Day 1

Ramadan Kareem, everyone! Hope the first fast is going well, or went well [depending on where you live]. I kind of don’t want to blog daily…its just so hard to open up my laptop and try to write something. I usually don’t post much, as you know, because I only do so when I have something to write about. I cant force myself to just write…its hard. Anyway, I will try. Its June 29th today. In NY, we are fasting about 18 hours, SubhanAllah! I hear in Sweden its 22 hours or so!!! I can’t imagine. I went out to sit in the backyard for a while and the sun on my cheeks was making me self conscious of getting sunburnt. I’m in doors now, and so thankful for the air condition. Some people don’t have this…Same for food.

Ramadan is not only a month to fast from food, but also from bad habits and wrong doings. I have a bad habit of saying useless things…which I am trying to not say. Gossiping is the worst…I try to refrain from it; its hard when another person starts sharing such things with you and you come in a situation where you don’t know what to do besides sound ‘rude’ and tell them to stop or let it go. I also have decided to stop thinking about the future…or worrying about random things like ‘oh how will I unpack when I get back to chicago’ or ‘oh why haven’t they called yet’ or ‘should I or should I not make cake…I ran out of brown sugar, WHAT DO I DO!!!?’.

Its hard to keep a clear head, but it can be done, Insha Allah. Ok then, I don’t have enough energy to write anymore. I guess i’ll start on cutting fruit for Fruit chaat now. Oh, and I won’t torture anyone who is fasting (including myself) by posting up food pictures for a month like I did last year.

ok Salam, Peace. Keep me in your prayers!


7 responses to “Day 1

  1. It’s okay if you can’t write everyday. It’s all about quality over quantity, and I truly enjoy reading your posts. Lol I was actually expecting a food picture, but looks like I’ll have to look some pics up elsewhere. 😛

    You’re right – Ramadan isn’t just about food or praying. I have the same issues with myself when it comes to speaking unnecessarily and gossiping. Let’s hope we both progress out of these bad habits, inshaAllah.

  2. Hope you have a great Ramadan my friend and don’t worry about not posting – what you write is ALWAYS worth reading!!! 🙂

    Much love and hugs!


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