming home for the summer!
Me: yea, I know, but what are we gonna do?
Mom: nothing, just enjoy the summer
Me: I mean, like WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?
Mom: Nothing…we’ll do stuff
Me: ugh, —— [some dumb stuff I said].
Mom: fine, if you dont want to come, don’t.
Me: ….
Mom: ok then, I guess I’ll talk to you later [this happens when I dont say anything]

Then that night I thought about it, and what if I thought boredom would take over back home for the summer, that shouldn’t stop me from enjoying every moment…I cheered up, made some duas to not be all negative and “depressed” about my life [which is actually pretty sweet! Alhumdulilah]. I was just being a brat. Everyone should be thankful for their current situation, because it is a blessing. I then wanted to call my mom to say sorry and say how much of a baby I was being [well not that part cause I was embarrassed too]. But, my family members were probably sleeping, so I left a text, “Salamalakum, r u guys awake…i miss you”. I looked at my phone the next morning and my mom had sent me a snapchat of her and my two brothers smiling, with a caption “well we dont”….I’m joking hahaha, it actually said, “We miss you too!!”. I guess I was forgiven. So the point is, you can change the state of your mind and call onto Allah, the one who knows whats going on in your mind, and ask for help. Find happiness and comfort in anything…like being alive maybe…or by having so much that you have…or by BEING ALIVE and whatever else matters to you. Make the best of every situation and you will find it easy to smile, even if you only have an awkward-not-so-obvious-kinda-smile. You’ll feel good. InshaAllah [By Allah’s will].

And someone also commented that I should write another movie review…I was going to do this, but I watch so many movies; Which movie should I review? You tell!
-Peace out. Salamalakum. Keep my in your prayers.