A girl born and raised in the midst of the woods, lived in a cabin home with her parents and a two siblings. Through her life she experienced all sorts of mishaps…For example, no matter how well she took care of her teeth, something always went wrong with them. During adolescence, her eyesight gave her problems too. Her parents and older brother are not able to hear well at the moment either. That leaves the younger sister; she has a sore throat all the time, because she can’t control her craving of sour berries that she finds from the floor. A tragic life of a happy family. Please read on.

One day the girl’s family decided to have a picnic, well that is more like everyday when its not cold or raining ’cause they live in the woods duh. Anyway, this was one of those days, they were craving fish. So, being smart and innovative, they used a clean stick, which…they cleaned after finding it from the oh-so-nature-ish-surrounding. Near the waterbed or something like that, the girl’s younger sister sharpened a stone so that they can ‘hunt’ fish. The girl’s younger sister wasn’t forced to do this, well she kinda was ’cause she’s the youngest and in the woods the children aren’t so spoiled as you might have noticed elsewhere meaning everywhere else.

Spinach with chicken (salaan). Ha, can't make this in the woods.

Spinach with chicken (salaan). Ha, can’t make this in the woods.

The other family members would actually do other things, like make a list of the chores the one younger than them would have to do. Thats always fun (hehe). This was actually a clever system, what the folks who don’t live in the woods would call “check and balance”. This was a way for the younger ones to keep their cool. They would refrain from annoying or being mean to the older ones, ’cause they don’t want to have to do the worst of the worst chores. Ah, but then how would the eldest of them NOT be playing ‘Dictator’, you might wonder or not. The younger family members provide for them a ‘future’ and survival when the older ones are too cripple and always falling due to poor eyesight, which the girl from the beginning of the story has already begun to experience. So, in the end the system works out for everyone.

We find our family fishing in the woods near the waterbed (lol I have no idea if this happens. My geography and way with stuff associated with other stuff is not accurate, so…watevs). The girl pulls our her list of chores, made by her older brother. She kinda sees that she has to fish and then has to announce when dinner is ready. What an impossible task! For, now she has to struggle to see what-in-the-world-is-she-catching and then, after her little sister cooks the fish (’cause that is whats on her chore list), this girl has to also yell like a crazy when dinner is ready. She’ll have to yell because half of her family has poor hearing. The genetics in this family is just all messed up I tell you, and yet they happily deicide to reside in the woods, without any other human, because being different is cool.

They should leave right? But how…they can’t cause I said so. They don’t know where they are actually. When the two small children (who are the parents now) were younger they were dropped off in the woods (on opposite sides of the woods) by their parents way back whenever who cares (cause their parents, both couples, simultaneously dropped dead due to heart failure…all four of them…at the same time…bad genetics or high cholesterol…obesity…leave me alone). Both orphans waddled their way to the center, losing their way and sense of direction, and met. This is how the family came to be. They didn’t care what was out there…like other people and stuff. They were happy and smart…just not smart enough to figure out how to get out of the woods, cause they lost sense of direction remember. Also, they didn’t care. THE END.

The moral of the story is, be happy in any condition you are in. Say Alhumdulilah, Thank the Lord. Don’t try to spontaneously become an author, since you have trouble reading, lack patience, and can’t make sense of anything, direction included. This is why I don’t like to write fiction.

Peace out.


6 responses to “3:16am

  1. Haha, I actually enjoyed your unconventional piece of fiction. And I simply adore how you put a picture of food in nearly every single post of yours. Sometimes when I’m hungry and I have WordPress open, I like to scroll through your blog and drool over the pictures.

    • hahaha I scroll through posts for food pictures mostly too!! and thanks for liking my fiction…at 3 am thats all the nonsense I think about

  2. Girl I LOVE a good picnic. And I know I was supposed to read what you wrote after the spinach with chicken dish but I couldn’t LOL. My mouth got so watery I thought I was in heaven for a second lol

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