Day 8

Being a worry wart (ew), one of the hardest things for me is to not worry…durf. Its hard to keep your head clear.

Tips to keep your head not occupied by nonsense:

1) State your intention of whatever you are supposed to do.
2) Fill your mind with good things, or recite surahs or names of Allah.
3) Don’t worry, everything has its own time.
4) Stress makes you lose concentration and gives you wrinkles.

There you have it…am I missing any other tips??

The point is…read everything written above.

Salam. Peace!


6 responses to “Day 8

  1. I have tried many things. It is not that easy keeping the head clear. I end up listing things that are not right in my life as if telling them to God. Hence the tag line: Mind is never silent.

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